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Utilize Animal Reiki to heal your beloved pets

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Healing for your beloved Pets- Animal Reiki Healing

Is your pet unwell?
Having an infection or dealing with allergies?
Has a troubled stomach and has been refusing to eat?

Well for all above issues and more with your pet, Animal Reiki is the answer. Now you can treat your beloved pets from home, without troubling them with endless vet visits and medicines. Animal Reiki healing is an intriguing subject for many and here we make it easier to understand the doubts and questions around the subject.

What is Animal Reiki?

Animal Reiki healing is very similar to the concept of Reiki. Reiki is the healing methodology where a healer uses universal energy, “Qi” to energise the body which increases body capacity of healing. Reiki healing can be given by touch method or from a distance. Touch method is where the person is physically present with the healer, Distant Reiki is where the healer and patient are at different locations.

In Animal Reiki, a similar approach is used. Healer uses universal energy to energise the body, concentrating on the problem areas to induce healing. Wondering how well Reiki and animals go together? Well, Animals are better recipients of this type of healing as their instincts are stronger.

What is the process of Animal Reiki?

Whether you are looking for Reiki for dogs, or Reiki for cats, or Reiki for horses, the process remains the same. The healer will scan the animal using reiki energy, to identify the problem/ disease. This is also known as medical intuitive scans. In a case of Distant Reiki, the healer might want a picture of the animal to establish a connection. Once all this is set up, the healer will channelize the energy to the animal and energise the whole body while concentrating on the problematic areas.

Does it work?

Animal Reiki healing is a very effective method. Humans have a tendency to seek a logical explanation for how, when and what whereas the animals are very accepting of the healing energies given to them. You will often find the animal being very compassionate towards the healer.

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What does my pet experience during an animal reiki session?

The immediate effects as mentioned by several pet owners is that they find there is a feeling of calm and peace in the animals after a reiki session. Soon into the session, the animal usually finds a relaxing spot where it lies or goes into a reiki nap during or just after the session.

In what ways can pet reiki help?

  • Reduces stress – relaxes nervous pets / animals
  • Helps emotional issues – creates a place of peace and safety
  • For trauma – rescues – lost & missing pets
  • Especially good for fearful, scared, hard to transport animals
  • Illness/ injuries, allergies/ infections, dietary issues
  • Faster recovery from a surgery
  • Behavioural issues

How many animal reiki healing sessions will my pet require?

You might begin to see good effects of healing straight away but the total number of sessions required can be determined by the healer accessing the condition of the animal.

Some Examples of animal healing done by our healers

Reiki is done for all living beings and does not discriminate.Dr.Ghosal says..

  1. I do a lot of reiki healing for dogs and there was this one time when I noticed the stray dog in my locality was limping and crying out of pain. I reached out to it to provide healing by touch, but the dog was vulnerable and made whimpering sounds. I chose to give it to Distance Reiki instead.

While doing so, I could sense a sensation of pricking and a throbbing pain that was caused by it. I had a veterinarian take a look at the dog, and as it had been, there was a thorn in the dog’s paw that was giving a problem.

This is an example to showcase that Reiki can be used for animals/ people who are vulnerable or in pain or hesitant to see a doctor. Reiki can be an effective First Aid Kit.

  1. There was this dog, a Labrador (Bruno), who was very playful and naughty. Always very active and chirpy, never dull. To Bruno’s owner's surprise, Bruno became absolutely dull and limped after taking a fall. Although there wasn’t an injury, Bruno refused to revert to his usual playful self. The biggest challenge every pet owner faces is the inaccessibility of vet clinics and house calls. Since I gave Bruno regular healing, the owner approached me.

I did not feel that there was any fracture, during the healing session but I did feel there was an emotional fear. Upon an x-ray, it was known there was no fracture of any kind but Bruno had gone into shock, due to the cultivation of fear. With regular healings for 3 days, Bruno returned to his happy self like nothing had happened.

How long is the treatment for pet reiki?

A typical session would range anywhere from 20-45 minutes.

Can I continue to administer the medications prescribed by the Vet?

Yes, animal reiki healing can be taken along with the ongoing treatment. Although reiki is a very strong medium of healing, and can provide wellness to the animal. Please consult with the reiki healer for details.

How does Distant Reiki work for animals?

Distant Reiki is especially beneficial for pet owners or animals who find it difficult to visit the healer. A mutual time can be agreed where the healer can give reiki.

How will the reiki healer know who is to receive healing?

Every living being transmits a different energy. Reiki healers  establish a connection with this unique energy transition. Sometimes the healer gives reiki with intent or a photograph or medium to represent the animal (can be the pet owner).

Animal Reiki is gaining a lot of popularity worldwide as it is non-invasive, gentle and has no side effects whatsoever. It doesn’t cause any stress, trauma, discomfort or any pain and yet gives powerful results. Also, reiki works for all types of pets. Even cats and reiki go together very well. Reiki helps in providing energy to the body to heal itself. And when physical healing is not possible, reiki can bring peace and comfort.

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