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Theta Healing Basic DNA

9:30 am
4:30 pm
42000 INR
550 USD
Healer Ruchira Puri
About Theta Healing Basic DNA Event

ThetaHealing® techniques are rooted in the belief that thought is all-powerful. Thoughts are driven by belief systems which are formed at different stages in your life. So all of your life experiences, places you live in, people you interact with, go into forming systems of beliefs.

Belies are also influenced by ancestral memory and past lives, which are passed on through cell memory and collective consciousness.

This Theta Healing course teaches you Theta Healing benefits, gives you tools and techniques to access the subconscious mind, to know the reasons that are driving patterns in your life and to change belief systems and thought patterns that do not serve you.

In this 3 day ThetaHealing® Basic DNA course, you will learn,


 Introduction: Vianna Stibal’s (founder of ThetaHealing) journey and her discovery of the Theta Healing method

Awakening of Intuitive Capabilities: Awaken intuitive abilities using seven keys: Power of Words and Thoughts, Brain Waves, Psychic senses and Chakras, Free Will, Power of Observation, Making a command

Road map to all that is: The process of connecting your mind to the Universal Source

Remote Viewing: Connecting with the Universal Source using Theta Brain waves, using Body Scans and Remote Viewing

How to conduct Healings: Understanding the Principles of Healing and how to conduct both Individual and Group healings

Belief Work: Understanding the significance of beliefs, where they stem from, how they affect one’s outlook and choices in life and how to change negative beliefs to positive ones


Belief Work: Finding the source of a belief by peeling layers of thoughts; and learning how to change it into a constructive belief

Learning how to create new Feelings: Learn, experience and define feelings that you haven’t experienced, e.g. Unconditional Love, feeling Supported, True Joy

Combating Fear and the 3 R’s: Understanding how fear negatively affects progress, and exploring how Resentment, Rejection and Regret create negativity, acting as a barrier between you and your healing

Understanding the Planes of Existence: Planes are a measure to a person’s consciousness. E.g. Minerals belong to the 1st plane of existence; Vitamins and Plants to the 2nd plane; Animals and Humans to the 3rd plane and so on

Power of Manifestation: A type of Meditation that allows you to create your own reality by manifesting anything you want in life

Guardian Angels: Learning how to connect and speak to them


Psychic Hooks: Remove psychic hooks from your energy spaces

Affairs of the Soul: Understanding what a soulmate is and learning to manifest soulmates in your life

Sickness and Disease: Understanding the relationship between your beliefs and the sickness they attract

Future Reading

Radiation Exercise: When your cellphone is on, it emits potentially harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs). Side effects caused by these EMFs can range from disrupted sleep patterns to changes in your DNA. Learn how to protect yourself from this danger by clearing excessive radiation accumulated in your aura

WHat our past participants have to say about this workshop,

"A fantastic course for anyone who wants to learn to connect to the Creator and heal themselves and others. Ruchira is an amazing teacher to learn from. Her classes are filled with beauty, grace and so much learning. This course will change your life forever with so much positivity and life. Definitely a must for everyone."

" I’m very grateful to you for your tutelage and guidance with the three day ThetaHealing Basic Course! You have been an awesome teacher and inspiration in my new Theta journey! Thank you for hand holding me through all the wonderful techniques and for your meticulous training. It’s a rebirth for me. I feel relaxed, relieved and free! Looking forward to the advanced course soon by Divine Grace!"

After successful completion of this workshop you are offered a ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Practitioner Certification.

This workshop is facilitated by Ruchira

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