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Recently we played a Snakes and Ladder Game based on Redikall Healing. Topic was 'Karmic Healing of Ancestors" It was a group session where we had a snakes and ladders board game divided into 7 parts where each part represented 1 chakra from root to crown. The aim of the game is to start at the root chakra and go up to the crown chakra and finally to redikall consciousness.

With every roll of the dice, the pawn is moved step by step, and at every stop the participants are given R5 statements as they are things to be resolved, every snake represents the brilliance in that situation and every snake the blockages.

After the session, one of the participant Apurba wrote this beautiful poem which captures the essence of the session amazingly well.

"Soul's journey through Redikall Game 🌸

The intent is so important 

What we intent is what we get

Today played an amazing Redikall game 

Redikall version of snake n ladder 

Played a game of Life for ancestral karma healing 

The board was divided into 7 major chakras n colours🌸

Eshanye and Deepti and many Redikall healing practitioners joined in

This group session was amazing

We learn to R5 many of our hurdles 

We learnt the importance of affirmations

We learnt not to give up n keep on moving forward 🌸

Everytime we climbed a ladder, the group cheered

And everytime we stepped on the snake, there was a sigh

But someone was always there to pull us up, it's okay.

 Let's learn the lesson intended here

And continue with the journey ahead 🌸

The game was true to its name, we repeated many cycles of going up n down

Somewhere the universe was telling us, we still need to heal something or someone 

Unburden some baggage that we were carrying of ours or our ancestors.  

And as we learnt to R5 with more determination

And we were more keen to learn the brilliance 

The path up to Redikall Consciousness became so easy.

When we say life is easy. Life is effortless . Life is lot of fun.

This game truly showed us that when we surrendered with all our hearts n minds 

Then the rise to the top was evident .🌸

We have to trust the universe ,universe has our back

We just have to flow with the flow of life🤗

We finally recited n affirmed , I creatively find my way to the solution and the destination .

We have to recite 1 n a half moons nearly 42 days with dedication.

This game showed us what amazing things are possible when we have collective consciousness of all in one place together 🌸

We were taught about soul's journey n what universe wants us to hear here .

The life plan is pre destined by the soul

When we are aligned with our higher consciousness 

The magic starts happening .🌸

By the end of the game it was so comforting to know 

That all goes smoothly ,when we go with the flow .

Happy to know that in this auspicious time period

We played our important part in healing ourselves n our ancestors

Thank you Redikall mentors for today's life lessons  🌸😊🌈

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If you are interested in solving an issue that you are going through through this Redikal Game, connect with us,

When I look back at my life, I have always felt that it has been good, in retrospective nothing felt like a struggle. But recently courtesy my outbursts, I realized that there are certain incidents and behaviours of people which are bothering me.

When I did a session with the theta healer, it came out that during my difficult times in the last 10 years my family had not stepped up in terms of physical and emotional support that I had needed, and at a subconscious level I carried that hurt. That hurt had resulted in a fear of abandonment which was influencing my life and the decisions that I was taking today. Before taking any decision, I ensured that the consequences were something that could be managed by me alone and soon the responsibility of doing everything on my own, started stressing me leading to anxiety and frustration. I felt as if I was carrying the load of the entire world on my shoulders. I forgot how to laugh, how to have fun and most importantly how to be spontaneous in my actions.

She made me go through those years to understand what had really happened and how I could change my story so that I could write my future story from a place of strength instead of hurt and need. This process helped me put certain things in perspective, like

This helped me understand myself better and rewrite my story in a way I want to and not from a place of victimhood. Today I feel lighter as I am not carrying round that hurt or its burden and believe me I am calmer and happier. My personal and professional decisions have better outcomes as they are more matured since they are not taken from a place of fear.

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This is just one part of my life in which Anushree has helped me, over the last few months through sessions of theta healing she has helped me uncover many disempowering beliefs which were running my life and empowered me with moving forward abundantly.

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She empowered herself through theta healing, and bettered all aspects of her life, what are you struggling with? Call us at 8050003237 We offer online plans, so you save time on travel.

Are you single?

This question can be hard hitting for a person who actually isn’t single by choice.

Basis the available statistics, more than 70 percent of people who are single today aren’t single because they have chosen bigger missions to be achieved and stayed away from marriage or a relationship as it could have been a limiting affair for them. If probed, the answer to the above of most of the singles would be that they couldn’t find the right person. There is another category of singles. These singles got into relationships initially however walked out and later concluded that relationships weren’t meant for them and hence eventually chose to be single for the rest of their life. Well, out of the population of over 7 billion people how is it possible that they couldn’t find one person who was good enough for them or vice versa.

WHAT is the truth behind such choices?

Every person has a free will and the right to choose for himself. Any choice that a person makes in his life is driven by the circumstances he has faced. We can leave out those people here who have made a conscious decision to remain single. Lets talk about people who have chosen to be single because they couldn’t find the right one or felt that relationships weren’t meant for them. Also, we would like to throw light here on those couples who remain married because of society pressure, financial decency or for their children despite the fact that their relationship is no less than a big compromise. On the surface, if we analyse, these stressed relationships or singledom can be personal choices but energetically when we unlayer them, there are deeper reasons to such choices like childhood trauma, beliefs about relationships, past life connections, energetic blocks around chakras, parental issues etc.

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What has been observed is that most of the beliefs a person carries around relationships are either pertaining to childhood or past lives. Beliefs from childhood get developed between the age of 3-5 specially when a child observes his parents closely and forms an opinion about the relationships. If a child has seen his parents fighting always, he would form an opinion that relationships are quarrelsome and hence would either end up in a similar relationship or would always avoid getting into one. He may find manifesting relationships difficult. He may get attracted to someone but would not be able to survive in the relationship for long as the reality that he holds about relationships would come to surface. Beliefs from past lives are more solidified & engrained and carried over many lifetimes. These beliefs & opinions form blocks around the heart, sacral, throat or the root chakra. We all are aware that our memory is like a storehouse of beliefs based on which our whole life operates. Whatever lives we have lived so far and whatever opinions or conclusions we have formed in those lives are carried over to the current life which impacts various aspects of our lives today like financial, health, relationships, spirituality etc. A lot of people have gone through traumatic relationships in past lives, with their parents or children or spouses. The essence of those relationships are stored in their energy body or mind or in cases of physical abuse in their physical body too. Such people find it difficult to be in close relationships, do not feel a connection with anyone and despite having people around, always complain of being lonely.

The opinions or beliefs that we carry from our current life or our previous lives is like a reality for us. This reality that gets created in our minds because of our experience and observation forms the basis of our lives.

How can one heal the relationship wounds from past lives or childhood and make choices basis here and now?

It is possible to identify these energetic blocks that a person beholds through channeling wherein the channeler extracts information about the blocks and past life traumas that are locking the potential in his current life. Once these blocks are identified, with the help of different healing modalities, the therapist works with the person to change this reality that is governing his life to the reality he consciously wants to create. So basically when a person is seeking a life partner however is not able to find the right one for himself, the first step is to identify the energetic blocks which could be in the form of memories, beliefs, past life contracts or curses. Then with the help of therapies remove these blocks and if required an alternate reality chosen by the person is planted in his conscious mind.

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Is it all too good to be true?

I really believe that if a person wishes to be in a relationship or be married, it’s absolutely possible. If despite all efforts this need is not fulfilled, then there is a deeper truth which lies in the subconscious beliefs of the person that determine his patterns. Once these subconscious beliefs are identified and changed, the person can gain a whole new perspective and with this new perspective his physical life starts to show changes gradually.

Healclinic offers tarot, angel, soul and channel readings. So if you are looking for a general reading or a customised reading in India or anywhere around the globe, we can help you. Unblock your blocks and live a full life, Contact us at +91 8050003237

How effective is reiki for depression and anxiety? Let’s understand through a patient journey.

Reiki has been around for decades but the general perception is that it is only useful for relieving pains and aches. Whereas in reality, it works at an energy level. It works on the philosophy that most illnesses occur based on emotional disturbances that our body has experienced either recently or in the past. Reiki practitioners work on the energy patterns and healing from the root cause. Reiki can help heal any illness at a physical, mental or emotional level.  Healing for depression is definitely a very good alternate option.

And this is what a young girl in her early thirties experienced when she turned to reiki for the depression of her mother. Sreelatha (name changed to protect privacy), as she recounted her story “My mother suffered a lot, she had been suffering from depression since my childhood days but we never knew about the same. We belong to a small town near Dehradun and there was no way we could have taken her to see a psychiatrist without her being labeled “mad woman”. I vividly remember even as a child that my mother was never like the other moms and always remained withdrawn. I hardly had conversations with her and she always complained of lethargy and tiredness. 

“Soon I graduated, got married and moved to Bangalore, but there was always this guilt that I carried with me of not taking care of my mother’s health. I started reading and researching about the symptoms which my mother had and still continued. And that is when I realized that she was suffering from depression her entire life.

Now knowing my mother, I knew that she would never go to a conventional psychologist, and bringing her to Bangalore for a long period of time was not an option. The only thing I was sure of in those days was that I had to get my mother healthy.

“I recalled having read somewhere that  reiki healing for depression can be given remotely. I came across Healclinic and they connected me to a reiki healer on their platform"

“The reiki healer convinced my mother to take reiki sessions for depression through distance healing

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During her sessions for reiki healing for depression, The Reiki healer connected the source of the depression to an incident that had occurred when my mother was in my grandmother’s womb. My mom’s sister, when she was 5 years old, had fallen from the roof and died. Because of which my grandmother went into depression. Grandma’s depression passed on to my mother who was in her womb at that time. Over time since it was not addressed, depression became part of my mother’s life without anyone really knowing the reason.’

This can be traced to a concept called Emotional Genealogy. It is the emotional traits that were handed down and the connection that we have to our ancestors. It can go back to our parents, grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents…going back two, three, four, five and sometimes more generations. It can include any emotional trait within our family lineage like happiness, pain, grit, kindness, cruelty, avoidance, violence, tenderness, fear, depression, etc. And this is precisely what had happened with Sreelatha’s mother.  She used  Karuna Reiki technique to heal my mother.

Karuna is a Sanskrit word and is used in Hinduism as well as Buddhism. It is translated to mean any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others and could also be translated as compassionate action. Karuna Reiki for depression is considered as an advanced form of Reiki. Healing energies and tools used during karuna reiki sessions can be used to heal a wide set of challenges that are quite complex in nature.  In Karuna reiki, instead of the energy transfer from the body and arms of the Reiki practitioner, it surrounds the whole body when transferring to the recipient.

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Post the sessions, as per Sreelatha, “The healing sessions with meditation lasted for 31 days and today my mother is a changed woman. The depression has disappeared and she now leads a normal happy life, something which we had never imagined. This has reinforced my belief in energy healing as it helped solve my mother’s fifty year long suffering. A big thank you Healclinic”

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Healclinic offers online Reiki healing for different challenges being faced by clients. 

Yoga is normally associated with exercise and well-being and meditation. But yoga therapy can go far beyond and heal or manage many women with their pregnancy related challenges, if undertaken by an expert.

Client Story 1: mental & emotional trauma during IVF treatment

Here is a story where Yoga therapy helped as a supporting therapy in the case of IVF (In vitro fertilization) – process of fertilization by manually combining an egg and sperm in a laboratory dish, and then transferring the embryo to the uterus.

Anitha (name changed for privacy) successfully underwent the combination treatment and was delighted in sharing her story of her experience

Anitha was 28 when she first started planning for a family. She and her husband tried in vain for almost 4 years but she could not conceive. She consulted several specialist doctors and was finally advised IVF as a last resort. The doctors recommended that it may not be possible for her to conceive naturally. She was 32 already and her biological clock was ticking.

Anitha’s best friend Seema recommended to her that she consult with yoga practitioner. Anitha was suggested that yoga therapy could be helpful for her in her condition. Reluctantly she contacted healclinic and thus started her journey of counseling and Yoga. In Anitha’s words, “The yoga therapist counseled me and her yoga therapy helped me overcome the mental trauma that I had been through and come to terms with the fact that I would be unable to conceive naturally.”

The yoga sessions helped her to be better prepared and face the side effects of the IVF treatment while undergoing the treatment. She underwent the yoga as well as IVF treatment for about 2 years and today is nine months pregnant expecting her baby soon.

Anitha has become a huge fan of yoga for helping her to become mentally, emotionally and physically fit, to endure the IVF and carry her pregnancy successfully.

Client Story 2: Conceive after a miscarriage

Sunitha (name changed for privacy) is a 33 years old woman living in Bangalore. She started her journey towards planning a family way back in 2010.

She and her husband were very happy when they discovered that she was pregnant. But just 6 weeks into her pregnancy found that she had an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy in which the fetus develops outside the womb, typically in a fallopian tube). She had to terminate her pregnancy and also had to remove the right fallopian tube during the surgery.

Post this surgery, Sunitha was under heavy medications and couldn’t conceive for the next 4 years. A colleague referred Sunitha to healclinic and said they could help her through Yoga therapy.

 Our therapist had a detailed discussion and diagnosis of Sunitha’s medical situation, along with her physical and emotional state. She went through her medical records in details to understand the entire medical history and then designed a yoga program specific for Sunitha to follow.

She was taught a specific Yoga program for the next 15 days and asked Sunitha to continue practicing the therapy at home for the next six months. Sunitha followed her advice till she conceived naturally once again.

Sunitha’s tips for other women is that you have to believe in this therapy and diligently practice what has been suggested. There is no reason that you will not benefit from yoga.

Over 60% of thyroid patients in India are women and this tribe is increasing. Most of the patients are happy in maintaining the thyroid condition by popping a small pill everyday morning. But Rashmi (name changed) wanted to get out of this routine and wanted to stay medicine free.

She was diagnosed with thyroid around 2010, around the time she was coming closer to 40.  She had Hypothyroidism where her TSH levels were in the range of 8 to 10. She was prescribed 75mg of thyroxine which she continued taking for nearly 4 years. It was pretty depressing but she took it in her stride.

In April 2014, she got introduced to a magnet therapist. Post studying her blood reports and understanding her lifestyle and other health conditions, he claimed with confidence that he would heal her thyroid.

Being here the first experience with alternate therapy, she had multiple questions. He explained to her how magnets work on our body to heal us of different ailments.

Illness or pain occurs in our body when there is an imbalance in the flow of energy through our body, and especially the affected part of the body. By putting tiny magnets on designated points on our palms (each point is mapped to specific body parts) magnetic energy rectifies the imbalance and re-establishes health.

Based on her energy flows, which were scanned by the practitioner, he prepared a chart which had magnets plotted on different parts of my palms and fingers. He taught her on how to put the magnets. Then started the journey of taping magnets to her fingers and palms every night before going to sleep and remove them in the morning.

Every month she checked herTSH levels. The treatment started showing results within a month and she could stop taking thyroxine. For the past two years, she has had not a single tablet. Her TSH levels have been in the correct range ever since.

After a year somewhere in 2015, she was moved to what is called as maintenance magnets mode which means fewer magnets were to be applied to ensure that the effect is long term. Since the end of  2015, she has got off the magnets completely.

To ensure that things are still on track she gets her TSH levels checked every 3 months but everything is still on track.

She has become a big proponent  of alternate therapy to all who are suffering from chronic illnesses. The seemingly harmless tablets that we take daily can have severe side effects over a longer period of time.

Looking to solve your thyroid issue, contact us at 8050003237

Kidney damage is normally irreversible, but alternate therapy can help in reducing the damage.

Dalbeer Singh, a businessman, had a history of hereditary diabetes and hypertension. He had fallen into the routine of taking the prescribed drugs recommended by his physician. He wasn’t obese or didn’t suffer from any other ailments, but did suffer from  stress which has become a part of urban lives.

A few months ago, in the middle of the night he woke up with severe sweating, and was completely drenched with sweat and his body was cold. He felt faint and had no energy to sit let alone walk. Dalbeer was rushed to the emergency of the nearest hospital, where he was hospitalised for a week. Doctors diagnosed that there was no major concern with his heart but his creatinine levels were fairly high. Healthy creatinine levels indicate good functioning of kidneys. Dalbeer’s kidneys were 75% damaged. Though the human body is capable of healing itself, regeneration of cells in the kidney is not possible. Hence medically it was possible only to restrict the damage but not reverse it.

A strict no protein diet was recommended with no sugar. Mr. Singh was now taking about 10-12 medicines a day and still was very frail. Friends and family came in to see him and wish him well. One of the friends while conversing happened to mention of a neighbour who benefited immensely from acupressure for a similar problem.

Since the conventional medicine has not given much hope other than being on medicines lifelong, he gave acupressure a shot as there was nothing to lose.  He met an acupressure therapist and gave him all the details of his case history. The physician studied the case in detail and designed a 3 month treatment plan which would work on getting his creatinine levels back to the normal range and other ailments would also stabilize.

Mr. Singh saw Acupressure therapist thrice a week for the first month, twice a week in the second month and once a week in the third month. Doctor gave Mr. Singh acupressure treatments on the palm of his hand and sometimes on the foot. He also recommended some lifestyle changes that included taking several natural diuretics which were easily available at home. For example, he was asked to use corn- hair for making an herbal tea, Epsom salt instead of the regular salt, a garlic clove first thing in the morning. All these changes were easy, as they are everyday things easily available in the house.

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Within a few first sessions, Mr. Singh showed signs of improvement. He gained strength and slowly his spirit to wellness also started to thrive. His regular medical check-ups signified changes that were almost miraculous. His creatinine levels came well within range and his treatment ended on a happy note. His sugar levels are in control and his hypertension dosage also has reduced. Lifestyle changes are a part of his life now, but it is less to complain when the benefits are so big.

Mr. Singh supports acupressure for his new life, a much better one, much healthier one. And he recommends acupressure to everyone now.

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Looking for acupressure or any other alternate therapy contact us at 8050003237

One person dies every 33 seconds owing to a heart attack in India. “India is currently witnessing nearly two million heart attacks a year and majority of the victims are youngsters – source Times of India.”

Heart issues are serious business and with the mind-boggling statistics of heart disorders in India, alarm bells are ringing. Modern medicine starts the treatment with prolonged medication or sometimes surgery. Traditional or alternative treatment involves treating the body holistically which can control the disease first and then heal it.

A young boy Hemant (name changed) was diagnosed with an extra mass around his heart. He is a student and comes from a very low economic background. Doctors suggested surgery. Hemant and his parents were shocked and couldn’t decide where they should go for critical surgery or not as they were not ready to bear the cost.

A relative recommended them to healclinic, who recommended a Past Life Regression therapist and energy healer. After understanding the case, PLR healer recommended 3 sessions of PLR, within the next 15 days.

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1st Session- Involved taking Hemant to his past life, to understand the cause of what caused this illness. Here Vasavi learnt that in his past life he had suffered from a trauma in his heart.

2nd Session- Hemant was made aware of his trauma and counseled to acknowledge and accept it. Post which his heart was energised through healing.

3rd session – Hemant was given positive energies and affirmations.

Post the two weeks of healing Hemant started showing signs of recovery. Tests carried out a couple of months later showed the mass size reducing near his heart. Post this Vasavi suggested them to choose whether they want to go ahead with another PLR session or take surgery. With doctor’s consent Hemant underwent his surgery. After surgery his recovery was faster than his fellow patients.

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Post-surgery Hemant went back to Vasavi, and she gave him meditation and yoga nidra therapy so that his body recovers faster. With one month of meditation and yoga nidra practise Hemant recovered completely and is now leading a normal energetic life.

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PLR has helped millions of clients worldwide, healclinic has a panel of PLR practitioners who can help resolve different issues.

If you are interested in PLR healing, contact us +91 80500023237 The sessions can be done face to face to online.

There are multiple problems that can be treated successfully with reiki and infertility is one of them. Let’s see how reiki and fertility treatments work.

Once while travelling in a train, our reiki healer had two other ladies to give her company. The ladies soon got chatting and were exchanging their life stories. It is a human tendency to share your ups and downs and personal stories with strangers rather than with known people.

Soon the conversation moved to family and kids. And realising that the first lady (Reena) even after 12 years of marriage did not have a kid, the second lady started cross-questioning her. She bombarded her with questions like, “kitne saal hue shaadi ko, abhi tak bachcha nahi hua, ilaj kyun nahi karaye…..” (how long have you been married? How come you didn’t have kids? Why haven’t you shown to a doctor?”) After a prolonged questioning session which left Reena squirming and embarrassed, the second lady went to sleep.

In the healers words,

Being a reiki grandmaster, I knew about reiki fertility success and that it could help her. So, I told her to contact a reiki practitioner to get reiki healing. She had two concerns, first that she did not know any reiki healer, and secondly her family may not support her in this. Understanding her situation, I offered to help. Reiki for fertility and pregnancy is as effective when done remotely as face to face.

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However, one principle of reiki healing is that it cannot be done free. So I suggested that I will do reiki healing for her, and as an energy exchange, she should help poor and needy children. She happily agreed as she did not have to go anywhere especially nor did she have to inform anyone in her family.

After the journey, I started healing her regularly, remotely. I checked her chakras and found that the reason for her not conceiving was that her hormonal levels were imbalanced and they needed healing. So I started giving regular healing for almost one month specifically to her hormonal system and reproductory system. A couple of months after healing, she called me and told that she has conceived and is in her third month of pregnancy.

There are so many cases where medical science which cannot give any desired result, there Reiki and the Divine succeeds.”

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Healclinic has reiki masters based in different locations. So if you are looking for reiki for fertility near you or anywhere around the globe, we can help you. Be it healing relationship issues with reiki or reiki for pets, or if you looking for distance reiki healing, Contact us

Suneeta has her own training and development consultancy which she has been running very successfully for the last couple of years. Recently she was offered a new project which she was not very sure in executing. She refused the project but still the client company was very keen to have her run that program for them.

They gave her a month to think about it. It was a very confusing time for her as she liked the project but her issue was the person from the client organisation with whom she would have to work with, as the two of them did not get along with each other at least she believed so.

She took advise from a couple of people and got mixed responses which confused her further. The deadline to respond was coming closer and she was still not any closer to reaching a decision.

Then she came across an article on “Akashic Record” as a modality on LinkedIn which stated how an Akashic reading can help in identifying your patterns which rule your life and move you towards your life purpose. She decided to check her records and see if it can help her overall in life. She contacted healclinic.in and an online akashic record session was arranged.

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The session lasted for nearly 2 hours. In that session lot of topics came up regarding her life. The readings also showed images connecting to the project which were women-related and how her energy was required there as it led to her life purpose. Based on the outcome of the reading, she decided to go ahead with the project.

The project was executed successfully and at the end of the project Suneeta realised that there was a very special reason for her to take up the project. As she met her spiritual guide during this program and who in the last one year has had a profound effect on her.

Typically, we all think that energy healing, tarot card readings, akashic readings, angelic healings all –

But there is always a higher purpose to what we do which we realise after the situation is over or sometimes don’t even realise what the purpose was till much later.

This is exactly what happened with Suneeta, who at the end of the project realised why she did the project. The reading had given her a good indication as to what she should do, but most importantly she had decided to act on it.

Please note that the practitioner doing the reading is only a medium, as Dr Chaitanya says, “I don’t make the decisions for you, the reading indicates certain things which the client interprets and decides. Finally, the client has to make the decision and take responsibility for their actions.”

She put in the effort to get direction and take action, what are you struggling with? Call us at 8050003237 We offer online treatment plans, so you save time on travel.

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