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Yes you read it right. Like human beings, space, relationships animals also can be healed. Our pets who fill our lives with so much love, affection and fun also pick up energy from their owners and their family members and the environment where they live. They pick up on their stress, negative energies, psychic attacks on their owners and even their diseases. Because of this they can fall sick or sometimes even misbehave.

Energy Healing helps in clearing all these unwanted energies that do not belong to the pet. This helps improve their health and longevity. It helps in improving their energy levels and behaviour.

This is done through distance healing where healing is given twice a day to the animal. Before healing begins an in-depth reading is done for the animal to understand the issue by talking to the animal or to the animals higher self. On the basis of this communication healing is done to get the desired results.

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Wellness Story 1: This healing was done for a dog in Mumbai through intuitive distance healing. The dog had a fractured right hind leg, spurs in the spine, liver issues, kidney issues and partial paralyses due to a spine injury caused by an accident. When the dog's case came to the healer, he was 12 years old and absolutely bed ridden. Over the course of the healing, the muscles were strengthened and nerves were healed. She also worked on the fractured leg and it healed in 4 weeks. Thus the dog was able to sit upright and also walk with support and lived another 2.5 years before moving on due to old age.

Wellness Story 2: There was a case of a 3.5 year old cat, who fell off the balcony of a 7th floor flat in Pune. His fall was broken by a tree branch and he was injured severely on his spine and there was severe nerve damage and very slow pain response from both the hind legs. Since the spine was not broken and there was pain response, he was not put to sleep. The per owner came to us for healing. The vet had said it would be very difficult for the cat to ever walk again and if it ever happened, it would be a miracle and would take atleast 8-10 months of recovery. However, with healing, the cat was up and about in 4.5 months and was running around and jumping on table tops in 8 months time. Today he is a healthy cat and even the vet is surprised at the recovery he has shown. The cat is living a normal life and shows no signs of injury or trauma from the accident.

Whats in this article?

History and Development

Art has always been used as a means of communication, self-expression, group interaction, diagnosis, and conflict resolution throughout the time in history. For thousands of years, various cultures and religions around the world have incorporated the use of carved idol, charms, several sacred paintings and symbols, during the healing process in totality. 

The term “art therapy” was coined in 1942 by British Artist Adrian Hill, who discovered the healthy and lovely benefits of painting and drawing while recovering from tuberculosis himself. In the 1940s, several writers in the field of mental health began to describe their work with people in treatment as “art therapy.”

As there were no formal art therapy courses or training programs available at that time, these care providers were often educated in other disciplines and supervised by psychiatrists, psychologists, or other mental health care professionals.

The establishment of art therapy as a unique and publicly accepted therapeutic approach only took place recently, in the mid-20th century. The emergence of art therapy as a profession arose independently and simultaneously in the united states and europe. 

What is art therapy?

Art therapy involves the use of creative techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, colouring, or sculpting to help people express artistically and examine the psychological and emotional undertones signified in their art. With the guidance of a credentialed art therapist, clients can "decode"  various non-verbal messages, symbols, and metaphors often found in these art forms, which should lead to a better understanding of their feelings and behaviour so they can move on to understand and then resolve their deeper issues.

Health issues treated by art therapy

 Art therapy benefits people of all ages. Research indicates that art therapy improves communication and concentration and helps reduce feelings of isolation. Art therapy has also been shown to lead to increase in self-esteem, confidence, and self-awareness. 

Positive results and benefits in art therapy may often be achieved by those facing issues such as:

Art therapy allows people to express feelings on any subject through a creative flow of work rather than with speech, it is believed to be particularly helpful for those who feel out of touch with their emotions or even feelings. Certain individuals experiencing difficulty discussing or remembering painful experiences may also find art therapy thoroughly beneficial. 

Recent research suggests art therapy may help individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia and personality disorders see improvement of some of their symptoms, although trials are still being conducted. 

When is Art Therapy used

Art therapy helps children, adolescents and adults explore with their emotions, improves their self-esteem, manages addictions, helps relieves stress, improves symptoms of anxiety and depression, and helps cope with a physical illness or any disability. Art therapists work with individuals, couples, and even groups in a variety of settings such as private counselling, hospitals, wellness centres, correctional institutions, senior centres, and other forms of community organizations.

No artistic talent is necessary in order for art therapy to succeed, because the therapeutic process is not about the artistic value of the work, but rather about finding associations between the creative choices made and a client's inner mind and thus life. The artwork can be used as a springboard for reawakening certain memories and then telling stories that may reveal various messages and beliefs from the unconscious mind. In many cases, art therapy can be used in conjunction with other psychotherapy techniques such as group therapy or even cognitive-behavioural therapy.

Some situations in which art therapy can be utilized include:

One review of the effectiveness of art therapy found that this technique helped cancer patients undergoing medical treatment improve their quality of life and alleviated a variety of psychological symptoms too.

What to expect in a session

As with any form of therapy, your first session will consist of you talking to the therapist about why you want to find help and learning what the therapist has to offer. Together, you will come up with a treatment plan that involves creating some form of artwork. Once you begin creating, the therapist may, at times, simply observe your process as you work, without any form of interference or judgment.

When you have finished a piece of artwork—and sometimes while you are still working on it—the therapist will ask you questions along the lines of how you feel about the artistic process, what was easy or difficult about creating your artwork, and what thoughts or memories you may have had while you were working on it. Generally, the therapist will ask about your experience and feelings before providing any observations.

People often wonder how an art therapy session differs from the regular art class.

Where an art class is focused on teaching technique or creating a specific finished product, art therapy is more about letting the clients focus on their inner experience. in creating art, people are able to focus on their own perceptions, imagination, and feelings. Clients are encouraged to create art that expresses their inner world more than making something that is an expression of the outer world.

Art Therapy Techniques and Exercises

Certified art therapists will typically have a comprehensive understanding of the powerful effect that the creative process can have on those undertaking art therapy. Art therapists often use psychological, spiritual, and artistic theories in conjunction with clinical techniques to achieve the desired therapeutic outcome. The approach has proven to be beneficial even for non-verbal individuals and professional artists. Common techniques used in art therapy include:

Where do Art Therapists work?

Art therapists practice in a variety of traditional settings including hospitals, rehabilitation care units, assisted living centres, psychiatric facilities, senior communities and schools. They also work in some less familiar settings like wellness centres, forensic institutions, clinical research facilities, detention centres, and crisis centres.

Private practice is also very common for professionals who specialize in art therapy.

Benefits of Art Therapy

The benefits of art therapy are numerous, and here are nine ways it can help on the path to holistic wellness:

Art Therapy does have a tremendous potential to be a way of life for those who aim to live a wholesome life. It works for those who want to engage in an expressive outlet leading towards their overall betterment in terms of physical and mental wellbeing.

Article Courtesy: Trishna Patnaik, a BSc (in Life Sciences) and MBA (in Marketing) by qualification but an artist by choice. A self-taught artist based in Mumbai, Trishna has been practising art for over 14 years. She says, "It’s a road less travelled but a journey that I look forward to everyday." Trishna conducts painting workshops and works with clients as a art therapist 1:1 in Mumbai and other metropolitan cities of India. 

When do people go to a Reiki Session?

How many times in the last few months do you recall going to a doctor for a physical ailment, taking medicines, and  nothing seems to be working? Every doctor’s appointment becomes  a cause of turmoil and let down. 

Reiki sessions are often sought when we  are disheartened by every other line of treatment. We may not have  heard or experienced  Reiki session before, but the more we learn about it the more we realise its benefit 

What is a Reiki Session?

In a typical Reiki healing session, the healer channels energy to you by  touch or transfers Reiki energy remotely. We are all energy beings , and energy flows through us and around us. During sickness and ailments or when we are feeling angry or unhappiness, this energy gets blocked, stagnant or low. A reiki healer  channelised  healing and  and restores the energy balance by using the universal life force i.e reiki energy

How does a Reiki healing session work?

Reiki unblocks the energy flow in the body which helps in curing stress, pain and diseases.

During a Reiki session, the healer  places his/ her hands on a person in different positions to transfer energy from the universe  to the person receiving Reiki. When Reiki is given, the person feels a unique sensation which leaves a pleasant feeling. The patient tends to feel very relaxed and a sense of weight being lifted away from the body.

Things to understand before a Reiki session:

What can you experience in a Reiki session?

“I feel very refreshed”, “I feel very relaxed”, “The pain is just gone”, “I feel very emotional”, “Your hands got very hot/ cold”, are the often the things people experience after the treatment.

The Reiki treatment is subjective and unique to every person. Some feel a pulsating wave of energy going through the body, while others simply fall asleep during the session. Sometimes you may find that the reiki receiver is very tired after the treatment, but this is considered signs of healing.

Is a distant Reiki healing session an option?

Yes. Reiki therapists can do distant healing , as reiki works on the principle that universal energy connects us all. You can receive a reiki session while sitting in the comforts of your office or your home. It is as effective as taking the treatment personally. In fact, distant reiki healing is a boon for people who have limited mobility and cannot go physically to take the treatment.

How to find a good practitioner for your Reiki session?

There are three levels in Reiki namely- First degree, Second degree, Third degree and Reiki GrandMaster.

First degree Reiki is when you learn hands on reiki to self-heal. Second degree is when a person has gained the knowledge of channelizing the energy to heal others and send healing remotely. Third degree or the Reiki masters are the teachers, who are not just capable of healing others but also teaching Reiki to people.

It is recommended to attend a Reiki session of a Reiki master or second degree Reiki healer. Since Reiki is a connection with universal energy, the healer  who gives positive vibes and feels right is generally a good sign. A good way would be to have a one on one Reiki healing session with the healer  before seeking the treatment to share thoughts and issues and connect with the healer

At healclinic we have Reiki Grandmasters who do remote healing and have experience in treating different challenges. We also offer Reiki workshops if you wish to become a reiki healer. 

Handwriting should be called”brainwriting.” It all starts in the brain. Your handwriting is an x-ray of your brain, to the trained Grapho-Therapist. Why not use your brain and hand to bring about positive changes in yourself by Graphotherapy? When you change, your writing changes, right? So reverse the process and change your writing on purpose to change your brain? It works.  Source

What does a Graphotherapist do?

A Graphotherapist can understand many aspects of your personality from the way your letters are formed, the direction of the lines and the way you use the space on the page. With these details, it is possible for them to design a therapy customised for you to change those aspects of your personality that are holding you back from achieving your life’s ambitions.

The curative offshoot of handwriting analysis, called graphotherapy, is all about reprogramming the subconscious mind and changing the personality through changing the handwriting strokes style by repeated practice. It delivers results most definitely and therefore it won’t be a hyperbole to say that it is the most easy way to bringing about changes in you personality. The handwriting therapy requires commitment and patience. You will surely get to see some positive results if you do the exercises as advised by an accomplished graphologist.

What kind of changes are possible with graphotherapy?

Temper: If you want to control your temper, just make sure you are never careless while writing t-bars. Also, i-dots should be correctly placed.

Confidence: To gain more confidence and to boost self-esteem, you can use graphotherapy. With increased confidence you will be able to rewrite your success story.

Shyness: If you feel shy and cannot face a large crowd, graphotherapy can come handy. With some changes in handwriting, you should be able to deal with your shyness and become frank.

For children: With graphotherapy, children can improve their communication skills and enhance their personal goals. Also, they can enhance their ability to concentrate.

Talent search: If you wish to know your children’s talent, you must consult a handwriting analyst. A graphotherapist can tell you how your children can work on their areas of strength to achieve desired success.

If you are going through any issues, or want to change some aspect of your personality, connect with us at +91 80500023237. Our experts do graphotherapy sessions online, so you can be located in any part of the world

Pranic energy healing and Reiki healing can cure skin problems. Though, it may seem strange but it is true. Before going into details how this works. Let’s first know about our skin.

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body? It is, in terms of both weight—between 3 and 5 Kgs pounds—and surface area—about 18 square feet. Your skin separates the inside of your body from the outside world. It protects you from bacteria and viruses, and regulates your body temperature.

It also bears the maximum impact of ailments as there are more than 3000 skin disorders that affect people worldwide. You must have also faced dry dull skin and lifeless skin. But you are not alone. More than 85 million people in the U.S. are affected by skin diseases.

Most of us have undergone multiple medications and application of creams, but still haven’t found a complete cure?

Well the answer lies in your body itself. You must have heard about miracles through pranic healing. Thus, it can work wonders for your skin too. Changes in color or texture can result from inflammation, infection, or allergic reactions anywhere in the body.

Pranic energy & Reiki healing

Energy healing has several techniques – Pranic and Reiki are two of the leading ones. First, let’s understand what is pranic healing. Pranic energy healing can help activate your body’s self-repair mechanism. It helps you to recover faster and solve the health conditions from within which will make sure that the problems don’t reoccur.

The issues to a large extent depend on the healthiness of the skin and the related chakras. One of the most persistent skin disorders is Psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a chronic, non-communicable, painful, disfiguring and disabling disease for which there is no cure and with great negative impact on patients’ quality of life. Treatment of psoriasis is still based on controlling the symptoms. The need for treatment is usually lifelong and is aimed at remission.

Advanced Pranic healing suggests that in conditions like Psoriasis, patients have dirty energies stuck in their chakras. Could Psoriasis happen due to impure blood? Blood could be impure due to some infection or allergies. To purify the blood, we need to activate the energy of the body.

The chakras are energy centres of the body and they control the energies to heal the body. The solar plexus chakras through the liver, the spleen chakras through the physical spleen, the mengmein chakras through the kidneys, these purify the blood.

The Pranic healing treatment can be given to the patient to purify the blood three times a week till the patient recovers completely.

As psoriasis is emotional in origin, psychotherapy in combination with Pranic energy healing or Reiki could also be very effective.

Suffering from a skin disorder, consult with our counsellor on way forward.

Simplify your life with Reiki energy therapy and take control of your life back.

Life is simple. Haven’t we heard this statement quite often and from many people? Can life be simple when we have deadlines to meet, goals to achieve, people to compete with, stay healthy, look pretty and do all this within 24 hours? Phew, that is tough.

Amidst all the chaos, we lose sight of our health to a set of ugly emotions called criticism, anger, anxiety, stress, frustration and irritation. Can life be ever simple? “It can never be.”  That was my conclusion a few years back.

Over a period of time working with Reiki therapy and other similar healing modalities, I have come to a deeper understanding of what life is or, what life can be.

Life is being in the now. Most importantly, life is all about being happy and loving yourself. Life, for me, is giving myself the breathing space to pursue what I like, do what I love and spend quality time with people I love. With this definition, it did feel life is simple.

Being a Reiki therapy channel, I have always believed in the inner wisdom or gut feeling that each of us have. This inner wisdom has given me the strength, responsibility and, most of all, the freedom to choose. Sometimes, we tend to choose what might be best for others or what is socially acceptable. In all this, we tend to brush aside the little voice in us which is the true identity of what our soul desires.

Reiki founder Dr Mikao Usui has taught very simple but truly governing principles for humankind.  When we learn Level 1 of Reiki energy therapy, it’s very easy for a Reiki channel to brush aside these five principles..However, the minute a Reiki channel starts to see the value of these principles, they are on a divine path of enlightenment and, more so, on a path of eternal happiness. 

However, the minute a Reiki channel starts to see the value of these principles, they are on a divine path of enlightenment and, more so, on a path of eternal happiness. These principles form the core of a happy life. These principles are profound, can be used by everyone. These five principles can form a true essence of one’s life.

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While Reiki taught me how to heal myself and others, these five principles have taught me how to lead a simple and happy life. I have also come to realise that the minute we have a quiet mind, we have easily launched ourselves into a life of easy manifestations and vibrancy. A clear mind works very effective in perceiving situations better. Hence, we have better relationships. A clear mind can vibrate and attract all that we aspire. The list is endless.

So what’s stopping us from venturing into the world of Reiki energy therapy? It’s the mind again. How would this world be if we parked our egos and our analytical minds aside and simply embraced all of this ancient wisdom?  

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Read: What should I know before a Reiki therapy session?

Healclinic offers online Reiki therapy for different challenges faced by clients.

Graphotherapy is a technique which assists you to bring about the desired changes in your personality by making alterations in the way you write, i.e. your handwriting.

A Graphotherapist is able to understand many aspects of your personality from the way you write, it could be the way the letters are formed, the direction of the lines, the loops in the letters or the way you use the space on the page. The therapist takes into account all these details, and then helps you by pointing out the changes that you need to make in your handwriting to change those aspects of your personality that are holding you back from achieving what you wish.

To ensure that the changes become a part of your normal handwriting, you will need to practise for the next 21 to 30 days.

An expert graphotherapist explains us to the science behind graphology.

“As a science this therapy helps to send signals to the brain which enable in building appropriate personality traits. In order for a client / patient to positively get impacted they ought to for starters, be in a receptive state of mind in order for any kind of therapy to help /enable them to improve their life.

Clients suffering from depression, stress, pain, students who want to work on their self-esteem or having issues with concentration and personality development, people with psychosomatic issues or people having issues like fear of public speaking, shy in front of people, concentration issues, etc can be addressed by Graphotherapy.”

Shobha also recommends this therapy for people who have suffered abuse in their lifetime. It helps them to come out of trauma.

Another area where graphotherapy is used very extensively is in corporates, where based on the personality traits required for a specific role, our graphotherapist recommends changes to be made in each individals handwriting. For example; if an employee from either Sales or Marketing team need to upskill their communication and/or public speaking or a management employees needs to upgrade her/his planning and organising skills, graphotherapy can help.

Her message to all is that “you can come out of your pain, improve your personality and health by practising writing in a recommended way. If there are instances in your life where your subconscious mind gets struck which hamper progress in the particular area, Graphotherapy can help you to overcome all these concerns and build a better & brighter future”.

Shobha started her career as a consultant for Tupperware and Oriflame, and was doing an excellent job but felt something amiss.

This wasn’t her calling!! She wanted to make a greater impact to her family as well as her society.

Nearly a decade back when both her children went through a public speaking course, Shobha fondly remembers was when she was first introduced to handwriting analysis.

She sorted many of her issues through graphotherapy and seeing the benefits, learnt and is now a practicing graphotherapist along with other modalities like astrology, crystal healing, vastu and numerology.

Looking to explore graphotherapy as a means to making changes in your personality, or for your employees to work more effectively, contact us at +91 8050003237

PCOD is a problem faced by many women globally. One in every ten women are thought to be affected by PCOD. PCOD is a serious genetic, hormonal, metabolic and reproductive disorder. The leading cause of female infertility, it also leads to obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and endometrial cancer.

PCOD has symptoms like menstrual irregularity, excess hair growth, acne and obesity etc. If treatment is not taken on time this might girl rise to hormonal imbalance and infertility also.

Most doctors prescribe birth control pills and hormonal treatment, but these have side effects like excessive and unnatural weight gain, infertility etc.

Read how Sheetal got cured of PCOS through alternate treatment.

Pranic healing has been helpful in treating PCOD. It comes from two words: Prana, which means vital energy, and Healing. Pranic Healing is a no-touch, no-drug complementary therapy system that uses prana to heal a wide range of physical and psychological ailments.

As per pranic healing, the reproductive system is controlled and energized by the sex chakras. The sex chakra is located about 2 inches below the navel and is often called the Belly Chakra or the Sacral Chakra. It is also controlled by Ajna chakras which controls the endocrine system.

Pranic healers work on regulating the function of the sacral, ajna and sometimes even the throat chakras through methods like breathing exercises, meditation, relaxation techniques. In combination with diet and exercise regime is also recommended by the practitioner.

Pranic psychotherapy is also sometimes done for better results. By working on one chakra, we also affect the entire chakra system’s balance emotionally, and spiritually.

A typical treatment plan will consist of treatment done 3 times a week for physical, mental and spiritual healing till the patient is cured.

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Need help with PCOS/PCOD, talk to our counselor and decide which therapy best works for you.

Past life memories are like an autobiography of your eternal soul, personal stories that explain who you are now and why you’re here on earth. Past Life Regression or popularly known as PLR is a therapeutic technique for accessing and re-experiencing your past lives directly.

Many people who undergo a regression and successfully remember a past life are able to watch the scenes unfold like a movie, witnessing the life in a linear fashion from birth to death.

The start of the journey

Vasavi started on this journey 24 years back. She was undergoing a lot of work and personal stress and had constant headaches. To get over her stress she practiced yoga and pranayama, also tried her hand at a counselling session. All these efforts helped her to some extent, but she never reached an optimum health condition.

When a friend recommended her to meet a famous PLR healer, she underwent regression and found the reasons for her health challenges post which she got healed. She was so impressed with this therapy that she took this up as a profession. She trained under several gurus including famous American PLR practitioner Bruce Goldberg and has now become an accomplished practitioner.

We asked her to clarify certain queries, which clients normally have on PLR.

Hypnotherapy and PLR

There is a lot of confusion between hypnotherapy and PLR; Hypnotherapy is a process, a technique which is used to regress a client to access the past. The practitioner uses hypnotherapy techniques to give suggestions to the subconscious mind, though ultimately it is up to the client to accept it or not.

While PLR is a procedure, the entire session where the client regresses to relive his past emotions, actions, relations, beliefs which have led to the current situation. Some of the techniques used during the session are hypnotherapy, are age regression, inter life regression which takes you through different past lives trying to pinpoint which life was the source of your current issue.

When a person comes out of the trance, they generally remember what they had seen or felt. In her experience only 1% of the clients don’t remember what they had gone through the session.

Learn the difference between Akashic Records and PLR

PLR and children

PLR sessions are possible with children over 12 years. In case of younger children, its better to teach relaxation and meditation techniques to the parents, and guide them on how to take their kids through it.

Health issues resolved through PLR

PLR is very useful to solve behavioural and relationship issues, conflict situations, fears and phobias, feelings of anger, panic, depression, and other emotional issues. PLR has been also helpful in chronic diseases like cancer in trying to find the root cause, i.e. why has it originated?

Read the story of a young boy whom Vasavi helped from a heart disorder through PLR

Root cause found, what next?

Once the reason for the issue has been identified, techniques like imagery, visualisations, meditations, affirmations, relaxation techniques, and many more are done to heal the issue. Though a lot depends on the client, to what extent she is willing to work on herself and let go.

A to Z – PLR techniques

PLR has many different modalities, depending on the situation and client condition, the practitioner will decide which modality should be used. Practitioners use their intuition and sixth sense to decided during a session which combination of techniques to use for best results.

Bruce Goldenberg, the famous PLR practitioner, talks from his own experiences and not from any definitions.

“PLR has been also helpful in chronic diseases like cancer in trying to find the root cause.”

Side effects: this is a non-invasive therapy

There are no side effects of PLR, in case the therapist is unable to handle the situation, at the most the client will sleep for some time and get up without remembering much of what happened. PLR helps bridge conscious and sub conscious mind. During the session the clients are generally aware of what is happening. In some cases, where they are not, it is like getting up after a long sleep.

PLR = supernatural

Some people expect to get supernatural powers, development of some 6th sense, but that is not possible.

How much time does it take?

Not easy to predict. It depends on the client, how much they are willing to discuss and open about their issues, the severity of the issue and the depth of the past emotion affecting the present situation.

Example, for a client undergoing depression treatment for the last couple of years or a serious ailment like cancer it may take around 3 months, starting with one session a week, to one session in 15 days and finally one session a month. As compared to someone with a knee pain who will get healed within 1 to 3 sessions.

Are Karma and PLR related?

Karma is our thoughts, our actions and the outcome of what we are doing. Removing karma means ‘paschathapa’. In PLR sessions, clients become aware about the reasons of their issues, become aware of the solution or change that is needed to resolve their issue. Then it is upto them, if they wish to make that change or not. After knowing all, someone may still continue doing what they were doing expecting different results. That is not possible.

PLR has helped millions of clients worldwide, healclinic has a panel of PLR practitioners who can help resolve different issues.

If you are interested in PLR healing, contact us at +91 80500023237

Past life memories are like the autobiography of your eternal soul, personal stories that explain who you are now and why you’re here on earth.

There are many myths and misconecptions surrounding PLR, and people have formed their opinions based on the many TV programs and how it is depicted in the movies.

So what exactly is PLR, or why should anybody go for one.

What issues can be resolved through PLR? What is involved in a PLR session?

We understand that when we make a choice, it has a consequence. But do you know that the consequences can be over live times. Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy helps you understand and resolve patterns, behaviors, habits or beliefs that may have originated sometime earlier in this life or even before this life

PLR works very well in uncovering the Why’s of your phobias, fears, anxiety, belief patterns, habits, physical illness and emotions. It can help you understand why certain relations are strained or not a per how you would want them to be. Why do you have some habits which you find it very difficult to break.

Once you understand the reasons and become aware of the Why’s, it becomes easier to handle them and heal them.

Once we decide to go for a PLR session, the next question that bothers us  is “Will this work for me?”  Remember, PLR session is like reading a book or watching a movie. It is upto you how much you allow yourself to get into the flow or involved with the characters. A few tips to remember while going in for a PLR session,

The more relaxed and open you are, the most effective the session will be. PLR sessions have helped people resolve some of their biggest issues.

Read how a young boy was helped in resolved in a heart ailment through PLR

Akashic Records is another modality that gives you a peep into your previous life times and identify your patterns and beliefs. Read what is Akashic records and how is it different from PLR 

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