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Money Speaks – Embrace the Manifestation & Abundance in You

25 May, 2024
15 June, 2024
5100 INR
75 USD
Healer Eshanye KP
About Money Speaks – Embrace the Manifestation & Abundance in You Event

Money Speaks – 21 days Embracing the Manifestation and Abundance in You Program

 You can make excuses or make money. Not both

So if you are looking at doing away with the excuses and focusing on manifesting abundance, this 21 days Money Speaks online program is for you

Awaken the Abundant Self in yourself with:

  • Goal Setting and Abundance Vision
  • Meditations on Money Energy twice a day
  • Daily Affirmations on Manifestation and Abundance
  • Daily Guidance from money energy for fine tuning everyday thoughts and emotions to align with the End Goal
  • Activities to un-entangle the blocks with our relationships which are the reasons for our money issues
  • Activities to remove the blocks energetically from your space to receive money easily and effortlessly
  • Workbook to mark your progress
  • A group of people who can help each other to raise our frequencies to achieve what we want.
  • A meditation to continue the journey - gift from this program

Zoom meet up on 3 Saturdays for 2 hrs with the team full of activities and learnings 

This program is for all who want to get over their blocks and resistance and move towards manifesting abundance be it financial, relationships, health or professional.

Remember Money is the biggest and final teacher and this workshop will be facilitated by the energy of Money.

All the participants can also avail 1 discounted session of Family Constellation, Inner Child Healing, PLR, Ancestral healing, Tarot Reading with Eshanye

Workshop is facilitated by Eshanye

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