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Money Realignment

5:30 pm
10:30 pm
15000 INR
200 USD
Healer Kavita Freedom
About Money Realignment Event

Money Realignment: Change your relationship with money

A powerful workshop to understand your relationship with money, the energy of money and realigning your energy with money.

Do you know money is one of the means of learning our life's biggest lesson?

Every time you face an issue with your finances, remember that deep in that situation are your unhealed emotions, your deep wisdom and the most brilliant awareness that you cant even imagine.

Did you know the amount of money you make is in proportion to the amount of love you give yourself? How much do you love yourself?

Did you know the sexual relationship between a couple decided the amount of money they make?

Are you someone who goes for things that are only free?
Do you enjoy discounts, sales and take pride in bargaining?
Do you buy things only if it's cheap?
Do you buy clothes only from 50% sale?
Do you try to get free information to not pay for consultation?
Do you take people's time and energy for granted as though you have a right over it?

If you do all of these or any one of these you are telling the universe i don't have enough so i have to behave like this. And that's what the universe gives you back -more scarcity and lack.

Change this and abundance will flow into your life as the universe is unlimited and you can have it with the right mind set and attitude.

What will you learn:
💰Learn to receive money easily.
💰How to love yourself to create abundance
💰How to create money with help of affirmations
💰Balancing of Male and female energy to create money
💰What is money karma and how does it affect you currently.
💰 Plugging money leak
💰How to release negative emotions and beliefs towards money and lot more.

Simple yet effective tools to take your money energy to another level so that you start aligning with your money energy and attracting more money.

Workshop is facilitated by Kavita

Live sessions on Zoom:

Date : 08 /09 / 15 / 16 April 2023
( Saturdays and Sundays)
Time : 5:30 pm to 10.30 pm 

Follow up session after 1 month

Whatsapp Support for a month

Our past participants are saying,

"Hi, I am Sorabh Jain aged 55 years. I am very happy to have attended the Money realignment workshop conducted by Kavita Freedom during March-April, 2022. The program is well structured and gives new insights in the way we look at money & abundance. It also makes us understand the logic and science behind the Indian traditions, beliefs, and customs around money. The Laws of Money, money energy realignment were a revelation and I have started following and imbibing these principles. Realization of my money beliefs that I carry and process of changing and overcoming old beliefs is something which will help me overcome my blocks & impediments. During the workshops the way Kavita incisively deduces amongst a diverse group and helps in realignment is amazing. There is possibly anything which goes unanswered by her which is commendable. She makes the workshop enjoyable with her impeccable sense of humor.

Correlation of Mind and matter or Mind and body in terms of our mental state and problems manifesting in the physical body was also a revelation to me which I learnt during the workshop and how to balance yin and yang energy is very helpful and effective. The aspect of meditation for Money Karma was a novel concept for me. I am still a novice at it and am hoping that I will gain immensely from it. Kavita’s patient ways of helping us through the process of meditation is nice, pleasant and easy to follow.

I was excited to attend this workshop and am charged up to continue the process of changing Money Karma by having the correct emotions, correct thinking, correct energy for abundance. I would recommend that people who want to understand the correct way to live life and have abundance should attend this workshop"


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