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Recently we played a Snakes and Ladder Game based on Redikall Healing. Topic was 'Karmic Healing of Ancestors" It was a group session where we had a snakes and ladders board game divided into 7 parts where each part represented 1 chakra from root to crown. The aim of the game is to start at the root chakra and go up to the crown chakra and finally to redikall consciousness.

With every roll of the dice, the pawn is moved step by step, and at every stop the participants are given R5 statements as they are things to be resolved, every snake represents the brilliance in that situation and every snake the blockages.

After the session, one of the participant Apurba wrote this beautiful poem which captures the essence of the session amazingly well.

"Soul's journey through Redikall Game 🌸

The intent is so important 

What we intent is what we get

Today played an amazing Redikall game 

Redikall version of snake n ladder 

Played a game of Life for ancestral karma healing 

The board was divided into 7 major chakras n colours🌸

Eshanye and Deepti and many Redikall healing practitioners joined in

This group session was amazing

We learn to R5 many of our hurdles 

We learnt the importance of affirmations

We learnt not to give up n keep on moving forward 🌸

Everytime we climbed a ladder, the group cheered

And everytime we stepped on the snake, there was a sigh

But someone was always there to pull us up, it's okay.

 Let's learn the lesson intended here

And continue with the journey ahead 🌸

The game was true to its name, we repeated many cycles of going up n down

Somewhere the universe was telling us, we still need to heal something or someone 

Unburden some baggage that we were carrying of ours or our ancestors.  

And as we learnt to R5 with more determination

And we were more keen to learn the brilliance 

The path up to Redikall Consciousness became so easy.

When we say life is easy. Life is effortless . Life is lot of fun.

This game truly showed us that when we surrendered with all our hearts n minds 

Then the rise to the top was evident .🌸

We have to trust the universe ,universe has our back

We just have to flow with the flow of life🤗

We finally recited n affirmed , I creatively find my way to the solution and the destination .

We have to recite 1 n a half moons nearly 42 days with dedication.

This game showed us what amazing things are possible when we have collective consciousness of all in one place together 🌸

We were taught about soul's journey n what universe wants us to hear here .

The life plan is pre destined by the soul

When we are aligned with our higher consciousness 

The magic starts happening .🌸

By the end of the game it was so comforting to know 

That all goes smoothly ,when we go with the flow .

Happy to know that in this auspicious time period

We played our important part in healing ourselves n our ancestors

Thank you Redikall mentors for today's life lessons  🌸😊🌈

Watch Introduction to Redikall Healing

If you are interested in solving an issue that you are going through through this Redikal Game, connect with us,

Relationships are beautiful when things are good, but can become painful when your major triggers come to the surface.

The past often shapes how we see the present and future, but if we look at staying in the present and being at peace with the moment you will see that life really isn’t filled with triggers — but baggage. Let go of the baggage, you’ll feel lighter.”

Through this article, I want to share my experience of healing any relationship. I offer this advice as a relationship coach and an energy healer, someone who has personally healed her own relationships.

One of the most common yet least talked about triggers in a relationship is the proper allocation of time. When you ask someone if they took care of something and they say they didn’t have time, this can really trigger you.

Unmet expectations always trigger disappointments or anger in relationships, especially around anniversaries or birthdays.

Yes, relationships can be healed.

To heal any relationship, it is first important to understand the dynamics behind relationship issues. Relationship issues don’t occur because two people are different or they do not agree. People do not need to agree, or be similar, in order to get along great.

Issues occur because one or both people are practicing judgment. It is judgment that causes issues in the relationships. Without judgment, relationships thrive and when you release judgment, relationships heal.

Why is judgment so detrimental to relationships?  

When we feel judged, it invokes a feeling of rejection, so we either close down or we judge in return, in order to protect ourselves. Either of the reactions causes distance and discord. When we are the ones who judge, we push the other person away, regardless of our judgment. It does not matter if you feel you have a right to judge or that you really do know better, judgment is the best way to alienate a friend, lover, partner, parent, co-worker or child. Even if we call our judgment by the name of love and caring, it is still judgment and it will always do the opposite of what we intended.  You cannot love someone and judge them at the same time. Releasing your judgment for another will help to heal the relationship.

Any two people in the world can have a great relationship if they surrender judgment and they embrace each other from a space of pure appreciation.

Being judgemental could be one of the blocks, counselling offers a space to express the needs and fears in a relationship, may it be with oneself or with another.  It helps to effectively resolve communication blocks that arises from unresolved grief, childhood trauma, anger or conflict.

Since all relationships are based on energy, energy healing works hand in hand with counselling, it helps to restore the individual and/or relationship to wholeness by addressing the core underlying issues. It helps do away with the negative thoughts and emotions which the couples have for each other. This helps them foster better relationships,

Relationship Affirmation: I love you more than “who I think you should be,” so I am just going to let you be you, and I am going to love you without needing or wanting you to change in anyway.

Looking for better relations, Contact us 

Are you single?

This question can be hard hitting for a person who actually isn’t single by choice.

Basis the available statistics, more than 70 percent of people who are single today aren’t single because they have chosen bigger missions to be achieved and stayed away from marriage or a relationship as it could have been a limiting affair for them. If probed, the answer to the above of most of the singles would be that they couldn’t find the right person. There is another category of singles. These singles got into relationships initially however walked out and later concluded that relationships weren’t meant for them and hence eventually chose to be single for the rest of their life. Well, out of the population of over 7 billion people how is it possible that they couldn’t find one person who was good enough for them or vice versa.

WHAT is the truth behind such choices?

Every person has a free will and the right to choose for himself. Any choice that a person makes in his life is driven by the circumstances he has faced. We can leave out those people here who have made a conscious decision to remain single. Lets talk about people who have chosen to be single because they couldn’t find the right one or felt that relationships weren’t meant for them. Also, we would like to throw light here on those couples who remain married because of society pressure, financial decency or for their children despite the fact that their relationship is no less than a big compromise. On the surface, if we analyse, these stressed relationships or singledom can be personal choices but energetically when we unlayer them, there are deeper reasons to such choices like childhood trauma, beliefs about relationships, past life connections, energetic blocks around chakras, parental issues etc.

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What has been observed is that most of the beliefs a person carries around relationships are either pertaining to childhood or past lives. Beliefs from childhood get developed between the age of 3-5 specially when a child observes his parents closely and forms an opinion about the relationships. If a child has seen his parents fighting always, he would form an opinion that relationships are quarrelsome and hence would either end up in a similar relationship or would always avoid getting into one. He may find manifesting relationships difficult. He may get attracted to someone but would not be able to survive in the relationship for long as the reality that he holds about relationships would come to surface. Beliefs from past lives are more solidified & engrained and carried over many lifetimes. These beliefs & opinions form blocks around the heart, sacral, throat or the root chakra. We all are aware that our memory is like a storehouse of beliefs based on which our whole life operates. Whatever lives we have lived so far and whatever opinions or conclusions we have formed in those lives are carried over to the current life which impacts various aspects of our lives today like financial, health, relationships, spirituality etc. A lot of people have gone through traumatic relationships in past lives, with their parents or children or spouses. The essence of those relationships are stored in their energy body or mind or in cases of physical abuse in their physical body too. Such people find it difficult to be in close relationships, do not feel a connection with anyone and despite having people around, always complain of being lonely.

The opinions or beliefs that we carry from our current life or our previous lives is like a reality for us. This reality that gets created in our minds because of our experience and observation forms the basis of our lives.

How can one heal the relationship wounds from past lives or childhood and make choices basis here and now?

It is possible to identify these energetic blocks that a person beholds through channeling wherein the channeler extracts information about the blocks and past life traumas that are locking the potential in his current life. Once these blocks are identified, with the help of different healing modalities, the therapist works with the person to change this reality that is governing his life to the reality he consciously wants to create. So basically when a person is seeking a life partner however is not able to find the right one for himself, the first step is to identify the energetic blocks which could be in the form of memories, beliefs, past life contracts or curses. Then with the help of therapies remove these blocks and if required an alternate reality chosen by the person is planted in his conscious mind.

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Is it all too good to be true?

I really believe that if a person wishes to be in a relationship or be married, it’s absolutely possible. If despite all efforts this need is not fulfilled, then there is a deeper truth which lies in the subconscious beliefs of the person that determine his patterns. Once these subconscious beliefs are identified and changed, the person can gain a whole new perspective and with this new perspective his physical life starts to show changes gradually.

Healclinic offers tarot, angel, soul and channel readings. So if you are looking for a general reading or a customised reading in India or anywhere around the globe, we can help you. Unblock your blocks and live a full life, Contact us at +91 8050003237

We at healclinic get many calls asking for help with relationship issues. Sometimes, the person knows that they are facing issues in their relationships, at times they come to us with certain physical symptoms like constant fatigue, low energy, weight gain, no interest in life, feeling unsupported and similar symptoms and when our counselor starts taking to them we realise that the crux of the problem is relationships.

All these issues can be solved by any of the energy healing modalities like Reiki, Past Life, Theta healing, Redikal healing or even integrated healing. Our counselors try and understand the person, and recommend a particular healing modality and healer based on what we think will work best for them.

Below are few cases which we have worked with in the last 6 months.

#1 Redikal healing for Guilt and Fear 

Radhika had approached us for counselling for her marital issues. She and her husband were married for 5 years, have two kids but were not on the best of the terms. Constant fights, arguments, and no understanding between the two. We recommended our expert who did one session with her which was a combination of counselling and radikal healing. The session lasted for 2 ½ hours in which many things were discussed and healed. The main point of contention that came up was that she was in a relationship before marriage and because she had not told her husband about it, she was living in guilt of cheating her husband and a constant fear nagged her that what if her husband found out.

These emotions were identified and healed through radikal healing and she was given related affirmations to state daily.

Result: In a few days she was confident enough to have the discussion with her husband telling him about her past relationship. And how did her husband respond, “we have been married for 5 years, what difference does it make. That was your past.” And just like that things sorted out. They are now communicating better as she does not come from a space of fear and guilt anymore.

#2 Theta healing for Emotional abuse and Childhood patterns 

Sunita came to us, seeking help for this constant feeling of restlessness and fatigue that had seeped into her for the last two years. When our counsellor was talking to her, many other issues cropped up, like her relationship with her husband which was bordering on emotional abuse, her childhood beliefs about how relationships should be and her fear for her childrens future. A combination of all these was sapping her down energetically and she was not functioning to her fullest. We recommended theta healing which worked on her belief systems formed from her past and helped her identify the possibilities in her relationships.  Lot of fears cropped up, which our theta healer helped heal or gave her tools to work on.

Sunita put in a lot of effort in working on what was identified during the sessions.

Result: Its been 6 months since the sessions, and in these 6 months she has been able to communicate very clearly to her husband that what is acceptable to her and what is not, if he does not change his behaviour then she is willing to walk out of the relationship. As a result her husband is working on changing his behaviour and together they are seeing a marriage counsellor.

#3 PLR healing for Negativity and Karmic relations 

Kirti came to us at a time, when she was having issues with her husband of 2 years and her parents were forcing her to divorce him and remarry. She was very adamant that she loves this guy and no matter what would not leave him. She came to us for a tarot session, during which our tarot reader told her that there was too much negativity around her from all around and also that a PLR session would work well for her to release certain karmic relations.

She was open to it, so we recommended our PLR expert, who did two sessions with her.

Result: Post these sessions she realised that the marriage was not working out, and it was time to let go of the relationship. She was only 23 years and had her own life ahead. She also decided to pursue further education and make something of her life professionally before committing to another relationship.

If you are going through any relationship issues or want to have a healthier relation, contact us here or give us a call at +91 80500023237

Self love is one of the best gifts that we can give to ourselves. At healclinic we get many inquiries from people suffering from health issues, emotional problems or relationship messiness. You will be surprised to know that when we deconstruct the issue, most of the times it comes down to the person not loving self, not putting themselves on priority and hence suffering from low self esteem.

We asked readers to tell us what they think about self love, and this is what a 15 year old Sakshi had to say,


‘Loving Yourself’ has been used commonly enough that I feel like it has lost its original meaning. To recount what it means, it is simply the regard that one has for their own well-being and happiness.

It is a phrase that really supports and lifts me up. It helps bring passion and motivation into my daily mundane actions. When you start loving yourself, you start taking life into your stride. You can look past the petty details that used to bring you down and move on faster.

What does it mean to love oneself?

The expression of self-love differs from person to person. Everyone can find their own way of taking care of themselves. Someone may count setting aside some “me-time”, like relaxing with a delightful book, or maybe just watching a movie that’s been pending for too long as a way of showing love to themselves. I know others who spend time with their close ones, be it family or friends. Personally, heading outdoors for a cool evening walk makes me feel plenty loved by myself. So, love yourself no matter what form it takes.

How does loving yourself help?

Loving yourself is a way of giving back to the universe, of being grateful and showing your gratitude. The gratitude is shown because we should all be thankful that we are who we are and not anybody else. It gives you a sense of grounding that no one else can give you. It is a feeling that helps you rely on yourself. So that you can balance your life and everything on your plate exactly the way you wanted. It’s a starting point to believe in yourself and eventually to walk along with the people who love you too.

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How do you love yourself?

I really want to tell myself, as well as others around me, that self-love is a necessity. The importance of this factor plays a role in every other dimension of your life. With today’s hectic schedules and never-ending tasks, time must be kept aside specifically for yourself.

Fun can be the answer to loving yourself just as much as any other activity. Enjoyment is like a gateway to self-love. Loosening up to what your heart wants without too much reasoning seems irrational, but every once in a while, it helps you open up to new opportunities and possibilities.

If you find it difficult to be comfortable within yourself, not able to accept who you are, or not being able to balance your needs and priorities, then all you need is a little self-love.

If this resonates with you, and you feel you need support in self love or increasing your self esteem, connect with us at +918050003237

As part of our #Wellnessstories, a client who was having issues in her married life/family relationship approached us for help. Our counselor understood her challenges and as a person what she would be comfortable for. Below is her journey with us.

Disclaimer: Healing never guarantees that a relationship will work out positively, but yes you will see things moving in some direction.

A 41 year old female was going through a bad patch in her married life, and unable to decide if she wanted to end her marriage or not. Lot of her childhood insecurities and financial fears played a role in her indecisiveness. When she approached healclinic, we did a 2 pronged approach. We started her healing with theta healing sessions which helped her in identifying beliefs around love, partnership, finances and societal pressures. Post which we moved her to a 5 month reiki plan.

In her words,

“I was sceptical as I had never experienced healing before. The 3 theta healing sessions were good as it helped me understand where I was coming from and why I had the fears that I had. However I could not implement the action plan that came out of those sessions. But when we started the reiki healing, things moved really fast for me. I had not realised that theta sessions had opened me up to receiving healing the way I was and since I had already identified areas to work on, it became easier for me.

After 2 months of healing and counselling I found the courage to have a conversation with my partner which I have never had before.  Just having that conversation was such a relief for me and I felt that I had finally started taking ownership of my life. I found the courage to start working on my family relationship the way I wanted to.

As a result of the conversation, my partner for the first time realised where he was going wrong and agreed to most of what I said. Post which we started working together on our married life. I would not say it was magic and everything happened quickly but yes with the healing things started falling in place for me and gave me the courage to take actions which I did not before. It’s been a year since I took the healing, and thanks to the sessions my family life is back on track.”

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Healing can be done for any area of your life. Different forms of healing work differently and help a person for their highest good. At times the change is tangible but most of the times the immediate change is intangible and hence people feel that healing has not helped. But over a period of time, they start seeing the difference, especially if you take action towards what has been guided during the sessions.  If you wish to get healing done, contact us at +91 8050003237

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