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Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore
14 Years of Experience
17+ Years Experience
Hindi, Kannada, Tamil
I believe in finding practical and feasible solution to oneโ€™s problem rather than follow traditional approaches. Over the years, my approach has evolved to include angel cards, multiple tarot card spreads, crystals, and, most importantly, my intuition. Most problems can be traced down to superficial flaws in mindset, daily routine and rarely due to bad energy influence. I analyze the core of the issue with the help of different tarot card spreads and fundamental rules of Astrology.
About Healer Rajeshwari
With such hustle and bustle lifestyles in recent times, it is essential to recommend feasible remedies and not a task. So she suggests practical remedies like chants, an act of offering to the poor, Feng Sui remedies, possession of crystals, salt lamps, and sometimes it can be as simple as taking a walk in the park every day. She also provides a month of support post the reading, so anything that comes up related to the reading she is available to clarify
Therapies Offered
  • Tarot Card
Issues Focused
Career related issues, Emotional Well-being, Family Conflicts, Law Suits, Marriage Alliances, Marital Issues, Relationship Healing, Partnership Counseling, Physical Well-being, Children Related Issues, Education, Property Healing / Clearing
  • Tarot Card Reading from Write Strokes with Right Thoughts (Noothan Rao)
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Thank you so much for quick opportunity to meet Rajeshwari ma'am & I had cleared all my doubts in tarot cards reading. Thank you so much Deepthi!!!!
Happy ๐Ÿ˜Š

Consulted for :Tarot Reading for Health Issues

Rajeshwari mam is really best tarot card reader, she will tell all the issues which we are facing with the help of cards and then she analysed the correct reasons why i am facing issues in my relationship. Each card she picked really resonated with the energy i feel in my relationship and it gave correct answers, also she suggested me with remedies to solve the problem. Thank you soo much mam! You are really amazing person โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿ™

Pushpa Yadav
Consulted for :Relationship Issues

It was a great experience and unbelievable experience with Rajeshwari madam healing, gained confidence, came out of a problems and worries which had stuck for many decades, remedies suggested by her are very simple and which are not at all expensive, would say home remedies,(chanting, feeding birds),her predictions are always 100% and has simple solutions for the problems to get rid off, tons of thanks to madam who has really helped me to change my life.

Consulted for :Healing

We know madam from past 3 years.she is very kind and broad minded.in my first consultation she solved many of my personal problems and my family problems.she suggested very correct way to my family. I am really very happy to say thanks to her.v will never forgot madam and we will always be there for her support ๐Ÿ™‚

Maheshwari. K
Consulted for :Personal and family well-being

One of friend gave us maam reference. We know maam from more than 5 years now.. everytime we have a tarot session is always like a healing and she shows clear paths to us. The remedies she tells is easiest.. her readings always accurate. Her guidance is topnotch. She also follows up with us after sessions. She clearly knows whatever we are facing.. me personally and my family has overcome many issues and huddles. She is practical as well.. our family is always thankful to maam.

Consulted for :Personal issues

Rajeshwari ma'am was introduced by my friend. First time out of curiosity I visited her. Later I really got amused the way ma'am handle the problems of the clients. She is a perfect combination of tarot reading and counselling. She listens to us very patiently. She gives very practical solutions and most importantly she is a very broad minded person. So it makes us to talk to her very comfortably. I am very thankful to you ma'am for being a very big support in my life.

Consulted for :Tarot reading

Rajeshwari is full of positivity... her aura is so healing.. she helped and son come out of all confusions and helped him gain confidence.. highly recommend her .. always ready to help
Thank you

Consulted for :My son

Mam was very helpful and supportive. She guided me and always there to make me come out of my problems.

Lalitha kannappan
Consulted for :Anxiety, stress

Rajeshwari has a good hold on the subject and very convincing in her explainations. Her readings and predictions are pretty accurate. I have benefitted from these. I wish her the very best.

Veena R Prakash
Consulted for :General wellbeing

Rajeshwari madam is really passionate and knowledgeable in her field. Whether the problem is small or big she understands the emotions behind very well. Her solutions are precise and practical. In many cases just talking to her was enough to find a solution. I have recommended her sessions to many who have also been thoroughly benefited . I would give a 5 star for her work and recommend to all to take her session and get clarity about anything and everything ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

Chaitra Narayan
Consulted for :General wellbeing

Very patient understanding and honest in her readings. I recommend a session with her to everyone who's in need of someone to talk to.

Adamyaa D N
Consulted for :Tarot Reading

Very understanding, patient and honest in her readings. I suggest an appointment with her to everyone that needs a therapeutic conversation from time to time.

Adamyaa D N
Consulted for :Tarot reading

She has helped me in accepting the life as it is presented and to deal with downs with much ease. Through her I can hope and achieve for the best. Her sessions has helped me each and every time. I truly enjoy talking to her as it gives immense relief to all sort of difficulties.

Tanuja L
Consulted for :Health issues

Rajeshwari is very patient..and full of positivity. After meeting her my son had a clear understanding and could focus on his priorities

Consulted for :Son

Excellent ๐Ÿ‘ she gives us a clean and clear explanations and solutions

Shwetha Kumar Swamy
Consulted for :My financial problem

I had consulted Rajeshwari maโ€™am for Tarot reading. Everything that she said resonated with me, and was quite accurate about a few events. I also found her suggestions/remedies to be very helpful.
Hence, giving her my highest recommendation.

Amithesh Ramesh
Consulted for :Tarot reading

Rajeshwari mam was very helpful in understanding the problem and provide suitable solutions.

Consulted for :To guide on decision making

I got the reference from my cousin and I had a healing session with RAJESHWARI madam. Itโ€™s amazing that miracle happened for me personally. I also gave reference to my friends and family members.almost all of them got wonderful results after having a session with mam. 5 โญ๏ธ to madam heart fullyโ€ฆ

Mahesh k
Consulted for :Personal issues

We had wonderful sessions and whatever she has predicted has turned out to be true for me. And sheโ€™s fluent in Tamil also. Also a very practical person.

Karpagam Muthuraman
Consulted for :General

Good person with high level of patience

Consulted for :To choose right path for my career

She is very precise and meticulous with her readings. Takes extra care and interest in her client well being and progress. Follows up to check on their growth. I would highly recommend a session with her.

Apurva Prasanna
Consulted for :Tarot reading

I know Rajeshwari from almost 5-6 years and regularly consult her. She is a huge support system to me and has given me guidance in every stage of my life. Rajeshwari Akka is very positive, calming on the mind and soul. I feel better, more confident everytime i speak to her. Her suggestions, remedies always have worked in my favour every time. I have immense faith in her healings and tarot sessions. I have referred Rajeshwari Akka to my family and friends who have benefitted immensely after consultations. I would recommend her for people looking for guidance, clarity in life, healing your mind and body. Please be assured to see great results when you go with complete faith in Rajeshwari.
I thank her for being there for me always.

Shruthi Somanath
Consulted for :Healing, Tarot Reading

Rajeshwari madam was introduced to me by my friend almost 6 months back. My friend noticed that I was going through some emotional turmoil at the time.ย Each session with Rajeshwari madam brings me so much peace and clarity. She helped me prioritise my life and handle relationships in a more mature manner.

I find her company very enriching. She is much more than a healer/reader to me.ย Thank you Rajeshwari madam. May you continue to help more people.

Deepika Bharadwaj
Consulted for :Tarot reading/ Counselling

She is the most positive person. Whatever the situation is she gives us very simple solutions and remedies. Whatever she has told has come true. Hoping for the same in future. Thank you madam

Vidhatri L
Consulted for :Marital disputes

Dear Mam,

Thank you very much for being and guiding in my life from such long years. Thank you suggesting always much good things to my life. You readings are always accurate and 100% true.So far what all you have told me everything has been happening.Please keep blessing all of us in the same way. I pray God to give you lot of health, wealth and prosperity for all your life.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

Manasa V
Consulted for :Tarot Reading for Personal and Professional suggestions

I had a very good experience thing in my life got sorted after following what ever was told to me , m still doing what ever was told so I am happy

N Karthik Pranav
Consulted for :My education

She is very patient and cares for each and every person who takes a tarot reading with her. She suggests what should be done if there are any issues and how to move forward by clearing it. Overall if we are confused about something in mind, speaking with her clears it and gains confidence.

Consulted for :Tarot reading

A very good healer who connects with us very well and gives us good insights with the help of Tarot cards

Arvindd Shanmugam
Consulted for :General

Very helpful and she had helped me to come out of depression and clear the blockages

Sindhur Lakshman
Consulted for :Carrier and marriage

Rajeshwari maam gives certain suggestion which are very helpful and is very effective. And she is like a guide who keeps in touch with us throughout.

Monish V Swamy
Consulted for :Family wellness
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