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Reiki Grandmaster Dr. Disha Goal’s perspective on Reiki energy healing

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Aug 26

In this article we get a close perspective on Reiki by certified reiki grandmaster Dr Disha.

Healclinic: How did you get into Reiki? When did you start?

Dr.Disha : I was initiated into Reiki at the age of 8 years old.  Initially when I started learning about Reiki, it was purely out of curiosity, no one spoke about Reiki then. Initially I would practice Reiki for self-healing and self-awareness. It will be 28 years this December when I first started doing Reiki.

Healclinic: How did you get into Healing?

Dr.Disha: Though I was practising Reiki for self-healing purposes, the feeling of providing healing to others was always there. In-fact it was a driving force for me to start as a reiki master practitioner.The satisfaction of trust that a person places in you for healing them is a powerful means of guidance.

Healclinic: As a certified Reiki master teacher how do you initiate Reiki Healing?

Dr.Disha: I connect with the person through their energy. Every living being has a unique energy; I harness on this unique energy to be able to help them. The person need not be in front of me, Reiki done by distance is equally effective and I have had profound results.

Healclinic: How does it work?

Dr.Disha: Reiki is a holistic approach towards dealing with the problems a person has. I get a feeling of warmth, whilst sending Reiki. As a certified reiki healer, first I focus on analyzing their chakras and then on cleaning the channels for receiving energy. People fall ill when their chakras are out of balance or blocked. Reiki unblocks the energy channels and fills the body with positive energy.

Speaking practically for connecting with the logical minds – two people speak over a mobile phone irrespective of the make of phone, network, without any physical presence. This would have sounded bizarre a few decades ago but in today’s age it isn’t. Reiki works the same way. We are all connected to universal energy, we only need to be aware of it. Each living body is a miracle in its own self. I, as a certified Reiki practitioner can guide you through it, but it's your own belief and trust that will make it work.

Healclinic: Can you give us some examples?

Dr.Disha: Yes, there are so many but some have touched my heart and I will share those with you. Reiki is done for all living beings be it animals or humans and does not discriminate.

  1. I do a lot of Animal HealingThere is a Labrador dog called Bruno in my neighborhood, whom I give regular healing, always very active and chirpy, never dull. To Bruno’s owner surprise, Bruno became absolute dull and limped after taking a fall. Although there wasn’t an injury, Bruno refused to revert to his usual playful self. The biggest challenge every pet owner faces, is the inaccessibility of vet clinics and house calls.

When the owner approached me, I did not feel that there was any fracture, during the healing session,  instead felt there was an emotional fear. Upon an x-ray, it was known there was no fracture of any kind but Bruno had gone into shock, due to fear. With regular healings for 3 days, Bruno returned to his happy self as if nothing had happened.

2. I was once approached by parents whose baby was born insulin deficient. through reiki healing I was able to balance out the sugar levels in her. She later became a reiki channel herself and learnt to balance her sugar levels herself.

Reiki is useful in all types of illnesses. Some of the other cases that I have handled as a reiki master healer  are managing depression without medications, channeling the energy of ADHD and other special kids towards a better creative outlet, to reduce medication under supervision of a doctor for an ongoing cancer patient by 70%.

Reiki is also used to manage and impart life skills to students to help them with exam anxiety, lost concentration and focus, etc.

Healclinic: You insist on “Living Beings”, is there a difference how each living being accepts healing?

Dr.Disha: Yes. Animals and children are great receptors to healing. Their minds are not cluttered with thoughts and processes. The complexity of life, which we have created for ourselves, does not exist in their world. They absorb everything coming their way. Everyone is born with Reiki, as it’s our connection with universal energy.

With growing years, our chakras become imbalanced with negative energies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). Weaker parts of the body become the trigger points for portrayal of these negative energies as diseases or ailments. For example: In Cancer, the damage reaches the cellular level in the body and starts to spread rapidly. Threshold of every person is different and hence how an imbalance affects each individual is different. Reiki is given with the intention of higher good and hence an immense positive effect.

Healclinic: Being a Reiki master what is your message to the world?

Dr.Disha: I would personally ask people to be more receptive to the idea of energy healing . Although awareness is growing in society/ people than before, which is very positive but not enough. Every living body is capable of healing on its own, which is a sign that our body is our own doctor. In chronic illness, there is an absence of self-healing. This is a sign that symptoms that our body repeatedly gives us should not be ignored. There is a lot of good in the world, our problems are our own manifestations. So let go of the past, or of thoughts that bring you discomfort. Manifest on the good, let go of the bad.

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