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Eshanye K P

Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 265 ratings)
Sarjapura Road, Bangalore, India
14 Years of Experience
17+ Years Experience
English, Hindi, Kannada
I am a psychologist and energy healer. Deep believer of yin-yang (body-mind) philosophy. My approach is to identify the core issue and not to concentrate on the symptoms of the issues. The solutions should be to empower the client to gain the control over their own body and mind to pull up their vital energy which will take care of their body and mind. Hence I mix all the modalities based on the issue of the client.
About Healer Eshanye K P
She is an intuitive healer who works with integrated therapies depending on where the client issues are coming from. She does a combination of therapy sessions and healing.
Therapies Offered
  • Age Regression Therapy
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Family Constellation
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Inner Child Work
  • Psychotherapist
  • Redikall Healer
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Sujok Therapy
  • TASSO Therapist
  • Womb Healing
Issues Focused
Anxiety, Children Related Issues, Concentration Issues, Improve Self Confidence, Menstrual Related Diseases, Pre And Post Surgery, Psychosomatic, Relationship Healing, Spondylitis, Stress, Belief Work, Career related issues, Emotional Well-being, Family Conflicts, Low Self Esteem
  • Transpersonal Regression Therapy from TASSO, Netherlands
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy from EKAA
  • Traditional Acupuncture from Indian Accutouch Medical Institude
  • Advance Redicall Healing from Omnipresence India
  • Dorn Therapy from Academy for Holistic Healing Arts International, Germany
  • Access Bars from Access Consciousness, USA
  • Family Constellation facilitation by AUROSYSTEMICA
  • Shamanic Healing by Nitya Chellam and Geethu Thakur
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The journey was amazing..It was all about how a one degree shift in our thoughts and awareness create such huge changes in our life..Right from meditation, to daily guidance through a reading and journaling ... Everything had a beautiful impact on life... So much awareness came...There was an amazing handholding by Eshanye, the facilitator and the activities and sharing in zoom every week was awesome and fun-filled...

I strongly recommend people to join this workshop and explore and experience yourself the wonderful journey that we are set on.

Thank you so much Eshanye and Deepti for designing and sharing this with us through this workshop.🙏

Consulted for :Money Speaks Workshop

“I did a FC for a relationship which has been cold and awkward for the last 20 years. In the FC every other relation seemed to sort out their issues except mine and hers. And I was like well if other family members relations better then so be it. Maybe mine is not meant to be

To my surprise around a month later I started noticing changes in her attitude towards me, and today though I would not say we are the best friends, but there is certainly warmth and laughter in our relationship.  And that works for me. A big thanks to Eshanye for this wonderful modality called Family Constellation.”

Consulted for :Relationships

Very effective and spot on!!

Consulted for :Inner Child Therapy

It was a great experience. The session was very intense, i could notice the difference. I had never felt that relaxed and centered before. I can see so much clarity and calmness in my life after the session took place. Usually i would indulge in my problems but from last 2 days i noticed i have started to take actions instead of just waiting for tje problem to solve itself. Thank you so much.

Consulted for :Overwhelmed in Life

Thank you Eshanye for holding such a safe and positive space for me. It was easy for me to share my concerns without the fear of being judged. Eshanye very easily identified and helped me go deeper to the root of my issues enabling and empowering me to know my next steps. Her approach is simplistic and comes from a space of calm and peace. It was the best 2 hours of healing I have had in a very long time. Thank you and I look forward to more healings and the necessary changes. Thank you deepti for making this happen and helping me find the best aprropriate help.

Anita Vallala
Consulted for :Therapy Session

I loved the Redikal game to 'manifest possibilities and opportunities in 2023'. Eshanye's interpretation and the reading she does at the end is absolutely bang on. In my case, it has been pretty consistent as well, which means i still have some more work to do.
Looking forward to joining the next game..

Gauri Jain
Consulted for :Redika Game to 'manifest possibilities and opportunities in 2023'

Thank you 🙏madam for the wonderful session.The affirmation are practicable and eye opening. Lots of gratitude🙏🙏

Consulted for :Redikal Game on ancestor healing

I attended the Redikall game facilitated by Eshanye today..It was amazing experience.Whatever was said and recited was so apt and every bit resonated so much. It was fun and so much learning , insights, takeaways and beautiful messages..Felt so good, happy and joyous.

I think one should explore and attend this game. It really helps you in your life and gives messages for whatever you are struggling and in whichever state of life you are in.

Consulted for :Redikal Game

This workshop was totally different from what I had envisioned.  It helped me understand the underlying values that are running my life, what values I would like to add and delete from my life and what is stopping me from tapping into my authentic self. Deepti and Eshanye were simply amazing in the way they explained the concepts, hand held each participant and made us understand so many hidden aspecrts of our life. Totally recommend to anyone who wants to tap into their core self.

Consulted for :Connect with Your Authentic Self Workshop

The response and the service provided was excellent. The healers are knowledgeable, grounded and experienced.

My session with Eshanye was very good.. I got clarity with why what is happening in my life and she taught me how to neutralize my emotions by doing R5's

Consulted for :Overwhelmed Emotions

During the money workshop Eshanye taught us how to manifest . Looking back at the last two months I'm realising I'm manifesting things easily. Once I set the intention , things flow to me. Not immediately but a couple of weeks or a month down the line. It's magical.

Consulted for :Money Speaks Workshop

This workshop helped me find my purpose in life. It freed me from my misconceptions about money and abundance. Very thoughtfully structured and executed. Thank you so much Eshanye and Deepti for putting this together. More power to you!!

Gauri Jain
Consulted for :Money Speaks - Workshop

I took the 21-day Money Heals workshop and absolutely loved it.

The workshop was insightful, fun, and helped me see a lot of positive shifts in my life.

My relationship, not just with money, but almost everyone has changed favourably.

Grateful to Eshanye for her continued guidance.. and to Deepti for arranging this program.

Highly recommend.

My best wishes,

Ritika Gupta
Consulted for :Money Speaks workshop

The course changed the way one thinks of money. My greatest learning was that money is not a commodity, it is an energy of the universe. The course gave us a larger perspective on money, setting goals and being insightful of how the energy flows.
Thanks Eshanaye for helping us to set the right goals and developing an insightful perspective on them.

Sudakshina Mallick Gupta
Consulted for :Money Speaks online

I was very happy to be part of this group. It really helps to reach at a level high than what it is. As you practice it changes your life to be a better one.

Alka Shah
Consulted for :Money Speaks Workshop

It was an awesome work shop conducted by Eshanye and Deepti.The guidance awareness and affirmations for the whole group helped each individual change their perceptions and attitude towards money.
Eshanye's nature of always being there answering all our queries and breaking down statement to make you understand things better Definitely a must to do for changing your outlook towards money and abundance in life
Thanks Esha and Deepti for this wonderful opportunity and looking forward for more beautiful experiences like these
Lots of gratitude 🙏

tripti khetan
Consulted for :Money Speaks Workshop

This workshop was an eye opener on how one should look at money, feel the abundance of the same and consider it as a by product rather than a key aspect.

Thanks Esha for the great insight with practical examples which made the workshop interactive and lively.

L. Sridhar Rao
Consulted for :Money Speaks Workshop

A great empowering workshop which shatters your hindering beliefs about money and abundance and sets you free to manifest your desires. Must do this Worksop at least once in your life. Esha is a great healer and teacher. I have learnt to take control of my life and new opportunities have finally opened up for me!

Payal Kumar
Consulted for :Money Speaks Workshop

It was our 1st experience of an FC. Eshanye did a very detailed interaction with us, prior to the session to understand the issue. Eshanye had complete clarity about it and her moderation made the flow seamless giving us new insights as to what action we need to take. All the dots connected. We are thankful to all the participants and to Deepti especially for putting this together.We highly recommend it.

Sorabh Jain
Consulted for :Family Constellation for property issues

The inner child work shop which taken by Eshanye. K. P. And conducted by healclinic.. Organized by Deepti.. The course was very helpful to me, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone, who is looking to learn more about inner child healing.. Eshanye ma'am is an awesome teacher..,who explained in a step by step way the techniques, with lots of examples and demos.. And thanks to Deepti who was always there to make things easier for us..

Seema Sehgal
Consulted for :Inner Child Healing Workshop

I attended the 16 hours Inner Child healing workshop.It was awesome experience. 80 percent was practical and 20 percent was theory.It helped me personally and professionally.After the workshop I got the confidence to handle unknown clients with confidence.Eshanye is a wonderful teacher and guide. She handled queries with patience and guided well.

I strongly vouch for this workshop.

Navina Khandelwal
Consulted for :Inner child healing workshop

This was life transforming for me. Have not learnt any other form of healing before this workshop. Could learn and apply it to my life and slowly recognise and resolve the inner child issues. Will highly recommend for all seeking to tap into and unleash their potential. Thank you!

Gauri Jain
Consulted for :Inner Child Healing Workshop

Esha is best in healing.... She is very friendly too... .i was taking her sessions.... I am able to release all my fears.... I m feeling loved... I started attracting what i wanted for a long time..... I m highly grateful to esha for conducting such an amazing sessions.... Thank you so much dear

Bhoomi Agarwal
Consulted for :Redikal

It was a very profound & intuitive guidance from Eshanye. I am so grateful & at ease with her remarkable  observations ..

Anamika Sadh
Consulted for :FC on Property

It was apt & exact..I had goosebumps many times as I knew who were which characters...Thank u so much  Esha & Dipti ..

Shweta Bagaria
Consulted for :Ancestors property

I had a fabulous session with Eshanye. I went into the session to resolve 1 issue, but after the session I feel like she took me to the root of multiple issues I have been facing - be it in physical health, emotional health and career. Truly grateful to her from the bottom of my heart. The feeling of peace and contentment I feel now is indescribable. Thank you Eshanye.

Alifya Choonawala
Consulted for :Manifesting a dream project

Eshanye opened up a new perspective of the role of the soul and the conscious...her method of explaining and interacting made the session very interesting.

Smitha Rajesh
Consulted for :LBL Workshop

Session had new concepts and could relate to it.It gave me  clearer vision about life

Consulted for :LBL Workshop

She is so informative, she opened doors to many arenas of spirituality, I really liked her workshop. Thank you

Consulted for :LBL Workshop

She is absolutely amazing Healer and life guide

Nupur Arora
Consulted for :Healing

Combination of Redikal and Family Constellation helped me uncover certain ancestral pattern of anxiety that was passed on to me. It was a lovely session, to understand the root issue and heal from there. Thank you healclinic and Esha

Consulted for :Anxiety

I am thankful for the help I received which pulled me out of self detrimental thoughts and showed me the path to look within instead of being dependent on circumstances or people to stay happy and content, thank you Eshanye And Heal Clinic

Aliva Panigrahy
Consulted for :Healing

It was really helpful and now I feel light, positive, focused and happier than before. Thanks a lot, Esha and Deepti.

Consulted for :Professional

Hi this is Charu, I have taken a couple of healing and counseling sessions from Mrs Eshanya. She very is intuitive and highly sensible . She is experienced and does not do any work that's not required for the client. She was giving me right advice and guidance, she has a broad and deeper understanding of souls journey, very profound. Besides, that she is non judgemental, approachable and highly open minded. Absolutely no spiritual bias! Looking forward taking sessions from her. I was able to resonate with her sessions so much!

Consulted for :Healing for relationships

Eahanye is one of the best healers I have come across. Her way of working only gets you into awareness and gives you an in sight to see where you are stuck. Her listening skills are amazing and she genuinely has a need to help another. Her love and compassion wants me to reach out more to her. Would highly recommend her

Dolly Bansi
Consulted for :Self

I am satisfied with her session, thank you for your support and contribution

Consulted for :Redikal

There is so much i can say about Eshanye. She is a complete healer, because she is a lovely human being. From the word go she makes you very comfortable. Gives her time generously and guides you. God bless her!

Kiran Gupta
Consulted for :Redikall

I had severe relationship issues with my husband and inlaws. Eshanaye was able to understand my problem and tackke it effectively. My relationship with my husband has improved like magic. It was a 43 year old problem and I was not very hopeful. Eshanaye’s treatment/ therapy has infused a fresh lease of life in our relationship. I had an extremely difficult relationship with my in- laws which in turn was affecting my relationship with other family members and friends. It is unbelievable how all these other relationships have also improved. I am at peace with myself and happy after 43 long years. I cannot thank Eshanaye enough! She has been a Godsend for my problems and I thank God for bringing her into my life and taking care of me🙏🙏🙏

Tasneem Shamsher
Consulted for :Relationship issues
FC Partcipant for FC session on ancestral property

Family Constellation Session by Eshanye: Thank you Esha, I've had FCs done before but never had a chance to participate. It was really a wonderful experience. I love how u simplified and demystified the whole process. Thank you so much


Life Between Life by Eshanye: She opened up a new perspective of the role of the soul and the conscious...her method of explaining and interacting made the workshop very interesting

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