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Ruchira Puri

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Ulsoor, Bangalore
5 Years of Experience
8+ Years Experience
English, Hindi
I help you heal by healing the earliest memories related to the issue through a Theta Brainwave State, a meditative state of mind. In this state, we gently access your subconscious mind to illuminate parts of you that are stuck in space and time, due to some trauma. We gently release these parts through love and total acceptance, with the help of Divine Source Energy, to make you feel whole and safe. In the process you connect to the truth of who you are – a spark of God.
About Healer Ruchira Puri
It was a slide into poor health that set Ruchira off on a journey of self-discovery. Her hemoglobin had dropped to 6.2 and surgery was advised, but she chose to heal herself back to good health through ThetaHealing®. The word ‘healing’ until then had meant ‘fixing’, but she realised that ‘healing’ was, in fact, quite the opposite. Healing was acceptance and love. The entire experience proved so powerful that she decided to dedicate herself to helping people love themselves back to good health! She put aside her 27-year long history of working in the corporate sector to focus on Healing. Since then, she has worked with many clients to help them with ailments, fears, depression, relationship issues, career issues and find fulfilment through rediscovering their amazing selves.
Therapies Offered
  • Theta Healing
  • Theta Healing Instructor
Issues Focused
Belief Work, Business Related Issues, Depression, Emotional Well-being, Financial Healing, General Wellness, Guidance from Higher Self / Angels, Manifestation, Menstrual Related Diseases, Relationship Healing, Physical Ailments, Spiritual Well-being
  • Theta Healing from Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge
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This is an amazing course to help you dig deeper and work on your beliefs, fears, health and even your relationship struggles. I’ll never stop being amazed at how SIMPLE this is! In the last one month of doing all three levels of Theta Healing Workshops – Basic, Advanced and Dig Deeper – it is safe to say that my life has changed drastically! I’m more confident as a person, my life is full of hope and possibilities now.. I am so grateful to have met Ruchi, as have her as my guide. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’m so thrilled I’m a Theta Healer now.  Thank you Ruchi for able hand holding, and being such a patient, compassionate and loving guide.

Consulted for :Theta Healing Dig Deeper Workshop

This is my second course with Ruchira and it has been a great exploration.
This course has many learnings and is actually digging deeper into the beliefs and learning the downloads. The topics covered are beautiful and intense.
It has been a journey of boundless explorations and possibilities.
Thank you, Ruchira for being our guide and teacher through this soulful journey.
Love and light

Consulted for :Theta Healing Advanced Workshop

This was a very intense course with hundreds of downloads and a blessed opportunity to rewire past, present and future in so many ways using the advanced Theta techniques. I’m taking home a lot of rare knowledge that I will apply to live the desired life of success and fulfillment for myself and others.
Thank you so much Ruchi!

Sunetra Basu
Consulted for :Theta Healing Advanced Workshop

Dig deeper is a very important course in the repertoire of a theta healer. Whether to do healing on oneself or clients, It is very important for the healer to dig for base beliefs and to complete them with downloads. In this course Ruchira took us through 10 effective methods of digging deeper with which we can easily uncover the underlying base belief and perform the necessary healing. This is a must for serious Theta healers. Please do attend it and benefit. Ruchira is amazing instructor who navigates through the methods and explains them easily and effectively. Thank you Ruchira for this. This is really life changing.

Consulted for :Dig Deeper Theta Workshop

These three days just went by in a jiffy! Ruchira has all the qualities it takes to be an excellent teacher. Downloads are a massive part of this program. From Basic to Advanced, she makes it super easy for students to bridge the gap and imparts the advanced level skills with much ease and confidence.

Consulted for :Theta Healing Advanced Workshop

This is a wonderful course for anyone who is interested in self development and self empowerment. Ruchira is a wonderful instructor with vast experience and beautiful teaching methods. In my opinion, this is a must for everyone who wants to move fast towards realizing his/her true potential. Please go ahead and make your lives magical.

Consulted for :Theta Healing Advanced Workshop

If you’re here then it’s meant to be. Theta healing opens you up to the magnificent dimensions of yourself, and be the best version of your Self.. something you must have been waiting for lifetimes! Ruchi is an AMAZING Theta Healer, easily one of the Best in the world! And it is always an honor to learn from her. Thank you Ruchi!

Consulted for :Theta Healing Workshop

A fantastic course for anyone who wants to learn to connect to the Creator and heal themselves and others. Ruchira is an amazing teacher to learn from. Her classes are filled with beauty, grace and so much learning. This course will change your life forever with so much positivity and life. Definitely a must for everyone.

Consulted for :Theta Haling Workshop

It’s hard to explain in words how Ruchi has impacted my life. I feel more confident and detached from my limiting beliefs. My self belief was at rock bottom when I first met her, she not only helped me remove my trauma’s and fears arising from past events but also aligned me with my future goals

Consulted for :Limiting Beliefs

Ruchira is a wonderful healer. I always look forward to our sessions together as they give me an opportunity to reset, shed the unnecessary and move into a higher space of empowerment and peace. Ruchira has a gentle, yet thoughtful and intentional approach to her practice, something that is often welcome in spaces that require so much vulnerability. Her strong intuitive abilities allow her to navigate all that comes up in the session while guiding you deeper to what needs to be uncovered. If you’re thinking about booking a session with her, I highly recommend as it is always such a treat!

Consulted for :Theta Healing

I reached out to Ruchira when I was amidst a lot of internal emotional chaos. I Having suffered from undiagnosed depression for 8 years which later manifested to adrenal fatigue my energy levels were completely depleted and no kind of medicine, therapy, yoga or life style change helped. There was a lot of deep rooted blockages in the mind which was making my recovery very slow. 2 sessions with Ruchira completely changed that for me. She helped me let go of a lot of emotions and energies that no longer served me which instantly brought in so much clarity into everything. I have gone from feeling utterly helpless and miserable to genuinely being grateful towards life. I have never been in a better place physically, manually and emotionally. Thank you Ruchira:)

Consulted for :Depression and Emotional Turmoil

I don’t think I can put into words the experience I had during the session with Ruchira. I was introduced to Ruchira through a very good friend Sandy. And I cannot thank her enough either.Ruchira was able to give me an appointment the following week.
What I experienced was surreal and magical. I have been through a lot of modalities, but hands down this experience was purely soulful and to a great extent spiritual.
Ruchira has a very special gift which she is kind enough to share.
It’s been 2 weeks since I had my first session and I have there has been a deep shift in my perspective and overall energy. I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to go through this experience.
I would recommend anyone to have a healing session with Ruchira. Lots of love and light <3. ~ Stacey

Consulted for :Theta Healing
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