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Let Reiki Shield your house with love and light

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Do you travel frequently? Have you shifted to a new house recently? Do you doubt the synchronicity of events happening in your life and attribute them to your new house? Do you wish to understand why you can’t sleep well in your own house? Do you want to see fewer fights and reduced anger in your home sweet home? More importantly, do you simply like your house to be cleansed by the divine universal light?

If yes, then Reiki has a solution to all of these issues.
Reiki is the most creative tool you can possess. It’s versatile and you can use it in all spheres of life. For instance, it can be effectively used in shielding your house, protecting its inhabitants,and blessing a ceremony that is set to take place a little later.

In my career with Reiki stretching into nearly two decades, I have dealt with many cases where a house needs to be cleansed and blessed. There have been cases a certain degree of dampness remains in the house — notwithstanding the best of civil engineering that has gone into the building’s construction. There have been instances where the inhabitants of the house never feel refreshed even after a good night’s sleep.In some extreme cases, some houses had cancer patients residing in them.

Your little, cuddly home that you so lovingly built may not remain one if some forces — without your knowledge and without any outward signs that you can easily comprehend — are at play. Even your daily routines could be infinitely thrown out gear for no apparent fault that you can detect.

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These instances are better understood by a concept called ‘Geopathic stress’. This is based on the widely-accepted premise that the Earth is a living entity and is governed by electromagnetic lines. Call them‘Earth Grid’ for an easy understanding.

In some areas of the property you are staying on,the electromagnetic lines may have been distorted or disruptive.The natural frequency of the Earth may have been disturbed by high levels of pollution of all kinds, winding railway tracks, electricity, water lines and mineral deposits, among many other reasons. This is the primary reason why inhabitants of a certain house or a certain area sense or feel strange events and occurrences happing around them, throwing them into a period of turmoil. This is called Geopathic Stress.

Is there a solution to this? Or do we accept the reality as it’s and try to live it down because no other proximate solution has ever been able to resolve the issue in any tangible fashion? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’, and there is, indeed, a lasting solution.

The effects of Geopathic Stress lines can be eased or completely removed by the power of Reiki and its symbols. Some of the Reiki tools that could be used to remove the stress and negative lines are Pyramids, Reiki box and Reiki prisms.Reiki pyramid or prism technique can be used to visualise the well-being of the house and its inhabitants. This can be done by visualising the sketch of the house inside a large pyramid and showering it with light. Alongside, draw powerful symbols on all sides of the house so that the your sweet and humble dwelling has a powerful shield around it.

Also, it’s effective to have a rough sketch of the house and work around, using it to bless and shower divine light on it. The Reiki Master symbol works wonders in such situations. In some cases, we seek the assistance of Archangels to bless and protect the family. Reiki programming can be used to ensure Reiki is sent to the house round the clock. Programming as a method is abundantly helpful for healee and healer as it gives both the benefit of sending and receiving Reiki at odd hours and for long duration. A variety of other alternative methods can be used to resolve issues like this.

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While you approach a Reiki practitioner for this, make sure you have a powerful intent to resolve these issues and feel safe. Nothing is more powerful than your thoughts and intent.

Article courtesy to Kalashree Anand.

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