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Wellness through Chakras

7:00 pm
9:00 pm
10 May, 2023
10 May, 2023
1100 INR
Healer Eshanye K P
About Wellness through Chakras Event

Chakras refer to energy centers in our body that co relate specific nerve bundles and internal organs. The 7 major chakras run from the base of our spine to the top of our head. If any of these energy centers get blocked, we may experience physical or emotional symptoms.

Each of these main chakras has a corresponding number, name, color, sound, emotions, organs, expressions and health.

In this workshop, you will learn,

  • Introduction to Chakras
  • What are the main 7 chakras and their functionalities?
  • Chakras and connected major organs and their secretions. (how chakras affect the physical body)
  • What happens when the chakras are blocked? How do they affect our day to day life?
  • How our life is spirally evolving with the cycles of chakras. With examples
  • Unblocking the 7 chakras through words and affirmations
  • Chakra meditation, to help unblock the chakras
  • Q and A

Workshop facilitated by Eshanye


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