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Dr Disha Ghosal

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Whitefield, Bangalore, India
30 Years of Experience
33+ Years Experience
English, Hindi
I am an intuitive holistic healer who started off my journey 28 years ago. Apart from being a Reiki Grandmaster, I am a professional Tarot Reader (distant), teach advanced meditation techniques (Yognidra) for kids and adults, chakra activation, cleaning and energizing , crystal healing, I am also a Ho’ponopono Master-to cleanse past life karma, and a dream analyst.
About Healer Dr Disha Ghosal
She came to understand through her experience that, to achieve excellence one must work with the ‘not so obvious’ . She is all about spreading smiles and guiding people to achieve their dreams in whichever small way she can either through Counseling / Motivating/ Esoteric Healing or Coaching by Inspiring people to take ownership of their lives.
Therapies Offered
  • Animal Communicator
  • Counselling
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Meditation
  • Reiki
  • Tarot Card
Issues Focused
ADHD or ADD Kids, Alzheimers, Anger Management, Animal Healing, Anxiety, Arthritis, Cancer, Counseling, Depression, Marital Issues, PCOD And PCOS, Pre And Post Surgery, Side Effects of Chemotherapy, Sinus, Trauma Care, Soul Journey
  • Doctrate in Alternative Medicine from Indian Board of Alternative medicine
  • Specialization in Reiki/ Advanced Meditation techniques/Tarot/ Crystal Healing/ Chakra
  • Activation and energizing/ Pendulum Dowsing and Spiritual Counseling
  • Reiki Level 3, Master level : Maneet Gill
  • Tarot Training Course from Maneet Gill
  • Experience Certificate by Lakshmi Narayan Nursing Home for : Reiki, Meditation, Counseling
  • Experience in NIMS Hospital ( Hyderabad )
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My 10th grade boards recently got over. A couple of weeks back, i was busy stressing about my exams, not able to concentrate, not able to eat anything. My mom recommended I take Reiki. Once we started distant healing, I realised that I had stopped shouting at my family, I had stopped taking out my exam stress and crankiness on them. I had begun to feel lighter and definitely happier. I managed to stay up every night and wake up early without being as sleep deprived as I usually would be. My appetite, which had noticeably decreased, returned to its previous level.

Of course, the healing did not change the fact that I had to study and work hard to do well in my exams but it made the process much easier for me. I am really grateful to Healclinic and Disha who aided me during this period of turmoil.

Consulted for :Exam Stress an Anxiety

HealClinic understood my requirement and suggested Reiki as a means to address my issue. I didn't have much knowledge of Reiki though was aware that it could provide positive support even remotely. We started the program for 3-4 month period. Expectation was set that for any positive change, a 15-20 days would be required. We did see visible change after that timeframe, though don't know how. Reiki did provide positive impact to gain focus for studies for my child and Dr. Ghosal was ever responsive to our messages and queries and worked to a plan. That really helped and enabled my son to do better than expected in his board exams as well get into the college and course that he and us wanted to. Thus, I recommend Healclinic and  Dr. Disha Ghosal for any child centric healing as well as suggestions by Healclinic on any issues and their understanding of same and remedial measure suggested and addressed by Ms. Deepti

Consulted for :Exams and College admission

Thank You Disha mam, for being with me and understanding my problems. i thank you soooo much for being with me

Divyani Brahamne
Consulted for :Reiki healing
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