Demystifying PLR through Bollywood - Healclinic in collaboration with Filmy Manager

In this podcast he discusses the concept of Past Life Regression through the movie Om Shanti Om with Deepti. They talk about choices and consequences across lifetime, soul journey, reincarnations, unnatural deaths, PLR process and more.

Inner Child Healing - Child - Parent Meditation

Inner Child Healing identifies and heals issues from our childhood which are causing challenges in our life in the present. It is a beautiful modality which helps heal our yesterday to enable us to live an awesome tomorrow.

Soul Contract - Introduction by Neelu

All relationships in our life are based on soul contracts that we have created before we were born to learn the lessons that our souls needs to. Understand and experience what are soul contracts, why do we decide with whom to create soul contracts, can they be changed or resolved in this life time and more in this online workshop. is a community of healers and alternative health practitioners who make a difference in people lives.
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