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Reiki Healing Level 1 and 2

16500 INR
235 USD
Healer Anita Khanna
About Reiki Healing Level 1 and 2 Event

Reiki is a Japaneese form of healing which opens your energy channel and connects you to the universal energies. It helps clears blockages at physical, mental and emotional levels and helps in aligning your chakras.

Reiki Level 1 is an initiation into Reiki and is focused on self healing and opening channels to connect to the universal energy. In these 2 days you will learn and experience,

  • History of Reiki
  • Introduction to the universal energy (Ki / Prana)
  • Hands on Healing
  • Self Healing
  • Healing for daily life and different issues
  • Chakras and their meaning
  • and much more

Reiki Level 2 you get attuned to Reiki symbols and can practise distance healing and heal self and others. In these 2 days you will learn and experience,

  • Reiki symbols and their meaning
  • Attunement to Reiki symbols
  • Distance healing
  • Heal others
  • Different methods of healing others
  • Meditation
  • and much more

The workshop is facilitated by Anita Khanna

Connect with us at +91 8050003237, if you wish to

  • Do Reiki Level 1
  • Do Reiki Level 1 and 2 together
  • Do the workshop one to one at your convenient time
  • Do Level 3 a / b


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