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Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel / Projection

What is Lucid Dreaming? Can we consciously change our dreams? What is Astral Body? Is Astral Travel possible? Is it real? Is having an Out of Body Experience safe? What is astral projection? This and many other questions answered in this video by Neelu

Introduction to Family Constellation

In this video, Eshanye helps us simplify Family Constellation. Family constellation is a therapy based on the premise that challenges sift down through generations to cause stress in the here and now. In this episode, she talks how FC helps in different challenges, the rules on which FC is based, how a FC session plays out, role of aborte

Understanding why of Thyroid

Do you know that when a disease shows up in our body there is a reason behind it?. We have experienced specific events, for a disease to start in our body. In this video, Kavita discusses why Thyroid happens and what are the possible trigger conflicts which causes it. What are the symptoms, causes, possible conflicts, side effects of having thyroid.

Understanding the Why of the Dis-ease

Do you know that when a disease shows up in our body there is a reason behind it?. We experience specific events, for a disease to start in our body. Once we identify and heal that trauma the disease goes away whether something physical like diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure or mental health issue like anxiety, depression, eating disorders etc. In this talk Kavita discusses why diseases happen in our bodies and what are the possible trigger conflicts which causes different diseases.

Journey of Soul

Journey of Soul is really our journey in this lifetime and the situations, emotions, people that we encounter and how we deal with it. Whether we are aware of it or not, most of our experiences are pre determined before our birth by us. Know more about this and more in this interesting video where our healer Esha explains in a visual manner how our soul chooses the experiences which we are to experience in our lifetime.

Dance of Polarity - Enhance Sexual Relationship through Chakras

This is part of our series called 'Dance of Polarity', where every week we discuss different facets of masculine and feminine energies. In this video Aditya explains how we can enhance our sexual energies through an understanding of our and our partners chakras.

Life Between Life - An Introduction

Do you know that we live a life between 2 lives. Yes... There is a life that we live between 2 lives! Called Life Between Life or the Inter-life, this is where we plan what we want in the next life. Our life purpose! In this video Eshanye helps you understand the concept of life between life and take you through a meditative process where you can experience that period before you were born.

Akashik Records Reading - Introduction

Akashik Records are a library of our vibrational energy, which contains all information from our past, present and future. Our healer Vidya talks about what are akashik records, how it can help us access our past lives which are blocking our current life in any area, what does she mean by Rewriting Our Soul records which help in erasing our beliefs, blockages from our karmic board and getting unstuck in our current life.

Demystifying PLR through Bollywood

In this podcast Deepti, founder of Healclinic, discusses the concept of Past Life Regression through the movie Om Shanti Om. They talk about choices and consequences across lifetime, soul journey, reincarnations, unnatural deaths, PLR process and more. Very interesting way to understand PLR through layman terms an examples

Inner Child Healing - Child - Parent Meditation

Inner Child Healing identifies and heals issues from our childhood which are causing challenges in our life in the present. It is a beautiful modality which helps heal our yesterday to enable us to live an awesome tomorrow. In this video Dr Kirti Kanodia answers questions around how things happening to us today are a reflection of our childhood and then takes us through an amazing inner child meditation to release our patterns attached to our parents

Soul Contract - Introduction by Neelu

All relationships in our life are based on soul contracts that we have created before we were born to learn the lessons that our souls needs to. In this video Neelu helps us understand and experience what are soul contracts, why do we decide with whom to create soul contracts, can they be changed or resolved in this life time.
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