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Vasavi B

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Uttarahalli, Bangalore, India
16 Years of Experience
17+ Years Experience
English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu
I prefer talking to people, understand where they come from and treat them accordingly. I believe in trusting the soul of people.
About Healer Vasavi B
She is a Past Life Regression Therapist and believes in working with people based on their energy
Therapies Offered
  • Past Life Regression
Issues Focused
Counseling, Depression, Soul Healer
  • Past Life Regression Therapist from Sri Sri Ramchandran Guruji
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We have problem in the family, we were not knowing how to go about it. Then we met this person, was surprised PLR will help in the family issues. She is great healer, happy that we consulted resolved things.

Consulted for :N/A

Got relief from knee pain right after the session. Though some of the pain remains, i am managing it through rest and exercises. Received good inputs to enhance my physical and mental health thru Chakra meditation and changes to diet for my Pitta dosha. Continuing my Yoga Nidra and overall healing related processes, and hope to experience the improvement in my health.

Dwarakanath K
Consulted for :Knee and Back pain
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