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P. Radhika

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Bogadi, Mysuru
10 Years of Experience
11+ Years Experience
English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil
I am a spiritual healer and a trainer for Spiritual healing courses. I was a medical transcriptionist by profession, and learnt energy healing out of curiosity to maintain a stress-free routine. As the meditations and healing helped me to be stress-free, healthy, and happy, I upgraded myself as a healer as well as a trainer. I have been successful in conducting classes and healing people with distant healing methods.
About Healer P. Radhika
Her profession as a medical transcriptionist, has helped her understand the physical anatomy and related illnesses. She has healed many clients with physical illnesses and pscysological issues. She uses Energy Healing, which is a no-touch & no-drug therapy. She helps people to balance their conditions which may be related to emotional well-being, physical well being or mental well-being. She also conducts Meditations in various organizations like schools, colleges, corporate offices, and public gatherings, etc. Her main aim is to bring peace in oneself by doing meditations as well as help people to get rid of their health conditions by applying these modalities.
Therapies Offered
  • Aura Cleansing
  • Chakra Healing
  • Crystal Programming
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Distance Energy Healing
  • Meditation
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Spiritual healing
Issues Focused
Anxiety, Blood Pressure, Bladder Issues, Covid, Gallbladder, Fears and Phobias, Depression, Herpes, Knee Pain, Kidney Related Issues, Lung Diseases, Cervical spondylosis, Thyroid, Stress, Relationship Healing, Prosperity Healing, Psychosomatic, Stomach Cancer, Meditation, Addiction, Cancer, Allergies, Back Pain, Endometriosis, Anger Management
  • Certified Healer and Trainer from the Yoga Prana Vidya Organization, Hosur.
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My pranic healing sessions with Radhika has been the most palpable, intense experience so far. I now know my breath and my being more than ever. And I also know that I have set off on a beautiful journey of healing. Thank you Healclinic. Thank you Deepti and Radhika. Good luck to you all.

Denisha Sudheer
Consulted for :Post Cancer Chemotherapy

I have taken healings sessions by Mrs Radhika. Last year I had a herpes zoster outbreak, which made me very weak not able to walk or even stand all of a sudden breakdown. I was scared of what will happen, then I got to know about healing session and contacted Mrs Radhika, energy healer. She started her sessions and slowly I could feel the changes. My strength regained and the skin outbreaks which was reddish in colour also got completely healed. I was surprised to see all scars getting cleared on own without any application of topical creams this was indeed amazing. No marks on my skin. Some outbreaks near stomach region started to show up but immediately got cured. Very happy with the treatment.

Consulted for :Skin outbreaks and skins scars(due to Herpes Zoster)

I had severe lower back pain from many months and was not able to do anything. I started getting healed from Radhika ma’am and I could see the results immediately! In 2 months my lumbar issues got cured And now I can sit for a long time and do my work! I recommend energy healing sessions 100% to each and every one! Try it once and you will see the changes! Thank you Radhika Ma’am for your wonderful healings!

Rakshitha. R
Consulted for :Lower back pain cured with 2 months of healing sessions.
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