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Recently we played a Snakes and Ladder Game based on Redikall Healing. Topic was 'Karmic Healing of Ancestors" It was a group session where we had a snakes and ladders board game divided into 7 parts where each part represented 1 chakra from root to crown. The aim of the game is to start at the root chakra and go up to the crown chakra and finally to redikall consciousness.

With every roll of the dice, the pawn is moved step by step, and at every stop the participants are given R5 statements as they are things to be resolved, every snake represents the brilliance in that situation and every snake the blockages.

After the session, one of the participant Apurba wrote this beautiful poem which captures the essence of the session amazingly well.

"Soul's journey through Redikall Game 🌸

The intent is so important 

What we intent is what we get

Today played an amazing Redikall game 

Redikall version of snake n ladder 

Played a game of Life for ancestral karma healing 

The board was divided into 7 major chakras n colours🌸

Eshanye and Deepti and many Redikall healing practitioners joined in

This group session was amazing

We learn to R5 many of our hurdles 

We learnt the importance of affirmations

We learnt not to give up n keep on moving forward 🌸

Everytime we climbed a ladder, the group cheered

And everytime we stepped on the snake, there was a sigh

But someone was always there to pull us up, it's okay.

 Let's learn the lesson intended here

And continue with the journey ahead 🌸

The game was true to its name, we repeated many cycles of going up n down

Somewhere the universe was telling us, we still need to heal something or someone 

Unburden some baggage that we were carrying of ours or our ancestors.  

And as we learnt to R5 with more determination

And we were more keen to learn the brilliance 

The path up to Redikall Consciousness became so easy.

When we say life is easy. Life is effortless . Life is lot of fun.

This game truly showed us that when we surrendered with all our hearts n minds 

Then the rise to the top was evident .🌸

We have to trust the universe ,universe has our back

We just have to flow with the flow of life🤗

We finally recited n affirmed , I creatively find my way to the solution and the destination .

We have to recite 1 n a half moons nearly 42 days with dedication.

This game showed us what amazing things are possible when we have collective consciousness of all in one place together 🌸

We were taught about soul's journey n what universe wants us to hear here .

The life plan is pre destined by the soul

When we are aligned with our higher consciousness 

The magic starts happening .🌸

By the end of the game it was so comforting to know 

That all goes smoothly ,when we go with the flow .

Happy to know that in this auspicious time period

We played our important part in healing ourselves n our ancestors

Thank you Redikall mentors for today's life lessons  🌸😊🌈

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