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Explore Engage Experience!!! Events, Worshops, Talks, Discussions with our Trusted Healers.  Enjoy the benefits of Healing!! 

Setting Boundaries

Oct 2
Oct 2
10:00 am
2:00 pm
Kavita Freedom
Lack of boundaries invite a lack of self respect and a feeling of powerlessness. Boundaries are a way to take care of ourselves and helps define our identity and protect our well being. In this workshop learn how to set boundaries, how to keep the negativity out and more
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Mokshpath - Path to Salvation

Sep 1
Sep 30
Vidya Kaval
Mokhspath is a Snakes and Ladder Game through which, Soul Journey Reading is done from birth to the age of 80. Special Offer for the month of september 2021 - Mokshpath Reading at Rs 3300 as against Rs 5100. Counseling and Healing part of the session. 
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Tarot Reading

Oct 1
Oct 6
4:00 pm
6:00 pm
Dr Kirti Kanodia
Tarot is an excellent guidance tool, which helps you understand about a situation, a person, upcoming possibilities, your strengths and weaknesses and so much more. Learn the Basics of Tarot along with intense practise in this workshop.
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channel has a full range of videos which talks about therapies, issues, meditations, and techniques  
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Our healers and therapists have years of experience, are compassionate and approachable. Together we have positively transformed 1000+ lives globally.



Kavita Freedom

angel-card-reading / bach-flower-remedies / bowen-therapy / heal-your-life-coach / heal-your-life-workshops / inner-child-work / intutive-healing / meta-health / transpersonal-regression-therapy

Aditya Dutta

intimacy-coaching / sacred-sexuality

What Our Clients Say

Esha is best in healing.... She is very friendly too... .i was taking her sessions.... I am able to release all my fears.... I m feeling loved... I started attracting what i wanted for a long time..... I m highly grateful to esha for conducting such an amazing sessions.... Thank you so much dear

Bhoomi Agarwal

I had a fabulous session with Eshanye. I went into the session to resolve 1 issue, but after the session I feel like she took me to the root of multiple issues I have been facing - be it in physical health, emotional health and career. Truly grateful to her from the bottom of my heart. The feeling of peace and contentment I feel now is indescribable. Thank you Eshanye.

Alifya Choonawala

Not knowing exactly what to expect, the session with Neelu was not only eye opening but something I will remember forever. Neelu has a gift I have never seen before.  Her wisdom, her powers to heal and her genuine nature is so incredible. I spent over 4 hours with her and I have learned so much about myself and her recommendations. She is a pure light! I âm grateful I  recorded the session so I can listen to to it again and again because each time I get to understand more of her wisdom.

Katie W.

I'm really thankful for Neelu for healing my mind and body, it does make a big difference. The emotional baggage I was carrying has completely disappeared. Feeling so positive post the session. Many thanks to Neelu, you're absolutely fantastic! Thank you Deepti for introducing me to Neelu. You(Heal Clinic) been of great help.

Shama Sharma

I highly recommend working with Srinivasa with your astrological reading. He made me feel very comfortable on video, providing me with an indepth astrological reading of my ascended moon and sun. It was a different reading than i have typically had with just my astrological sign. His more in depth reading if these 3 signs revealed very accurate information of my current position and I received helpful guidance for the coming months. He was also quite spot on with my personality and from those traits additional guidance for my personal life. he spent time helping me understand, allowing me to take notes and I felt his work is his devine gift! I will consult with him again and highly recommend his services and vouch for him as a great soul and person. Thank you Srinivasa with many divine smiles to share.

Tiffany Mcachran

In My experience Srinivasjee is an amazing coach  and healer and I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with him. A very nice human being and good soul at heart. You can opne up and share your worried and this person will surely help you find ways to it in the best possible way.  Hooponopono sessions were amazing, must try. Thank you


After 2 sessions of FC, I am feeling very light and positive towards my relationships. Especially after the first session, I cried a lot and talked about my parents relationships which i have never done before, so that was like a huge load taken off me. Now I feel like i can move on with my life and relationships without their burden. Would recommend these sessions to everyone


I have been coming on and off to Healclinic for the last 3 years now, and everytime I have an issue they come up with a healing plan and a healer who is so apt for what I need. Even in between, their team is always available if i want to discuss something or need advise on. Thank you so much for being a friend when i need one


Family Constellation Session by Eshanye: Thank you Esha, I've had FCs done before but never had a chance to participate. It was really a wonderful experience. I love how u simplified and demystified the whole process. Thank you so much


Healclinic is an excellent resource for my healing needs. Their counselor guided me to the right therapy and healer. I wish I'd known sooner!

Aditi Rao

I got amazing answers through tarot reading from Sweta... the team of healclinic arranged the session how i wanted and it was too good. Highly recommend the team healclinic for any problem. .


The Theta healing session with Geeta was really good. I had not realised but I was carrying a lot of emotions of other people, jealousy and insecurities which had resulted in me having constant headaches and creating blockages wrt my job. She cleared the emotions, and instantly my headache was gone. Then she helped me manifest what i wanted in my work space. Its been a month and I can see myself moving towards what i want. More importantly i am no longer stressed and my daily state is happier


As I was turning 18, I wanted to finalise my signature and also understand if I had taken the right path. Healclinic recommended grapho and I am glad. Meenakshi based on my handwriting helped me understand myself better, gave me an insight into the courses i had selected and also helped me come up with 2 signature options which were in line with how i viewed my life. thank you so much


I got in touch with heal clinic for an akashic reading and was thoroughly happy with their services. Certain parts of my life seemed to be stuck and I was just going in circles, and I got really tired of not being able to move forward. I decided I wanted an akashic reading to find out why this was happening and what I could do about it. The experience itself was so much more than what I expected, Vidya answered my questions and more! She cleared some of the blocks that had accumulated over the years and more significant blocks that were there from past lives. All of this also gave clarity on why things were a certain way in my life. The answers she gave me also helped me decide what I needed to do next.. it's been a couple of weeks since and I have had more clarity and purpose overall. I would highly recommend heal clinic for their services, my reading was set up seamlessly and I had zero issues overall.


Healclinic Wellness Cards

Give the gift of healing to your near and dear ones.


Want to know more about us or what we offer?  Check our Frequently Asked Questions. Did not get your answers here, do drop us a WhatsApp and we will get back to you
What is Healclinic?

Healclinic is a wellness platform which offers energy healing therapies like Reiki, Pranic Healing, Theta, Past Life, Inner Child, Family Constellation, Redikal, Graphotherapy, Akashik Records, Tarot Reading, Numerology, Astrology, Chakra Healing, by expert Healers.

The healers help you identify your beliefs, blockages, traumas, abuse, memories, past decisions that are not helping you move forward in any area of your life or creating challenges. It could be in any area of your life like relationships, health, professional, financial, spiritual, etc.

You can talk to our counselors who after understanding your challenge will recommend a healing plan / healer who is best for you.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing starts from a basic premise that we are all energy beings and any imbalance in our energy causes challenges in our lives. The basis of every energy therapy is the same, they work on your imbalanced energies and attempt to find the root cause of the issue which could be in the present, past, past life or ancestral lineage for that matter. These therapies work with the belief that a person falls ill or faces a challenge when something (physical, emotional, or spiritual) is out of balance and this is generally because an event or a series of events in your life have triggered certain emotions, memories, traumas or pattern which have not been addressed for a long time and are not demanding attention. Hence these therapies target the root cause of the illness / challenge as against treating just the symptoms. Therapists believe that all the parts of a human body are interdependent. If any one part is not working properly, all the other parts also get affected and this creates imbalance (physical, emotional, or spiritual) in their lives leading to illnesses..

Some of the energy healing therapies which we offer are reiki, pranic healing, past life regression, theta healing, redikal healing, family constellation, akashic records reading, astrological healing, inner child healing, hypnotherapy, tarot reading, numerology, astrology and many more. The basic tenet of all these therapies is that the human body is self healing and a person needs to be treated and not the disease.

Why should I opt for these therapies?

The energy healing therapies can be used independently or along with conventional medicines to reduce/eliminate ailments as well as reduce the side effects of long term usage of conventional medicines. They also work on identifying and reducing dis-empowering beliefs, memories which cause these imbalances, trauma and abuse stored in our cells, fears, insecurities carried from the past.

They work on the cause of an ailment rather than the symptom and are more holistic in nature. It uses body’s own power to heal. These theraies are execllent ways to become aware of why you are facing a particular challenge and start healing from the root cause

Our mission is to create a global community of healers and people who want take the path of healthy living.  By exploring their emotions, beliefs, memories, patterns, habits, with the support of energy healing therapies. 

You can find sessions, workshops, talks, discussions and resources to handhold you in your journey.
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Connect with a healclinic counselor who will guide you to different energy healing therapies and healers.  We are a community of  healers who work to make a difference in your life. 
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