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Yes you read it right. Like human beings, space, relationships animals also can be healed. Our pets who fill our lives with so much love, affection and fun also pick up energy from their owners and their family members and the environment where they live. They pick up on their stress, negative energies, psychic attacks on their owners and even their diseases. Because of this they can fall sick or sometimes even misbehave.

Energy Healing helps in clearing all these unwanted energies that do not belong to the pet. This helps improve their health and longevity. It helps in improving their energy levels and behaviour.

This is done through distance healing where healing is given twice a day to the animal. Before healing begins an in-depth reading is done for the animal to understand the issue by talking to the animal or to the animals higher self. On the basis of this communication healing is done to get the desired results.

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Wellness Story 1: This healing was done for a dog in Mumbai through intuitive distance healing. The dog had a fractured right hind leg, spurs in the spine, liver issues, kidney issues and partial paralyses due to a spine injury caused by an accident. When the dog's case came to the healer, he was 12 years old and absolutely bed ridden. Over the course of the healing, the muscles were strengthened and nerves were healed. She also worked on the fractured leg and it healed in 4 weeks. Thus the dog was able to sit upright and also walk with support and lived another 2.5 years before moving on due to old age.

Wellness Story 2: There was a case of a 3.5 year old cat, who fell off the balcony of a 7th floor flat in Pune. His fall was broken by a tree branch and he was injured severely on his spine and there was severe nerve damage and very slow pain response from both the hind legs. Since the spine was not broken and there was pain response, he was not put to sleep. The per owner came to us for healing. The vet had said it would be very difficult for the cat to ever walk again and if it ever happened, it would be a miracle and would take atleast 8-10 months of recovery. However, with healing, the cat was up and about in 4.5 months and was running around and jumping on table tops in 8 months time. Today he is a healthy cat and even the vet is surprised at the recovery he has shown. The cat is living a normal life and shows no signs of injury or trauma from the accident.

Five days a week (and in some cases, six), nine hours of sitting in a chair and staring at the computer is as discomforting as it sounds. And it can take a serious toll on your physical as well as mental well-being.

Since most of our waking hours are spent at work, a large majority of us end up leading a sedentary lifestyle that brings down your health to an all-time low. Stress, chronic neck and backaches, weight gain and most importantly, depression are few of the common reasons behind work-related ill-health. Do you feel fresh and energized for going to office the next day?

The worst part here though, is that your body over time doesn’t even seem to mind the occasional pains, sudden mood swings and tiredness. Until it burns out, gives up and leaves us wondering why!

Now we all know that getting up for a morning walk is impossible when we sleep past midnight, and equally impossible to fit in an hour of gym when you reach home at dinner time. So what if we could make just simple tweaks to your usual workday instead to stay fit and agile?

Yes, it is possible and here are a few great tips to maintain your health at work:

  1. Breathe deeply

People who are under stress take shorter breaths which sometime turns into desperate gasps. Over time, this becomes a habit and makes you feel stressed even when you’re not stressed. This is why one must make conscious efforts to take deep breaths not only while at work, but also while doing the daily chores.

Breathing deeply helps in getting higher quantity of oxygen reach the lungs and blood stream which in turn helps the brain function more efficiently. Meditation is an effective way to stay focused, incorporate deep breathing in your daily life and reduce stress at work.

Even though you may not have the time to get into meditation mode on a daily basis – sneaking in 10 deep breaths while you’re making your morning coffee or getting dressed will help.

Alternative medicine:

If you are extremely stressed, consider taking aromatherapy. It involves the application or inhalation of aromatic essential oils, extracted from plants to give your body a sense of relief.

Reiki and pranic healing are energy healing techniques which can help you deal with stress and its related symptoms very effectively. Alternatively, you can choose practicing emotional freedom technique that combines psychotherapy and acupressure to tap your stress away.

  1. Drink lots of water

Most of us tend to forget drinking water as often as we should in a day. The reason being, half the time we’re so engrossed in work that it skips our mind completely and when we do find the time, we reach out for a cup of tea or coffee to keep going. And that’s exactly where we go wrong!

Your body ‘needs’ water to function. In fact, you are putting your body at risk by not staying hydrated enough. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water regularly to control weight gain, prevent headaches, keep the kidneys in order and maintain a happy mood.

Alternative medicine:

If you are averse to water, then you can always replace it with some fruits and vegetables which hydrate the body twice as effectively as a glass of water.  They make a refreshing snack option during the hot summer months. Top of the list are Watermelon, Cucumber, Strawberries, Grapes, Orange, Cranberries, Blueberries, Plums, Apples, Pears, Lettuce, Celery, Zucchini, Radish, Tomato, Cabbage and many more. There are expert nutritionists who can help you prepare your diet chart along with recipes depending on your life style and day schedule

3. Take a walk post-lunch

Having your lunch and immediately getting back to work is still unhealthy. This will make you lethargic and decrease your mental activity in the latter half of the day. So the next time you have lunch in office, ensure you take a short stroll before getting back to your seat and going through the daily grind.

These short walks will regulate your blood sugar, burn fat, build muscle and keep your body weight under check.

Alternative medicine:

nutritional therapy can help you plan your diet depending on your daily schedule and ensuring that the food you intake in energizing and invigorating

Please remember that this is your body and you’re responsible for it much longer than your current job’s requirement. While performing at work is becoming increasing important with the rising competition, it is also a fact that an unhealthy body is not going to take you anywhere. Being healthy and happy leads to a productive and efficient employee.

Make convenient and conscious changes that will steer you in the direction of a healthy, balanced and a successful life. Watch out for some more tips in the part 2

The Dreaded “D” Word

Imagine yourself being trapped in a room where the only voice you hear, constantly screams at you saying how hopeless, helpless and unworthy you are. The voice possesses such confidence that it is impossible for you to ignore it. Imagine your entire life without color, just shades of Black and Grey, while this voice is constantly trying to convince you that life isn’t worth living.

Imagine you trying very hard to fight it but it finds more and improved ways to attack you. This is DEPRESSION. Depression is that dark cloud that convinces you how bad things are and no matter how hard you fight it, it defeats you, it wears you down.

Depression – decoded

It is human nature to feel down sometimes. To feel as though nothing’s going your way, a sense of gloom like a dark rainy day surrounds you, the world seems dull, everything makes you sad, but we mostly snap out of it within a day or two and the world seems bright and colorful as it should be.

But imagine feeling this gloom all the time, every single day. Forcing yourself to do things that brought you so much enjoyment earlier. Mundane things like getting out of bed is a humungous effort.

Depression is caused by chemical imbalance in the brain hence difficult to predict the trigger element. One moment you are happy and having fun and the very next minute you feel your whole world crumbling. You desperately are crying for help.

Don’t worry: Depression can be treated

Your loved ones book an appointment with a psychiatrist, but why a psychiatrist??? Am I mad?? Will I be locked away in the mad house like the people we see in the movies??

The doctor is kind and say he just wants to talk, speaks to you about the changes in you. He wants you to relax and communicate with him. He asks you some questions which are easy to answer. It is before several of these sittings with a psychiatrist that you are diagnosed with having Clinical Depression.  A bunch of tests are ordered to test your physiological well being.  The kind doctor recommends antidepressants and counseling.

Amongst the many people you meet, you are most influenced by a woman called Kanta. She was a share broker before depression which ruined her career and her relationships. She always recommends her therapist named Sanjana, who helped her in recovering from depression. Kanta talks about how taking too many antidepressants are dangerous in the long run.


It’s a known fact that long term usage of antidepressants is associated with seizures and other heart rhythm abnormalities. Also, many patients suffer from a phenomenon called the “Prozac Pop Out” wherein initially the patients respond well to treatment but as time passes they see a return of symptoms even though they are on full term medication. Risk of Type 2 diabetes is increased with the use of antidepressant medication.

Natural Ways of beating depression

 Success Stories: 

Lets read about two women who though apparently had everything going for them, were still diagonised with depression  

The depression fighters emerge, who treat and who get treated

Sanjana: the corporate challenger

Sanjana is a practitioner of alternative therapies and has worked on integrative therapies to treat depression.

Sanjana was once diagnosed as being Clinically Depressed. A high-ranking officer in the corporate world, Sanjana’s life was picture perfect. She had it all, intelligence, beauty, doting and encouraging parents. Though she worked as a techie, her main passion in life was writing. She loved to weave magic through her writing. But lately, Sanjana’s pretty smile seem to be strained.

There was darkness beneath her eyes suggesting lack of sleep, the spark in her eyes were missing. Sanjana herself had no clue as to what was wrong with her, she felt lost.

The mood swings had started to take a toll on her work as well as family life. The final straw was when Sanjana felt burdened while indulging in her favorite hobby –writing.  Writing had always brought her so much joy and happiness was now nothing but a burden. This scared her and she decided to seek professional help. 

Sanjana was diagnosed with Depression. This was a jolt out of the blue but since Sanjana was a strong girl she decided to take control of her life. She started the long journey of self-help and healing. The first step was to let go the stress of the corporate world. She quit her job. She discovered the benefits of meditation and Reiki to heal herself.

Sanjana is cured of depression now. Not only has she started writing but has also found a new passion in painting. It helps her calm down and gives her inner peace. She has become an energy healer who now helps others who are in a similar situation as her.

Kanta: the Braveheart

Kanta’s story starts from her childhood. She came from a broken home. Her mother was abandoned by her father when Kanta was a little girl. Kanta was bullied throughout her school and college. This had a very big impact on her psyche. She hated her life and blamed her father for all the troubles that she went through.

Despite all of this happening to her, Kanta was an exceptionally good student; she passed with flying colors and was immediately offered a high-powered job in a reputed Trading Company. Kanta kept climbing the corporate ladder but with it came a great deal of stress and pressure. Slowly signs of depression began to show up in Kanta. Loss of appetite, weight loss, a sense of gloom, extreme fatigue – she started to be withdrawn and unsociable. The situation got so worse that she even attempted suicide but was thankfully saved at the last minute by her fiancé. She was diagnosed with major depression. 

Kanta started to take therapy from Sanjana. Within a couple of sessions, Sanjana could find out that the root cause of her depression was the pent-up anger and grief that she suffered due to her father’s abandonment.

Kanta was taught how to deal with her anger issues through Counselling, Reiki and Yoga. This helped her get the passion back in her life and helped forgive her father so that she can move on with her life.

Depression for Adam or Eve?

Depression strikes both men and women equally hard. Although studies have shown that women are more prone to depression than men.

Women while depressed tend to rehash negative feelings from long ago, this leads to negative self talk, crying for no reason and blaming one self. Whereas men tend to distract themselves when depressed. This helps ease the depression. Men tend to substance abuse such as drinking, gambling, and engaging in reckless behavior prior to the onset of depression whereas women tend to indulge in such behavior after the onset of depression especially when anxiety levels increase.

Women are more likely to get depressed in response to stressful situations; they also tend to respond in such a way that prolongs their feelings of stress more so than men.

Depression is more common than we think, but not untreatable as many of us perceive. Nor are antidepressants the only solution. 

Take our depression test to check the likelihood of you having any of the symptoms or encourage those around you to  take it. Prevention is always better than cure. 

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As part of our #Wellnessstories, a client who was having issues in her married life/family relationship approached us for help. Our counselor understood her challenges and as a person what she would be comfortable for. Below is her journey with us.

Disclaimer: Healing never guarantees that a relationship will work out positively, but yes you will see things moving in some direction.

A 41 year old female was going through a bad patch in her married life, and unable to decide if she wanted to end her marriage or not. Lot of her childhood insecurities and financial fears played a role in her indecisiveness. When she approached healclinic, we did a 2 pronged approach. We started her healing with theta healing sessions which helped her in identifying beliefs around love, partnership, finances and societal pressures. Post which we moved her to a 5 month reiki plan.

In her words,

“I was sceptical as I had never experienced healing before. The 3 theta healing sessions were good as it helped me understand where I was coming from and why I had the fears that I had. However I could not implement the action plan that came out of those sessions. But when we started the reiki healing, things moved really fast for me. I had not realised that theta sessions had opened me up to receiving healing the way I was and since I had already identified areas to work on, it became easier for me.

After 2 months of healing and counselling I found the courage to have a conversation with my partner which I have never had before.  Just having that conversation was such a relief for me and I felt that I had finally started taking ownership of my life. I found the courage to start working on my family relationship the way I wanted to.

As a result of the conversation, my partner for the first time realised where he was going wrong and agreed to most of what I said. Post which we started working together on our married life. I would not say it was magic and everything happened quickly but yes with the healing things started falling in place for me and gave me the courage to take actions which I did not before. It’s been a year since I took the healing, and thanks to the sessions my family life is back on track.”

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Healing can be done for any area of your life. Different forms of healing work differently and help a person for their highest good. At times the change is tangible but most of the times the immediate change is intangible and hence people feel that healing has not helped. But over a period of time, they start seeing the difference, especially if you take action towards what has been guided during the sessions.  If you wish to get healing done, contact us here or give us a call at +91 80500023237

Connect with a healclinic counselor who will guide you to different energy healing therapies and healers.  We are a community of  healers who work to make a difference in your life. 
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