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Reiki Sessions: Everything you need to know to get started

Healclinic Team
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Aug 26

When do people go to a Reiki Session?

How many times in the last few months do you recall going to a doctor for a physical ailment, taking medicines, and  nothing seems to be working? Every doctor’s appointment becomes  a cause of turmoil and let down. 

Reiki sessions are often sought when we  are disheartened by every other line of treatment. We may not have  heard or experienced  Reiki session before, but the more we learn about it the more we realise its benefit 

What is a Reiki Session?

In a typical Reiki healing session, the healer channels energy to you by  touch or transfers Reiki energy remotely. We are all energy beings , and energy flows through us and around us. During sickness and ailments or when we are feeling angry or unhappiness, this energy gets blocked, stagnant or low. A reiki healer  channelised  healing and  and restores the energy balance by using the universal life force i.e reiki energy

How does a Reiki healing session work?

Reiki unblocks the energy flow in the body which helps in curing stress, pain and diseases.

During a Reiki session, the healer  places his/ her hands on a person in different positions to transfer energy from the universe  to the person receiving Reiki. When Reiki is given, the person feels a unique sensation which leaves a pleasant feeling. The patient tends to feel very relaxed and a sense of weight being lifted away from the body.

Things to understand before a Reiki session:

  • It is not a massage
  • In case of a hands on session, the healer generally places his/ her hands concentrating on different parts of the body at a time. In a remote session the healer transfers healing energy through distant healing by opening reiki channels through attuned symbols
  • Dress comfortably
  • It is a therapy with primary focus on relaxation first. Start with the clothing. Wear comfortable and suitably fitted clothes.
  • Establish a comfort level with the healer  before your Reiki session.
  • Let the healer  know any inhibitions you have while taking the treatment, so your queries can be answered then and there.
  • Have an Open Mind during a Reiki session.
  • It isn’t a physical treatment where you can see the tools or given any medicines, so take the treatment with an open mind to let your body accept the good vibrations.

What can you experience in a Reiki session?

“I feel very refreshed”, “I feel very relaxed”, “The pain is just gone”, “I feel very emotional”, “Your hands got very hot/ cold”, are the often the things people experience after the treatment.

The Reiki treatment is subjective and unique to every person. Some feel a pulsating wave of energy going through the body, while others simply fall asleep during the session. Sometimes you may find that the reiki receiver is very tired after the treatment, but this is considered signs of healing.

Is a distant Reiki healing session an option?

Yes. Reiki therapists can do distant healing , as reiki works on the principle that universal energy connects us all. You can receive a reiki session while sitting in the comforts of your office or your home. It is as effective as taking the treatment personally. In fact, distant reiki healing is a boon for people who have limited mobility and cannot go physically to take the treatment.

How to find a good practitioner for your Reiki session?

There are three levels in Reiki namely- First degree, Second degree, Third degree and Reiki GrandMaster.

First degree Reiki is when you learn hands on reiki to self-heal. Second degree is when a person has gained the knowledge of channelizing the energy to heal others and send healing remotely. Third degree or the Reiki masters are the teachers, who are not just capable of healing others but also teaching Reiki to people.

It is recommended to attend a Reiki session of a Reiki master or second degree Reiki healer. Since Reiki is a connection with universal energy, the healer  who gives positive vibes and feels right is generally a good sign. A good way would be to have a one on one Reiki healing session with the healer  before seeking the treatment to share thoughts and issues and connect with the healer

At healclinic we have Reiki Grandmasters who do remote healing and have experience in treating different challenges. We also offer Reiki workshops if you wish to become a reiki healer. 

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