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Intuitive Body Scanning

20000 INR
300 USD
Healer Neelu
About Intuitive Body Scanning Event

Body scanning is the ability to see the imbalances in someone’s body and analyse what that imbalance means to your client.

Learning how to intuitively scan your client empowers you as a professional healer and gives you an edge when dealing with a client.

Body scanning involves

  • Using your intuition and ability to understand the message that the client energy is giving
  • Understanding your clair, paying attention to your inner voice and translating the messages
  • Working from a deep understanding of integrated body-mind -energy
  • Determine emotional, mental and physical blockages
  • Scan client physical body, chakras and learn to identify the illnesses and emotional issues the client may be suffering from

3 days of intense and deep learnings which are not available in any books or social media. As part of this workshop, we will have a whatsapp group where support, exercises and meditations will be provided for a week after the course. Limited seats as the workshop is limited to 10 participants, so hurry and register now.

Get all your questions answered in this amazing workshop, which will open doors to many of your untapped abilities.

This workshop will be facilitated by Neelu who herself is a clairvoyant and has immense experiences of other dimensions

Feedback from previous batch participants,

"This course is a real eye opener. The exercises really helped me in understanding and exploring my true potential. In addition, there are many useful processes that were shared to help in healing myself, my space and my clients. There are many metaphysical concepts that are also discussed. No matter where you are on your souls journey, this course will definitely have something valuable for you to take home."

"Neelu’s ‘Intuitive Body Scanning’ workshop and techniques will enrich your life in ways you can only dream off! This workshop ‘Foundation Course’ was in my destiny, it came into my life at an apt time, just before I can kickstart my journey as a new healer. It has opened up my desire to have a clear awareness of life and all of its possibilities, also became clear on my true passion which was to help others do this as well.

As Neelu emphasized in her workshop, all of us are born with gifts to heal, it exists within all of us and just waiting to be discovered. Her workshop is completely based on her ‘Spiritual and Healing Experiences’, the healing techniques and exercises concerning physical, emotional and spiritual healing are very unique, authentic and revolutionary. It allows us to enter into the meditative state of mind with ease, without fear and apprehensions. It’s been a powerful and positive life-changing experience."


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