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Neelu Hotchandani

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Jaipur, Jaipur, India
12 Years of Experience
15+ Years Experience
English, Hindi
I am a clairvoyant who works with people helping them deal with their health and life challenges
About Healer Neelu Hotchandani
Her theta healing sessions are generally 3 to 4 hours long, wherein she connects and works with the creator to help the client with what he/she needs. She helps people in understanding their soul contract with others in their life and how to resolve/update these contracts.
Therapies Offered
  • Soul Contract Reading
  • Soul Counseling
  • Theta Healing
Issues Focused
Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Cancer, Clearing Aura, Depression, Diabetes, Healing Relationship with God, Imbalance Of Chakra, Obesity, Property Healing / Clearing, Relationship Healing
  • Theta Healing
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What's very special about Neelu's workshops is that it is all relatable.' Guide to Clairvoyance ' was no exception. Exploring, developing and acknowledging the gifts ,that we are all endowed with, under the guidance of a gentle Master like Neelu is a fantastic experience!🙏
Thank you Deepti, for making this possible. 🙏

Madhu R
Consulted for :Guide to Clairvoyance

I have known Neelu as a healer, third eye master, a very loving person, friend, Someone who is always approachable. She listens to you with so much of love and compassion and you don't feel different while when you are with her. Neelu's healing is not just a session, it's lot more than a session. When you come in her aura, you start feeling uplifted. She is a very pure and loving soul. ❤️ Her healing has worked for many and changed many people's lives for better ✨️. She is very intuitive, knows exactly what needs to be healed in your life. For me it's always Neelu.

Vritika Lalwani
Consulted for :Theta Healing Sessions

I underwent healing with Neelu. She is highly intuitive, extremely patient, our session spilled over by an hour or so extra and very present. The healing is instant and felt like one was in conversation with all that there is

Neha Jain
Consulted for :Theta Healing Session

Neelu is a wonderful healer. Her sessions have been very insightful and she is very open and willing to share her learnings with everyone. Her sessions on soul contracts and chord cutting have really helped me see and understand my own relationships better.
I was surprised when during a practice session I was able to do a successful reading following Neelus instructions.
Have seen benefits after every session with Neelu! She is truly gifted!

Neha Roy
Consulted for :Theta healing sessions / soul contract workshop

Neelu and Healclinic have been a turning point of my life. Neelu is extremely clairvoyant and is able to guide with absolutely no judgments. I truly appreciate Neelu and Deepti of Healclinic for introducing me to her. My healing process has been amazing with Neelu’s guidance and it is always a blessing to have Theta healing sessions with her.

Consulted for :Theta Healing Sessions

I have done a couple of classes with Neelu such as guide to clairvoyance, astral projection and soul contract .. she has been the best guide one can relay on without any doubt .. all her classes always opened new doors and new understanding and paved way to go deeper into the spiritual world as well as understanding one’s capabilities…..she always answers the doubts accurately through her experience. Even after classes she stays in touch and she is always there for her students .. to sum up her classes it felt like a guidance received by an evolved soul .

Rakshitha Reddy
Consulted for :Classes

Thanks to Neelu, it was wonderful connecting with you.All the things she said were all resonated with me. And then she worked on me to clear and to make me understand how to go about doing things for myself. Healclinic is amazing, which gives you all the wonderful healers to help us.

Thank you Alka

Alka Shah
Consulted for :General things

Neelu is a very compassionate and a patient teacher.It was a pleasure attending the workshop and learning so much about soul contracts and beyond.
Thankyou Neelu for the wonderful experience and Deepti for organizing this.

Monica Goyal
Consulted for :Workshop

Thank you Neelu for such a wonderful insight on Soul Contracts. I found your workshop detailed and with a very simple approach...not only did you explain it well, you also made every participant practice it in the class...As a Soul Psychology facilitator I found this workshop informative and useful...Your honest approach to your craft is commendable..
Loads of love and light to you my dear Neelu..this is one workshop everybody must enroll.

Rakshha mahtani
Consulted for :Soul Contract workshop by Neelu ⁵

I highly recommend Neelu. She has been able to change my life and she is 100 pct accurate in her reading. Really connected to God 🙏
Her workshops are professional and interactive knowledge session. I encourage the activities of her company Blue Feather and much more in the Future

Consulted for :Workshop and consultant

I attended the soul contract reading course online on 3rd Jan. it was a real wonderful experience I ever had. many complicated issues were explained in very simple way. It was real practical experience . I enjoyed the class very much. Thanks

Consulted for :Soul contract reading class

Thank you so much Neelu for coordinating for such a great session ! So much of your presentation was just I needed to boost my change in mindset and working practices. I really appreciate your structured approach with fantastic take always which I can put into practice. Thanks again.

Aparna Shree
Consulted for :Soul Contract

A true mentor. I have become more aware of my true strengths because of her. Her sessions are so meditative and peaceful.

Saloni Gautam
Consulted for :Soul contract

Always a pleasure to learn from Neelu.In this workshop,I got to understand how soul Contracts work with souls in our group;how we can 'terminate' a contract, if our wise higher self opts to learn similar lessons from other places/souls making this lifetime an easier and fulfilling one.Neelu's hands-on approach makes it easier to internalize the concept.Will always be grateful, Neelu.🙏

Madhu Ram
Consulted for :Soul Contract workshop

I have attended multiple sessions, workshops and consulted with Neelu. She is really an amazing healer and teacher. Practical real world and very impactful sessions.Her diagnosis and recommendations are spot on!
With each session/ conversation with her I feel I am growing in my spiritual journey.
I am grateful to have connected with her. 🙏🙏

Neha Roy
Consulted for :Workshop

I attended the session with Neelu for my life issues, it was so great speaking to her and amazing to know how well she was able to understand me and able to put my feeling in words and showed me the direction in life. I am so very satisfied ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I will highly recommend her. Thanks. 🙏

Rajni Sharma
Consulted for :Healing therapy for stress

I loved the class
The energy was amazing
I felt as if I knew the group from a long time.
Thank you Neelu for gathering us and for spreading a calm, peaceful and loving energy.
Thank you for the insights and the easy exercises you shared with us to awaken our psychic abilities.
I am looking forward for future classes.

Joelle Challita
Consulted for :Guide Clairvoyance Class

Neelu has amazing sense of Healing people which she is a expert of. Very gentle way of connecting with her audience and bring solutions to their core issues and resolving them in the process.

prateek pathak
Consulted for :Clairvoyance

I have known Neelu as a healer for years and she is more than excellent when it comes to healing. She is a wonderful person and your healing starts the minute you start talking to her. Her voice leaves a very soothing effect on your body.
This time I participated in her Guide to Clairvoyance course whuch was for 3 days and it cleared lots of my doubts. Neelu has designed the course so beautifully that each second of it was a learning experience for me. She is a wonderful healer, wonderful teacher and above all super wonderful person.

vritika Lalwani
Consulted for :Participated in Guide to Clairvoyance

Neelu Hotchandani is a very warm person and a great healer. She is well aware of the clients issues and makes sure that all his/her problems are soughted at the physical, mental, pranic and soul level.
It was an amazing experience having a session with you.
May god bless you and may you stay strong to heal many more souls

Poonam Verma
Consulted for :General well being

The 3 day Guide to Clairvoyance workshop was a fantastic learning experience for me. Learnt new concepts that were reinforced by Neelu's anecdotes and examples from her own practice and life.Enriching takeaways! Thank you Neelu for this beautiful experience! Thank you Deepti for organizing this.

Madhu Ram
Consulted for :Guide to Clairvoyance workshop

Few years ago, I was introduced to Neelu through a close friend and at that time, I was in need of emotional and mental healing. Since then, my experiences with her as a practitioner and now as my teacher has led me through a spiritually enriching journey with many healings. She has led me to develop my intuition and deepen my connection with the Creator.

Neelu’s ‘Guide to Clairvoyance’ workshop and techniques will enrich your life in ways you can only dream off! This workshop ‘Foundation Course’ was in my destiny, it came into my life at an apt time, just before I can kickstart my journey as a new healer. It has opened up my desire to have a clear awareness of life and all of its possibilities, also became clear on my true passion which was to help others do this as well.

As Neelu emphasized in her workshop, all of us are born with gifts to heal, it exists within all of us and just waiting to be discovered. Her workshop is completely based on her ‘Spiritual and Healing Experiences’, the healing techniques and exercises concerning physical, emotional and spiritual healing are very unique, authentic and revolutionary. It allows us to enter into the meditative state of mind with ease, without fear and apprehensions. It’s been a powerful and positive life-changing experience.

I’ve been blessed with a wonderful gift ‘Neelu’, being in my life and for showing how to always connect to the Creator by not letting fear obstruct the clear path. I’ve gained much more than just confidence, a whole new life of amazing experiences and so much more. It's amazing how clearing one's own issues (holistically, on all levels of the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual) allows us to see, hear, feel and know intuitively and with greater clarity. I have healed myself and consequently I’ve changed for the better to become and grow as a better healer.

Thank you Neelu for your continuous guidance, encouragement and inspiration. You are an amazing teacher, humble, patient, understanding and above all, most generous in sharing your knowledge with pure intention and ensuring we have got the best out of you.

Also, thank you for introducing me to Deepti, the founder of Heal Clinic.

Cecilia Lawrence
Consulted for :Guide to Clairvoyance

This is a 100 percent gain in your life as it comes from the heart of the most experienced intuitive healer I know of. Whatever she does or say is with highly gained knowledge and chaneling through her spirit guides. Beautiful session with practical work among students . A must do class with her. You can only learn and get lighter in life by removing the weight you carry by doing this class.love love love 💜💜💜

Consulted for :Theta healing

It’s been 4 years now Neelu’s has guided me in two intervals whenever I have been stuck or needed a lift up , her predictions or guidance have been spot on who would have ever thought I’d have twin baby girls but she knew, she also very recently received a msg about a business my husband & I would start and out of now where we started to run it two months ago. She’s also very good at realigning your thought process got me out of feeling of lack rather easy and effortless and life has been just that ever since.
Much love ❤️ Neelu

Consulted for :Theta Healing

Neelu has been my healer for 3+ years now, and I completely trust her for my healing. I have come a long way with her, from dark times where life seemed completely hopeless to a time where I have learned to love and forgive myself and others equally. Neelu is very empathetic and operates in a non-judgement zone 100% of the times. It can be very comforting for individuals who are struggling with themselves and see no support around them. Along the way through my transformation, Neelu's healing sessions have been extremely instrumental to finding my whole self. She truly invests herself in her clients and is a beautiful soul herself.

I also took her Guide to Clairvoyance sessions and her guided meditations and learnings were so awakening.

I feel truly blessed having met Neelu and also thank Healclinic for introducing me to her. My journey continues, and I feel very happy and blessed to have Neelu for her ongoing guidance.

Jyoti Choudhary
Consulted for :Healing and Guide to Clairvoyance series

Guide to clairvoyance conducted by Neelu was a complete eye opener for me … she not only made us realize our strengthens but also provided various exercises to work on every aspect of being a clairvoyant … she is very helpful in terms of asking any number of doubts .. she has immense knowledge on what she is teaching us … thank you for providing me with such an amazing course ,Neelu and Deepti .

Rakshitha reddy
Consulted for :Guide to clairvoyance

This course is a real eye opener. The exercises really helped me in understanding and exploring my true potential. In addition, there are many useful processes that were shared to help in healing myself, my space and my clients. There are many metaphysical concepts that are also discussed. No matter where you are on your souls journey, this course will definitely have something valueable for you to take home.

Alifya Choonawala
Consulted for :Guide to Clairvoyance

Not knowing exactly what to expect, the session with Neelu was not only eye opening but something I will remember forever. Neelu has a gift I have never seen before.  Her wisdom, her powers to heal and her genuine nature is so incredible. I spent over 4 hours with her and I have learned so much about myself and her recommendations. She is a pure light! I âm grateful I  recorded the session so I can listen to to it again and again because each time I get to understand more of her wisdom.

Katie W.
Consulted for :Healing

She is excellent. She made me understand different situations with new dimensions. She showed me new meaning. She healed me from mental anguish.

Sapna Vogga
Consulted for :Healing

I'm really thankful for Neelu for healing my mind and body, it does make a big difference. The emotional baggage I was carrying has completely disappeared. Feeling so positive post the session. Many thanks to Neelu, you're absolutely fantastic! Thank you Deepti for introducing me to Neelu. You(Heal Clinic) been of great help.

Consulted for :Theta healing

Interesting  Insightful sessions that heals & gives relieves

Pavithra Srinivasan
Consulted for :Soul contract

The session answered many questions which were present as a question for many years, of my spiritual journey. It was a relief

Consulted for :Soul Contract Demo Workshop

Neelu is the best.

Preeti G Mani
Consulted for :Soul contract training

Neelu is a holistic theta healer. What I loved the most about her is that along with pushing me to change my belief system  she also gave me practical solutions to implement in my day today life. She is empathic and listens carefully before starting her process

Consulted for :Theta Healing

Neelu is a natural. if you are scared of being completely transparent in front of someone, then this session is not for you. when you give her permission, she is able to see everything. I had a session for about 3.5 hrs with her and it was very dynamic and eye opening. what you learn about yourself is immense and you will definitely get results if you are ready to help yourself and take the right steps suggested by her. Neelu is very mature. you can talk to her about your deepest thoughts and she does understand. i would highly recommend her if you are facing challenges and want to clear some blocks for a surge in your tasks.

Consulted for :Life Challenges

Awesome perfect EXCELLENT job of healing no pain .only time faith u r fine

Mrs kavitalakhi chugani
Consulted for :Health issues

She's so awesome with her work. She works from her heart and gives her full 100 percent to you taking care of the smallest issues. Every ailment is taken care of and you feel light and cleared up with your multiple issues with her pure healing therapy

Consulted for :Theta Healing

Who knew that someone could tap into supressed emotions hiding into the crevices of ones soul. Neelu was amazing, she ahs so much clarity, patience and spiritual energy. She helped bring light to so many unanswered questions  and thoughts that I was struggling with. When I left her place, I was not the same person  I was when i walked in. I left as a happy and joyful person,


Neelu is a wonderful advanced healer with much power, love and compassion. I have felt great change since our first session and in a very little amount of time. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has something to heal anywhere in the world. It was an honour to be helped by Neelu.

My experience with Healclinic who introduced me to Neelu has been great too. Great healers, efficient, professional and very clear communication. Highly recommended.

Thank you

Samantha Leiva
Consulted for :Ovaric Pocystic Syndrom

Meeting Neelu, chanegd my life forever, for the better. The kind of positivity and wellbeing that came to my life after her sessions is incredible. She did osme fabulous energy work with two of my homes  and has been instrumental in my journey into theta. I would recommend her any day. Not only is she a good healer  and clairvoyant, but she is also very warm and genuine person. I am grateful to know her.

Consulted for :House Clearing, general wellbeing and life purpose clarity

Neelu is a natural. if you are scared of being completely transparent in front of someone, then this session is not for you. When you give her permission she is able to see everything. I had a session for about 3.5 hours with her and it was very dynamic and eye opening. What you learn about yourself is immense and you will definitely get results, if you are ready tohelp yourself and take the right steps suggested by her. Neelu is vere mature, you can talk to her about your deepest thoughts  and she does understand. I would highly recommend her  if you are facing challenges  and want to clear  some blocks for a surge in your tasks.


Neelu is a real soul healer and gives accurate visions. She also works with a real professional consciouness which is rare to find in this discipline. She also uses her clairvoyance for helping and guide  during the session in order to give more accuracy on the points that the people need to work on. She shows a high level of patience during her consultation  and she targets high level quality consultation. She is very open minded and a spiritual healer soul. I highly recommend her services.

Consulted for :Theta Healing

I Love my sessiosn with Neelu. She goes above and beyond what most Theta sessions will include and has knowledge an experience to incorporate many healing modalities into her practise. I always leave feeling i have grown ten fold in just a matter of hours. Its an amazing experience and I am very thankful to have been introduced  to her and her healing methods.

Consulted for :Belief Work

She has guven me a direction an dspending those precious hours with Neelu, every minute has a meaning she has made me see and appreciate what I have in my life. Almost everyday I remember her soft gentle voice thank you Neelu

Anita Tandur
Consulted for :Guidance

Whatever I put down here will not do justice to how brilliantly amazing Neelu is in her work. She has converted me from a non beleiver to a complete beleiver of healing! She is very perceptive and is able to scan a person's ailments - physcial and emotional. The simple solutions she gives thereafter can be life changing. Thank you Neelu, your warmth, your well meaningfulness, your ability to dig deeper and deeper till you reach the core of the problem, all make you an impactful healer.

Deepa Pant
Consulted for :Healing

Neelu is a very intuitive and compassionate healer. I was introduced to Theta Healing through Neelu and I am a convert. In her session I felt a connection with the creator the way I never have. The session changed something in me permanently towards positve thinking. living without fear and making some sense of the maddness called life:-). I recommend her 100%

Consulted for :General Health and Wellbeing

I took theta healing session from Miss Neelu, it was a profound healing experience I had. I used to feel low about myself, but her session deepened my meditation and improved my self worth. Miss.neelu is a very kind and sweet person, highly evolved clairvoyant. Her session cleared some of the deepest beliefs which didn't serve my well being. She is down to earth , she answered a lot my spiritual questions even after my session. Besides, I believe she was spiritual guide sent to me to follow my purpose . I am so humbled by her gesture of observing everyone with equality. Her soul contract reading was precise , I would recommend everyone to take atleast one theta healing session from her .it just accelerates your connection with god faster. I saw my life moving forward in all aspects post her session. She is pure channel for healing.
She accelerated my healing journey like never before by clearing a lot of stuck energy and beliefs. I am looking forward to taking more sessions from her. Heal clinic is a great platform for healing, they are genuine! Many thanks to miss Deepti.


Soul Contract by Neelu: The workshop answered many questions which were present as a question for many years, of my spiritual journey. It was a relief..I am sure I can use the technique for many probabilities

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