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Depression Healed Through Reiki

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Aug 26

Reiki has been around for decades but the general perception is that it is useful for relieving pains and aches and boosting energy levels only. Whereas in reality, it works at an energy level. It believes that most of the illnesses that occur are actually based on emotional disturbances that our body has experienced either recently or in the past. HHence,through reiki the practitioner works on the energy patterns thus looking at healing from the root cause. Hence it can help heal any illness at a physical, mental or emotional level.

And this is what a young girl in her early thirties experienced when she turned to reiki to help her mother. Sreelatha (name changed to protect privacy), as she recounted her story “My mother suffered a lot, she had been suffering from depression since my childhood days but we never knew about the same. We belong to a small town near Dehradoon and there was no way we could have taken her to see a psychiatrist without her being labeled “mad woman”. I vividly remember even as a child that my mother was never like the other moms and always remained withdrawn. I hardly had conversations with her and she always complained of lethargy and tiredness. There was never a reason for this and as a child I never questioned much.”

“Soon I graduated, got married and moved to Bangalore, but there was always this guilt that I carried with me of not taking care of my mother’s health. I started reading and researching about the symptoms which my mother had and still continued. And that is when I realized that she was suffering from depression her whole life.

Now knowing my mother, I knew that she would never go to a conventional psychologist, and bringing her to Bangalore for a long period of time was not an option. The only thing I was sure of in those days was that I had to get my mother healthy.”

“I recalled having read somewhere that  reiki can be given remotely. I came across healclinic and they referred me to a reiki healer"

“I had a discussion with the reiki healer and together we convinced my mother to take sessions for  through distance healing.

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Over the course of her sessions, Indira connected the source of the depression to an incident that had occurred when my mother was in my grandmother’s womb. My mom’s sister, when she was 5 years old had fallen from the roof and died. Because of which my grandmother went into depression. And Grandma’s depression had passed on to my mother who was in her womb at the time of the incident. And over a period of time since it was not addressed, the depression became a part of my mother’s life without anyone really knowing the reason.’

This can be traced to a concept called Emotional Genealogy. It is the emotional traits that were handed down and the connection that we have, to our ancestors. It can go back to our parents, grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents…going back two, three, four, five and sometimes more generations. It can include any emotional trait within our family lineage like happiness, pain, grit, kindness, cruelty, avoidance, violence, tenderness, fear, depression, etc. And this is what precisely had happened with Sreelatha’s mother. ‘ 

She used the Karuna Reiki technique to heal my mother.’

Karuna is a Sanskrit word and is used in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is translated to mean any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others and could also be translated as “compassionate action. Karuna Reiki is considered as an advanced form of Reiki used by only Reiki Masters. Healing energies and tools used during karuna reiki sessions can be used to heal wider set of difficulties that are quite complex in nature.  In Karuna reiki, instead of the energy transfer from the body and arms of the Reiki practitioner, it surrounds the whole body when transferring to the recipient.

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Post the sessions, as per Sreelatha, “The healing sessions with meditation lasted for 31 days and today my mother is a changed woman. The depression has disappeared and she now leads a normal happy life, something which we had never imagined. This has reinforced my belief in alternative therapy as it helped solve my mother’s fifty year long suffering. A big thank you to  Indira and Reiki”

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