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What is reiki energy healing and how does it work?

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Aug 26

What is Reiki energy healing?

Reiki is a Japanese word which means Universal (Rei) Energy (Ki). There are multiple versions of stories about how the practice of reiki healing evolved. It is believed that everything in the environment exists due to Universal Energy and it is this energy that births and empowers us.

Have you seen an age old, nearly collapsed, unattended facade which needs to be repaired and restored. What do you do, first remove the debris, strengthen the base, fortify the damaged walls and then plaster it.  Right, we don’t straight away start plastering the walls.

So, what is reiki energy healing? It works on our body on a physical, mental and emotional level to restore it. Reiki healing is a divine, intention based, balanced and ultimate relaxing practice wherein the Reiki channel (Reiki practitioner) directs the flow of energy to the recipient. It can be administered hands on or via distance healing, the effectiveness remains the same.

Since it is the same energy that builds us, it has the intelligence to reach the root cause of the issue and restore the balanced state. The Reiki master does not control the volume and flow of the energy, since the energy follows and manifests divine intention. Reiki can be channeled to the respective ailing body parts or can be used to treat the energy vortices (chakras) within the body. Since every individual is unique, the flavor and Reiki healing experience can vary from person to person.

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How Reiki Healing Works?

Reiki healing works beyond the paradigms of time and space and works on all the layers that constitute us – mind, body and soul. Once the energy is channeled, it will cross the barrier of time and space and will address the root of the issue – which can be from the current or previous life times.

On its course, it will heal each and every aspect that needs to be resolved and released, peeling out the layers of emotional and mental scars that have accumulated so far.

As every individual and manifestation of disease is different, the course and nature of treatment of any illness will vary. In general, the Reiki channel (Reiki practitioner) may start with balancing the 7 chakras. The channel may even directly target the affected part(s).

Irrespective of the method of treatment, Reiki with its own divine intelligence will take its own divine course to bring relief to the recipient. Since Reiki is very soothing and relaxing, recipients may experience altered state of relaxation and may sleep during the course.

Reiki on its course will help the recipient by balancing the emotions. It will scrub the soul of all the emotional debris it has accumulated from ages. As the soul releases emotional debris, the mind will experience a change in belief pattern. It is very important for the recipient to have faith. It will always honour the intention of the recipient, if the recipient doubts the course, it is considered as a barrier that Reiki respects and will not flow through.

Hence, it is important for the channel to understand if the recipient has any mental barriers and help clearing the barriers so that the recipient accepts the flow of reiki with utmost love and gratitude. As the energy flows, the recipient will witness tremendous downpour of spiritual guidance which further accelerates healing.

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Thanks to ground breaking explorations in the field of Quantum Physics, now even science has proved that our belief pattern plays a significant role in structuring our physical realities. Thus, if one’s mind and soul are balanced, the resonance will be echoed as the physically fit body.

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