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How tarot reading works? My personal Experience

Healclinic Team
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Jul 20

We get many questions about tarot reading, from working professionals, housewives, student and parents

Questions can vary between,  how does tarot card reading work, will it tell my future, will it give me specific dates on when I will get married or when I will get that job, will it help convince my boyfriend/girlfriend to commit to marriage, will it help me get over this troubled period.

To start with, tarot reading is not magic or a genie which will help solve your problems nor is tarot reading a crystal ball which will predict your future.

Tarot reader uses the messages on the cards and their own intuitive guidance to tap into your subconscious energy and give possible scenarios and direction as to what can happen, what are some of the steps that you can take and what are some of the possible outcomes.

Finally you have to take action and decide what to do in that area of your life. You can decide to pursue the direction given by the cards or at times you can go totally against it and decide that you want to do something totally different.

In our experience, clients are happy with the tarot card reading if they come with
– specific questions since the more specific the questions are, the closer to home the answers will be.
– with the belief that they are coming for a direction and not an absolute
– willing to take action post the reading

Below is the first hand account of a young girl, on her first experience with tarot reading.

“Yesterday, I had my first experience with tarot reading. To be honest, if I ever thought about tarot cards, I always imagined a movie scene where the parrot squawks and picks up a random card that tells you your future. And I was one of the people who laughed at that scene.

But yesterday, as I sat down to watch my mother get a session done, I was intrigued.

The reader didn’t know my mother well, yet she gave answers that were seemingly perfect for my mom. I asked her how she picked out the cards because it seemed pretty random to me. She answered with a simple, “intuition“.

After my mom was done, she asked me if I had something that I wanted clarification on. I thought about the question that I was really stressed about- My future.

I am in my first year of college, so the thought of finalising a career bothered me the most. I asked her to give me direction on what to do in the next few years. She tapped her deck, shuffled the tarot cards and pulled out five cards.

She placed the tarot  cards to form a Cross and looked at them for a while. Quite suddenly she said, “Arts and Media“.

I have been exploring journalism as an option, and was somewhere relieved that the tarot cards said the same thing.

Next, she said, “You’re moving out of the house soon and you are going to have loads of fun”. Whew, that was a relief as I was a bit apprehensive about moving out of the house.

This statement was also quite true as I was going to shift to my college hostel soon. Then, she said, “You have to play around with what you want to do, especially with your creativity. Express yourself in the form of art- whether it is painting, writing or poetry”. This sounded a bit vague to me, but she also said that you will soon realise what I am talking about. So I am going to wait to figure out this bit.

I looked at the tarot cards, and found them beautiful and really aesthetically pleasing. It was a surreal experience. I loved the tarot reading I got even if it didn’t help me get definitive answers, but somehow I felt happy and more confident about my future. I felt like I am on the right path and things have a way of working out.

And it definitely helped change my perspective on tarot reading. So, I may be tempted to go for a full reading when I am stuck at something.”

Well this was her experience, we offer online tarot and astrological readings. 

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