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Reiki for exams: Stay stress-free during preparation time

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Aug 25

In the month of February a harried mother contacted us, it was regarding her  daughter who was to give her 10th exams in the next few weeks. In her words, “She has lost the interest to study, keeps getting distracted which leads to anger and frustration from both ends.”

We recommended Reiki healing (typically for exams we recommend a 3 month plan, two months before exams and a month of during exams). Reiki energy helps to align and enhance our mental health, as well as physical and emotional. Thus, reiki for exams helps the students during the stressed out exam period with a positive attitude, enhanced concentration, and an ability to sit for a longer time to study. Every student has a different style of studying, and reiki energy helps accentuate and align the student to their specific style.

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Post session with Reiki master, the daughter recounted how the past two months went by for her,

“My 10th grade boards recently got over. A couple of weeks back, i was busy stressing about my exams, not able to concentrate, not able to eat anything. That was when my mom suggested reiki healing for exams. I had no idea what it was and was unwilling to try something so new. Soon, I caught onto the idea and asked my mom to move forward with the healing. After all, with whatever research I did, there was no harm in reiki healing (if taken from a certified reiki practitioner). At first, I didn’t feel any change and thought it wasn’t helping me at all. But gradually I started realising that I had stopped shouting at my family, I had stopped taking out my exam stress and crankiness on them. I had begun to feel lighter and definitely happier. I managed to stay up every night and wake up early without being as sleep deprived as I usually would be.

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My appetite, which had noticeably decreased, returned to its previous level. These are the changes I felt I had benefited from. My family added on some points, saying that I had a rosy glow to my skin which had dulled in the past few weeks. Of course, the healing didn’t change the fact that I had to study and work hard to do well in my exams but it made the process much easier for me. I’m really glad that I decided to opt for Reiki healing as it really aided me during this period of turmoil. This experience of energy based healing has also opened me up to different types of therapies that I hope to try in the future. ”

Have an important event coming up and need help to relax or ensure that you get the desired results, get a customised reiki healing plan. 

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