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Reiki energy therapy and simplicity of life

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Aug 26

Simplify your life with Reiki energy therapy and take control of your life back.

Life is simple. Haven’t we heard this statement quite often and from many people? Can life be simple when we have deadlines to meet, goals to achieve, people to compete with, stay healthy, look pretty and do all this within 24 hours? Phew, that is tough.

Amidst all the chaos, we lose sight of our health to a set of ugly emotions called criticism, anger, anxiety, stress, frustration and irritation. Can life be ever simple? “It can never be.”  That was my conclusion a few years back.

Over a period of time working with Reiki therapy and other similar healing modalities, I have come to a deeper understanding of what life is or, what life can be.

Life is being in the now. Most importantly, life is all about being happy and loving yourself. Life, for me, is giving myself the breathing space to pursue what I like, do what I love and spend quality time with people I love. With this definition, it did feel life is simple.

Being a Reiki therapy channel, I have always believed in the inner wisdom or gut feeling that each of us have. This inner wisdom has given me the strength, responsibility and, most of all, the freedom to choose. Sometimes, we tend to choose what might be best for others or what is socially acceptable. In all this, we tend to brush aside the little voice in us which is the true identity of what our soul desires.

Reiki founder Dr Mikao Usui has taught very simple but truly governing principles for humankind.  When we learn Level 1 of Reiki energy therapy, it’s very easy for a Reiki channel to brush aside these five principles..However, the minute a Reiki channel starts to see the value of these principles, they are on a divine path of enlightenment and, more so, on a path of eternal happiness. 

However, the minute a Reiki channel starts to see the value of these principles, they are on a divine path of enlightenment and, more so, on a path of eternal happiness. These principles form the core of a happy life. These principles are profound, can be used by everyone. These five principles can form a true essence of one’s life.

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While Reiki taught me how to heal myself and others, these five principles have taught me how to lead a simple and happy life. I have also come to realise that the minute we have a quiet mind, we have easily launched ourselves into a life of easy manifestations and vibrancy. A clear mind works very effective in perceiving situations better. Hence, we have better relationships. A clear mind can vibrate and attract all that we aspire. The list is endless.

So what’s stopping us from venturing into the world of Reiki energy therapy? It’s the mind again. How would this world be if we parked our egos and our analytical minds aside and simply embraced all of this ancient wisdom?  

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