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When our ancestors were faced with danger, nature programmed them for 2 possibilities - either the problem was surmountable, which meant energising the body to fight the enemy, or the problem was too big, which meant energizing the body to run. Both options would immediate de-prioritise the digestive process, which is why some people can end up throwing out digested or undigested food or water through vomiting or passing urine or stools during stress. Also, now we have different challenges - we don't need to physically run towards or away from our boss or in laws, but the hormones are still released and can affect our health. Here's how.

Stress stored in our bodies

After the intensity of the fight or flight response, the body 'crashes' in energy and the focus is on getting back to normal. Since as a society we are focused on consistent performance, these phases are shunned and the body is never given time to recover. We then offer the body a new stressor, and over time we get addicted to functioning on that artificial 'high' of the stress hormones.

Persistent stress due to difficulties in health, relationships and jobs will damage the digestive system over a long time and this creates a lot of secondary problems. Here are the signs I've frequently seen among my clients.

Because people have gotten used to functioning only on the energy provided by stress hormones, most people experiencing chronic stress are rarely self-motivated, functioning only when things go too far or a deadline is looming. When the 'danger' of a missed deadline floods their system with stress hormones, they are finally able to function. So they fluctuate between super-charged when the hormones are pumping through the system or 'lazy' and exhausted.

Due to the lack of energy the rest of the times, there can often be this feeling of spacing out from the world, some people may use binge-watching, binge eating or addictive substances as tools for this escape.

Most people will end up either feeling too hungry or not hungry enough as the digestive process is affected. Sleep can change as well, crashing out when exhausted and difficulty sleeping or shallow sleep otherwise. People living in situations where the body doesn't feel safe for whatever reason (abusive relationships for eg) can wake up at every little disturbance.

And one of the most telling signs I observe is the person's sensitivity to sound. When people are greatly affected by noise, this is very frequently a sign of the body being in a state of constant alarm.

Some people can experience these things after a specific incident, like a breakup or the death of a loved one or even the sudden loss of a job. In these cases, some good therapy can help the body get back to a state of ease and wellbeing. In cases where people are stuck in abusive relationships or workplaces, a lot more work is needed.

In either case, if you experience these please pay attention, because it doesn't take long before this becomes physical, causing issues like headaches, chronic fatigue or pain, brain fog, palpitations, IBS, anxiety and the hardest one - auto immune disorders.

5 signs you are living in Fight or Flight Mode

If you have any of the signs above do consider therapy to identify and resolve the conflict

If you're a parent,

please watch out for these signs in your child as well. We don't need early interventions, no. We need parents who are working on themselves. Children model themselves after parents, and if parents are sorted, then they know better how to deal with children. This can change at any moment, but the core lesson is merely this - what do we value?

As a society we spend hours and hours earning money, that is a priority. Everything else is now secondary, that's the core issue. Spending 2% of our time on something that can improve our health, mind and relationships is too much of a burden. When we learn to prioritise the right things, our children follow suit, it really is that simple. Takes a few weeks or a few months, rarely ever more than that. Nature has designed children to biologically mimic parents.

We call them Reiki children, where parents practice Reiki from before conception or from the time the child is born or very young. It changes everything, the kids are very special. Even at this stage it isn't late for you. But the question is only - is it important enough yet?

Article by Ashwita Goel

Yes you read it right. Like human beings, space, relationships animals also can be healed. Our pets who fill our lives with so much love, affection and fun also pick up energy from their owners and their family members and the environment where they live. They pick up on their stress, negative energies, psychic attacks on their owners and even their diseases. Because of this they can fall sick or sometimes even misbehave.

Energy Healing helps in clearing all these unwanted energies that do not belong to the pet. This helps improve their health and longevity. It helps in improving their energy levels and behaviour.

This is done through distance healing where healing is given twice a day to the animal. Before healing begins an in-depth reading is done for the animal to understand the issue by talking to the animal or to the animals higher self. On the basis of this communication healing is done to get the desired results.

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Wellness Story 1: This healing was done for a dog in Mumbai through intuitive distance healing. The dog had a fractured right hind leg, spurs in the spine, liver issues, kidney issues and partial paralyses due to a spine injury caused by an accident. When the dog's case came to the healer, he was 12 years old and absolutely bed ridden. Over the course of the healing, the muscles were strengthened and nerves were healed. She also worked on the fractured leg and it healed in 4 weeks. Thus the dog was able to sit upright and also walk with support and lived another 2.5 years before moving on due to old age.

Wellness Story 2: There was a case of a 3.5 year old cat, who fell off the balcony of a 7th floor flat in Pune. His fall was broken by a tree branch and he was injured severely on his spine and there was severe nerve damage and very slow pain response from both the hind legs. Since the spine was not broken and there was pain response, he was not put to sleep. The per owner came to us for healing. The vet had said it would be very difficult for the cat to ever walk again and if it ever happened, it would be a miracle and would take atleast 8-10 months of recovery. However, with healing, the cat was up and about in 4.5 months and was running around and jumping on table tops in 8 months time. Today he is a healthy cat and even the vet is surprised at the recovery he has shown. The cat is living a normal life and shows no signs of injury or trauma from the accident.

Though Reiki is one of the most popular healing therapies, there are myths surrounding it. Many of us view reiki healing as some sort of non-scientific treatment. Some even go to the extent of seeing this as a magic and expect immediate results; that a reiki healer sends energy from one end and results would occur instantaneously at the other end. But this is not true, Reiki therapy is not only scientific like any other material sciences but also has dual properties of applying itself to healing of ailments of mankind, irrespective of physical, mental, emotional problems.

While studying in school, I’m sure many of us would have heard about Ernest Rutherford in Physics. He gave us the positive charged centric model of Atom by conducting an experiment of bombarding the gold foil by charged particles and found that the centre of the atom has a positive charge(as in Helium nucleus). But he failed to explain how the tiny negatively charged particles revolving around this positive centre remain in place. This was however later supplemented by Bohr, that electrons revolve in definite energy paths called orbits. They need an extra or additional amount of energy, in the form of Photons(packets of energy) if they have to cross from one energy level to another.

Now you may be thinking if this is a physics-Atomic lesson but its not. The fact i am trying to arrive at is- at micro level(micro cosmos or sukshma level) also energy follows a certain principle which is just extrapolated at the macro cosmos level. Whenever energy in any matter/being/organ gets disturbed, it leaves its original path and hence becomes unstable. On supplying the required amount of energy or channelizing the excess stability is again restored. Reiki, helps us in restoring this stability through channelizing the universal energy to flow through the attuned healer to the unstable one. This fact would be sufficient to disprove that Reiki is no form of hocus-pocus, abra ka dabra. Its purely energy science.

The other myth I would like to address is expectation about instant and miraculous results. So whoever is trying for a reiki treatment, if you cannot find results as you expected (within the time period initially reported by your reiki healer), there is no need to feel dejected or doubt the ability of your Reiki practitioner. I’m sure all of us would have doubly assured ourselves about our therapist, even before disclosing our problem to him/her. As any medical treatment has its pros and cons similarly reiki energy healing  too has. As explained several factors are involved in this therapeutic process too. At any given point of time, the cosmos is filled with different forms of energy waves but not all are caught by the transmitters. That means to say, energy of a specific form is caught by a specific receiver only.

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So while treating, though the universal source or the channel or the in between junctions may be sufficiently patent and manifest; sometimes the receiver itself may have blocked itself from receiving any form of energy. In such cases the treatment would delay as there is need to identify and diagnose the block, dissect the blockage and rectify the same. Whatsoever, Reiki therapy and healing is no magic but a logical form of remedy for many of our day to day problems.

Before concluding I would like to make this discussion a bit lighter by the note that “शक्ति ही शिवा का अस्तित्व हैं. और शिव ही सुन्दर हैं “ Energy may have different nomenclatures but the source is one and that One is beautiful, auspicious.

Other articles related to Reiki

When do people go to a Reiki Session?

How many times in the last few months do you recall going to a doctor for a physical ailment, taking medicines, and  nothing seems to be working? Every doctor’s appointment becomes  a cause of turmoil and let down. 

Reiki sessions are often sought when we  are disheartened by every other line of treatment. We may not have  heard or experienced  Reiki session before, but the more we learn about it the more we realise its benefit 

What is a Reiki Session?

In a typical Reiki healing session, the healer channels energy to you by  touch or transfers Reiki energy remotely. We are all energy beings , and energy flows through us and around us. During sickness and ailments or when we are feeling angry or unhappiness, this energy gets blocked, stagnant or low. A reiki healer  channelised  healing and  and restores the energy balance by using the universal life force i.e reiki energy

How does a Reiki healing session work?

Reiki unblocks the energy flow in the body which helps in curing stress, pain and diseases.

During a Reiki session, the healer  places his/ her hands on a person in different positions to transfer energy from the universe  to the person receiving Reiki. When Reiki is given, the person feels a unique sensation which leaves a pleasant feeling. The patient tends to feel very relaxed and a sense of weight being lifted away from the body.

Things to understand before a Reiki session:

What can you experience in a Reiki session?

“I feel very refreshed”, “I feel very relaxed”, “The pain is just gone”, “I feel very emotional”, “Your hands got very hot/ cold”, are the often the things people experience after the treatment.

The Reiki treatment is subjective and unique to every person. Some feel a pulsating wave of energy going through the body, while others simply fall asleep during the session. Sometimes you may find that the reiki receiver is very tired after the treatment, but this is considered signs of healing.

Is a distant Reiki healing session an option?

Yes. Reiki therapists can do distant healing , as reiki works on the principle that universal energy connects us all. You can receive a reiki session while sitting in the comforts of your office or your home. It is as effective as taking the treatment personally. In fact, distant reiki healing is a boon for people who have limited mobility and cannot go physically to take the treatment.

How to find a good practitioner for your Reiki session?

There are three levels in Reiki namely- First degree, Second degree, Third degree and Reiki GrandMaster.

First degree Reiki is when you learn hands on reiki to self-heal. Second degree is when a person has gained the knowledge of channelizing the energy to heal others and send healing remotely. Third degree or the Reiki masters are the teachers, who are not just capable of healing others but also teaching Reiki to people.

It is recommended to attend a Reiki session of a Reiki master or second degree Reiki healer. Since Reiki is a connection with universal energy, the healer  who gives positive vibes and feels right is generally a good sign. A good way would be to have a one on one Reiki healing session with the healer  before seeking the treatment to share thoughts and issues and connect with the healer

At healclinic we have Reiki Grandmasters who do remote healing and have experience in treating different challenges. We also offer Reiki workshops if you wish to become a reiki healer. 


If you have answered any of the above with a yes, then Reiki energy therapy has a solution to all of these issues.

Reiki and energy healing is the most creative tool you have with you which can be  effectively used to  shield your house, protect your loved ones,  and create an atmosphere of love and joy. 

Most of our reiki healers  have worked with many cases where a house needed to be cleansed and blessed. There have been cases where a certain degree of dampness remains in the house — notwithstanding the best of civil engineering that has gone into the building’s construction. There have been instances where the inhabitants of the house never feel refreshed even after a good night’s sleep or  some houses which had cancer or other chronic patients residing in them.

In all such cases and more, Reiki energy healing works very well, to cleanse and balance the house energy and get the light and love back.

In addition there can sometimes be another factor which causes stress in the house. 

Your little, cuddly home that you so lovingly built may not remain one if some forces —  that you cannot easily comprehend — are at play. Even your daily routines could be infinitely thrown out of gear for no apparent fault.

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These instances are better understood by a concept called ‘Geopathic stress’. This is based on the widely-accepted premise that the Earth is a living entity and is governed by electromagnetic lines. Call them ‘Earth Grid’ for an easy understanding.

In some areas of the property you are staying on, the electromagnetic lines may have been distorted or disruptive.The natural frequency of the Earth may have been disturbed by high levels of pollution , winding railway tracks, electricity, water lines and mineral deposits, among other reasons. These are often reasons  why inhabitants of a certain house or a certain area sense or feel strange events and occurrences happening around them. . This is called Geopathic Stress

Is there a solution to this or do we accept the reality as it is? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’, and there is, indeed, a lasting solution - Reiki energy shielding.

The effects of Geopathic Stress lines can be eased or completely removed by the power of Reiki and its symbols. Some of the Reiki energy tools that could be used to remove the stress and negative lines are Pyramids, Reiki box and Reiki prisms. Reiki pyramid or prism technique can be used to visualise the well-being of the house and its inhabitants. This can be done by visualising the sketch of the house inside a large pyramid and showering it with light. Alongside, draw powerful symbols on all sides of the house so that your sweet house has a powerful shield around it.

Also, it’s effective to have a rough sketch of the house and work around, using it to bless and shower divine light on it. The Reiki energy Master symbol works wonders in such situations. In some cases, we seek the assistance of Archangels to bless and protect the family. Reiki and energy healing programming can be used to ensure Reiki is sent to the house round the clock. Programming as a method is abundantly helpful for healer and healer as it allows  sending and receiving Reiki at odd hours and for long duration. 

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When you approach a Reiki energy healer for this, make sure you have a powerful intent to resolve these issues and feel safe. Nothing is more powerful than your thoughts and intent.

Pranic energy healing and Reiki healing can cure skin problems. Though, it may seem strange but it is true. Before going into details how this works. Let’s first know about our skin.

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body? It is, in terms of both weight—between 3 and 5 Kgs pounds—and surface area—about 18 square feet. Your skin separates the inside of your body from the outside world. It protects you from bacteria and viruses, and regulates your body temperature.

It also bears the maximum impact of ailments as there are more than 3000 skin disorders that affect people worldwide. You must have also faced dry dull skin and lifeless skin. But you are not alone. More than 85 million people in the U.S. are affected by skin diseases.

Most of us have undergone multiple medications and application of creams, but still haven’t found a complete cure?

Well the answer lies in your body itself. You must have heard about miracles through pranic healing. Thus, it can work wonders for your skin too. Changes in color or texture can result from inflammation, infection, or allergic reactions anywhere in the body.

Pranic energy & Reiki healing

Energy healing has several techniques – Pranic and Reiki are two of the leading ones. First, let’s understand what is pranic healing. Pranic energy healing can help activate your body’s self-repair mechanism. It helps you to recover faster and solve the health conditions from within which will make sure that the problems don’t reoccur.

The issues to a large extent depend on the healthiness of the skin and the related chakras. One of the most persistent skin disorders is Psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a chronic, non-communicable, painful, disfiguring and disabling disease for which there is no cure and with great negative impact on patients’ quality of life. Treatment of psoriasis is still based on controlling the symptoms. The need for treatment is usually lifelong and is aimed at remission.

Advanced Pranic healing suggests that in conditions like Psoriasis, patients have dirty energies stuck in their chakras. Could Psoriasis happen due to impure blood? Blood could be impure due to some infection or allergies. To purify the blood, we need to activate the energy of the body.

The chakras are energy centres of the body and they control the energies to heal the body. The solar plexus chakras through the liver, the spleen chakras through the physical spleen, the mengmein chakras through the kidneys, these purify the blood.

The Pranic healing treatment can be given to the patient to purify the blood three times a week till the patient recovers completely.

As psoriasis is emotional in origin, psychotherapy in combination with Pranic energy healing or Reiki could also be very effective.

Suffering from a skin disorder, consult with our counsellor on way forward.

Healing for your beloved Pets- Animal Reiki Healing

Is your pet unwell?
Having an infection or dealing with allergies?
Has a troubled stomach and has been refusing to eat?

Well for all above issues and more with your pet, Animal Reiki is the answer. Now you can treat your beloved pets from home, without troubling them with endless vet visits and medicines. Animal Reiki healing is an intriguing subject for many and here we make it easier to understand the doubts and questions around the subject.

What is Animal Reiki?

Animal Reiki healing is very similar to the concept of Reiki. Reiki is the healing methodology where a healer uses universal energy, “Qi” to energise the body which increases body capacity of healing. Reiki healing can be given by touch method or from a distance. Touch method is where the person is physically present with the healer, Distant Reiki is where the healer and patient are at different locations.

In Animal Reiki, a similar approach is used. Healer uses universal energy to energise the body, concentrating on the problem areas to induce healing. Wondering how well Reiki and animals go together? Well, Animals are better recipients of this type of healing as their instincts are stronger.

What is the process of Animal Reiki?

Whether you are looking for Reiki for dogs, or Reiki for cats, or Reiki for horses, the process remains the same. The healer will scan the animal using reiki energy, to identify the problem/ disease. This is also known as medical intuitive scans. In a case of Distant Reiki, the healer might want a picture of the animal to establish a connection. Once all this is set up, the healer will channelize the energy to the animal and energise the whole body while concentrating on the problematic areas.

Does it work?

Animal Reiki healing is a very effective method. Humans have a tendency to seek a logical explanation for how, when and what whereas the animals are very accepting of the healing energies given to them. You will often find the animal being very compassionate towards the healer.

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What does my pet experience during an animal reiki session?

The immediate effects as mentioned by several pet owners is that they find there is a feeling of calm and peace in the animals after a reiki session. Soon into the session, the animal usually finds a relaxing spot where it lies or goes into a reiki nap during or just after the session.

In what ways can pet reiki help?

How many animal reiki healing sessions will my pet require?

You might begin to see good effects of healing straight away but the total number of sessions required can be determined by the healer accessing the condition of the animal.

Some Examples of animal healing done by our healers

Reiki is done for all living beings and does not discriminate.Dr.Ghosal says..

  1. I do a lot of reiki healing for dogs and there was this one time when I noticed the stray dog in my locality was limping and crying out of pain. I reached out to it to provide healing by touch, but the dog was vulnerable and made whimpering sounds. I chose to give it to Distance Reiki instead.

While doing so, I could sense a sensation of pricking and a throbbing pain that was caused by it. I had a veterinarian take a look at the dog, and as it had been, there was a thorn in the dog’s paw that was giving a problem.

This is an example to showcase that Reiki can be used for animals/ people who are vulnerable or in pain or hesitant to see a doctor. Reiki can be an effective First Aid Kit.

  1. There was this dog, a Labrador (Bruno), who was very playful and naughty. Always very active and chirpy, never dull. To Bruno’s owner's surprise, Bruno became absolutely dull and limped after taking a fall. Although there wasn’t an injury, Bruno refused to revert to his usual playful self. The biggest challenge every pet owner faces is the inaccessibility of vet clinics and house calls. Since I gave Bruno regular healing, the owner approached me.

I did not feel that there was any fracture, during the healing session but I did feel there was an emotional fear. Upon an x-ray, it was known there was no fracture of any kind but Bruno had gone into shock, due to the cultivation of fear. With regular healings for 3 days, Bruno returned to his happy self like nothing had happened.

How long is the treatment for pet reiki?

A typical session would range anywhere from 20-45 minutes.

Can I continue to administer the medications prescribed by the Vet?

Yes, animal reiki healing can be taken along with the ongoing treatment. Although reiki is a very strong medium of healing, and can provide wellness to the animal. Please consult with the reiki healer for details.

How does Distant Reiki work for animals?

Distant Reiki is especially beneficial for pet owners or animals who find it difficult to visit the healer. A mutual time can be agreed where the healer can give reiki.

How will the reiki healer know who is to receive healing?

Every living being transmits a different energy. Reiki healers  establish a connection with this unique energy transition. Sometimes the healer gives reiki with intent or a photograph or medium to represent the animal (can be the pet owner).

Animal Reiki is gaining a lot of popularity worldwide as it is non-invasive, gentle and has no side effects whatsoever. It doesn’t cause any stress, trauma, discomfort or any pain and yet gives powerful results. Also, reiki works for all types of pets. Even cats and reiki go together very well. Reiki helps in providing energy to the body to heal itself. And when physical healing is not possible, reiki can bring peace and comfort.

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Healclinic offers online Reiki healing for different challenges. . 

In this article we get a close perspective on Reiki by certified reiki grandmaster Dr Disha.

Healclinic: How did you get into Reiki? When did you start?

Dr.Disha : I was initiated into Reiki at the age of 8 years old.  Initially when I started learning about Reiki, it was purely out of curiosity, no one spoke about Reiki then. Initially I would practice Reiki for self-healing and self-awareness. It will be 28 years this December when I first started doing Reiki.

Healclinic: How did you get into Healing?

Dr.Disha: Though I was practising Reiki for self-healing purposes, the feeling of providing healing to others was always there. In-fact it was a driving force for me to start as a reiki master practitioner.The satisfaction of trust that a person places in you for healing them is a powerful means of guidance.

Healclinic: As a certified Reiki master teacher how do you initiate Reiki Healing?

Dr.Disha: I connect with the person through their energy. Every living being has a unique energy; I harness on this unique energy to be able to help them. The person need not be in front of me, Reiki done by distance is equally effective and I have had profound results.

Healclinic: How does it work?

Dr.Disha: Reiki is a holistic approach towards dealing with the problems a person has. I get a feeling of warmth, whilst sending Reiki. As a certified reiki healer, first I focus on analyzing their chakras and then on cleaning the channels for receiving energy. People fall ill when their chakras are out of balance or blocked. Reiki unblocks the energy channels and fills the body with positive energy.

Speaking practically for connecting with the logical minds – two people speak over a mobile phone irrespective of the make of phone, network, without any physical presence. This would have sounded bizarre a few decades ago but in today’s age it isn’t. Reiki works the same way. We are all connected to universal energy, we only need to be aware of it. Each living body is a miracle in its own self. I, as a certified Reiki practitioner can guide you through it, but it's your own belief and trust that will make it work.

Healclinic: Can you give us some examples?

Dr.Disha: Yes, there are so many but some have touched my heart and I will share those with you. Reiki is done for all living beings be it animals or humans and does not discriminate.

  1. I do a lot of Animal HealingThere is a Labrador dog called Bruno in my neighborhood, whom I give regular healing, always very active and chirpy, never dull. To Bruno’s owner surprise, Bruno became absolute dull and limped after taking a fall. Although there wasn’t an injury, Bruno refused to revert to his usual playful self. The biggest challenge every pet owner faces, is the inaccessibility of vet clinics and house calls.

When the owner approached me, I did not feel that there was any fracture, during the healing session,  instead felt there was an emotional fear. Upon an x-ray, it was known there was no fracture of any kind but Bruno had gone into shock, due to fear. With regular healings for 3 days, Bruno returned to his happy self as if nothing had happened.

2. I was once approached by parents whose baby was born insulin deficient. through reiki healing I was able to balance out the sugar levels in her. She later became a reiki channel herself and learnt to balance her sugar levels herself.

Reiki is useful in all types of illnesses. Some of the other cases that I have handled as a reiki master healer  are managing depression without medications, channeling the energy of ADHD and other special kids towards a better creative outlet, to reduce medication under supervision of a doctor for an ongoing cancer patient by 70%.

Reiki is also used to manage and impart life skills to students to help them with exam anxiety, lost concentration and focus, etc.

Healclinic: You insist on “Living Beings”, is there a difference how each living being accepts healing?

Dr.Disha: Yes. Animals and children are great receptors to healing. Their minds are not cluttered with thoughts and processes. The complexity of life, which we have created for ourselves, does not exist in their world. They absorb everything coming their way. Everyone is born with Reiki, as it’s our connection with universal energy.

With growing years, our chakras become imbalanced with negative energies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). Weaker parts of the body become the trigger points for portrayal of these negative energies as diseases or ailments. For example: In Cancer, the damage reaches the cellular level in the body and starts to spread rapidly. Threshold of every person is different and hence how an imbalance affects each individual is different. Reiki is given with the intention of higher good and hence an immense positive effect.

Healclinic: Being a Reiki master what is your message to the world?

Dr.Disha: I would personally ask people to be more receptive to the idea of energy healing . Although awareness is growing in society/ people than before, which is very positive but not enough. Every living body is capable of healing on its own, which is a sign that our body is our own doctor. In chronic illness, there is an absence of self-healing. This is a sign that symptoms that our body repeatedly gives us should not be ignored. There is a lot of good in the world, our problems are our own manifestations. So let go of the past, or of thoughts that bring you discomfort. Manifest on the good, let go of the bad.

Simplify your life with Reiki energy therapy and take control of your life back.

Life is simple. Haven’t we heard this statement quite often and from many people? Can life be simple when we have deadlines to meet, goals to achieve, people to compete with, stay healthy, look pretty and do all this within 24 hours? Phew, that is tough.

Amidst all the chaos, we lose sight of our health to a set of ugly emotions called criticism, anger, anxiety, stress, frustration and irritation. Can life be ever simple? “It can never be.”  That was my conclusion a few years back.

Over a period of time working with Reiki therapy and other similar healing modalities, I have come to a deeper understanding of what life is or, what life can be.

Life is being in the now. Most importantly, life is all about being happy and loving yourself. Life, for me, is giving myself the breathing space to pursue what I like, do what I love and spend quality time with people I love. With this definition, it did feel life is simple.

Being a Reiki therapy channel, I have always believed in the inner wisdom or gut feeling that each of us have. This inner wisdom has given me the strength, responsibility and, most of all, the freedom to choose. Sometimes, we tend to choose what might be best for others or what is socially acceptable. In all this, we tend to brush aside the little voice in us which is the true identity of what our soul desires.

Reiki founder Dr Mikao Usui has taught very simple but truly governing principles for humankind.  When we learn Level 1 of Reiki energy therapy, it’s very easy for a Reiki channel to brush aside these five principles..However, the minute a Reiki channel starts to see the value of these principles, they are on a divine path of enlightenment and, more so, on a path of eternal happiness. 

However, the minute a Reiki channel starts to see the value of these principles, they are on a divine path of enlightenment and, more so, on a path of eternal happiness. These principles form the core of a happy life. These principles are profound, can be used by everyone. These five principles can form a true essence of one’s life.

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While Reiki taught me how to heal myself and others, these five principles have taught me how to lead a simple and happy life. I have also come to realise that the minute we have a quiet mind, we have easily launched ourselves into a life of easy manifestations and vibrancy. A clear mind works very effective in perceiving situations better. Hence, we have better relationships. A clear mind can vibrate and attract all that we aspire. The list is endless.

So what’s stopping us from venturing into the world of Reiki energy therapy? It’s the mind again. How would this world be if we parked our egos and our analytical minds aside and simply embraced all of this ancient wisdom?  

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Healclinic offers online Reiki therapy for different challenges faced by clients.

What is Reiki energy healing?

Reiki is a Japanese word which means Universal (Rei) Energy (Ki). There are multiple versions of stories about how the practice of reiki healing evolved. It is believed that everything in the environment exists due to Universal Energy and it is this energy that births and empowers us.

Have you seen an age old, nearly collapsed, unattended facade which needs to be repaired and restored. What do you do, first remove the debris, strengthen the base, fortify the damaged walls and then plaster it.  Right, we don’t straight away start plastering the walls.

So, what is reiki energy healing? It works on our body on a physical, mental and emotional level to restore it. Reiki healing is a divine, intention based, balanced and ultimate relaxing practice wherein the Reiki channel (Reiki practitioner) directs the flow of energy to the recipient. It can be administered hands on or via distance healing, the effectiveness remains the same.

Since it is the same energy that builds us, it has the intelligence to reach the root cause of the issue and restore the balanced state. The Reiki master does not control the volume and flow of the energy, since the energy follows and manifests divine intention. Reiki can be channeled to the respective ailing body parts or can be used to treat the energy vortices (chakras) within the body. Since every individual is unique, the flavor and Reiki healing experience can vary from person to person.

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How Reiki Healing Works?

Reiki healing works beyond the paradigms of time and space and works on all the layers that constitute us – mind, body and soul. Once the energy is channeled, it will cross the barrier of time and space and will address the root of the issue – which can be from the current or previous life times.

On its course, it will heal each and every aspect that needs to be resolved and released, peeling out the layers of emotional and mental scars that have accumulated so far.

As every individual and manifestation of disease is different, the course and nature of treatment of any illness will vary. In general, the Reiki channel (Reiki practitioner) may start with balancing the 7 chakras. The channel may even directly target the affected part(s).

Irrespective of the method of treatment, Reiki with its own divine intelligence will take its own divine course to bring relief to the recipient. Since Reiki is very soothing and relaxing, recipients may experience altered state of relaxation and may sleep during the course.

Reiki on its course will help the recipient by balancing the emotions. It will scrub the soul of all the emotional debris it has accumulated from ages. As the soul releases emotional debris, the mind will experience a change in belief pattern. It is very important for the recipient to have faith. It will always honour the intention of the recipient, if the recipient doubts the course, it is considered as a barrier that Reiki respects and will not flow through.

Hence, it is important for the channel to understand if the recipient has any mental barriers and help clearing the barriers so that the recipient accepts the flow of reiki with utmost love and gratitude. As the energy flows, the recipient will witness tremendous downpour of spiritual guidance which further accelerates healing.

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Thanks to ground breaking explorations in the field of Quantum Physics, now even science has proved that our belief pattern plays a significant role in structuring our physical realities. Thus, if one’s mind and soul are balanced, the resonance will be echoed as the physically fit body.

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