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Tarot reading made exams easy

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Aug 25

What is Tarot card reading meaning, can it be done online? Most of us visualise a Tarot card reader as someone with flowing coloured robes sitting with a fortune crystal. This clichéd image blinds us in not going deeper into understanding what tarot reading really is and in what way it can help us.

Simply put, Tarot cards are pictorial representations of energies and events that have and/or are about to happen to us. They also convey to us our joys, sorrows, new beginnings, future endeavours, heartaches and much more through pictures in a deck of cards.

The earliest use of Tarot cards can be traced to Italy where they were used like a regular deck of playing cards. But it wasn’t till the end of the 18th century that Tarot card was utilized as a therapy.

Most often we turn to Tarot when we are going through some major transition in our lives, be it in our career or in our personal life. But not many people are aware of the extensive assistance that an online tarot reading can provide to overburdened students. In recent times, students are under tremendous stress, they need a guide, not only with regards to their future education but also regarding how to give their best in their studies and on how to tackle the ‘Big Scary Exam Monster’.

As per our Tarot Reader, when students come to her for tarot card reading online session or offline one, they are already under tremendous amounts of stress. The first stage is to make them feel comfortable. Their strengths and weaknesses are assessed as they are asked to draw cards. The main intention behind this is to nurture their strengths and help them tackle their weaknesses without them losing confidence. Many of the students complain of difficulty in concentrating, low energy levels, wanting to give up and sometimes even depression. All these symptoms are first tackled by modifying the diet, low energy and difficulty concentrating can be attributed to lack of protein in the diet and one of the causes of depression could be lack of Vitamin D. In all of these cases, diet modifications are recommended.

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Many students say they get low marks in spite of them slogging out and studying through the night. When asked to pick cards, they usually pick the Sun as the dominating card which suggests that they would be able to concentrate more when the Sun’s up meaning daytime. Suggestion is made that the student has to study during the daytime for results.  Another example is when a student enters the exam hall with great energy; reads the paper happily and starts writing confidently but sees a dip in concentration and energy in the latter part of the exam and comes out with a feeling of guilt. This when analyzed can be due to loss of energy and can be easily rectified by eating a piece of chocolate for the sudden burst of energy.

Some students draw cards where it shows that they could be benefited by others helping them, in such cases combined studies are recommended. In some cases, readings show that money will have to be spent for more benefit, in such cases buying some study material or taking up tutions are suggested.

Exams can be a whirlwind of unpredictable emotions. These emotions can be tackled and guided in the right path through Tarot Card Readings.

In conclusion, we can say that in each and every moment in our life, we are armed with choices- choices that design and redefine our life. It is ultimately for us to decide how and in what way we handle the choices and pressures. Using the rich Imagery of Tarot, we find a counselor in Tarot which voices our concerns and helps us make those difficult choices easier, by opening up our sleeping conscience.

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Feel like relationships with your spouse/sibling/parents/children are not going well or life at office is tough with your boss or colleagues. Need guidance on next steps or which belief pattern to break, consult our tarot readers.  

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