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When our ancestors were faced with danger, nature programmed them for 2 possibilities - either the problem was surmountable, which meant energising the body to fight the enemy, or the problem was too big, which meant energizing the body to run. Both options would immediate de-prioritise the digestive process, which is why some people can end up throwing out digested or undigested food or water through vomiting or passing urine or stools during stress. Also, now we have different challenges - we don't need to physically run towards or away from our boss or in laws, but the hormones are still released and can affect our health. Here's how.

Stress stored in our bodies

After the intensity of the fight or flight response, the body 'crashes' in energy and the focus is on getting back to normal. Since as a society we are focused on consistent performance, these phases are shunned and the body is never given time to recover. We then offer the body a new stressor, and over time we get addicted to functioning on that artificial 'high' of the stress hormones.

Persistent stress due to difficulties in health, relationships and jobs will damage the digestive system over a long time and this creates a lot of secondary problems. Here are the signs I've frequently seen among my clients.

Because people have gotten used to functioning only on the energy provided by stress hormones, most people experiencing chronic stress are rarely self-motivated, functioning only when things go too far or a deadline is looming. When the 'danger' of a missed deadline floods their system with stress hormones, they are finally able to function. So they fluctuate between super-charged when the hormones are pumping through the system or 'lazy' and exhausted.

Due to the lack of energy the rest of the times, there can often be this feeling of spacing out from the world, some people may use binge-watching, binge eating or addictive substances as tools for this escape.

Most people will end up either feeling too hungry or not hungry enough as the digestive process is affected. Sleep can change as well, crashing out when exhausted and difficulty sleeping or shallow sleep otherwise. People living in situations where the body doesn't feel safe for whatever reason (abusive relationships for eg) can wake up at every little disturbance.

And one of the most telling signs I observe is the person's sensitivity to sound. When people are greatly affected by noise, this is very frequently a sign of the body being in a state of constant alarm.

Some people can experience these things after a specific incident, like a breakup or the death of a loved one or even the sudden loss of a job. In these cases, some good therapy can help the body get back to a state of ease and wellbeing. In cases where people are stuck in abusive relationships or workplaces, a lot more work is needed.

In either case, if you experience these please pay attention, because it doesn't take long before this becomes physical, causing issues like headaches, chronic fatigue or pain, brain fog, palpitations, IBS, anxiety and the hardest one - auto immune disorders.

5 signs you are living in Fight or Flight Mode

If you have any of the signs above do consider therapy to identify and resolve the conflict

If you're a parent,

please watch out for these signs in your child as well. We don't need early interventions, no. We need parents who are working on themselves. Children model themselves after parents, and if parents are sorted, then they know better how to deal with children. This can change at any moment, but the core lesson is merely this - what do we value?

As a society we spend hours and hours earning money, that is a priority. Everything else is now secondary, that's the core issue. Spending 2% of our time on something that can improve our health, mind and relationships is too much of a burden. When we learn to prioritise the right things, our children follow suit, it really is that simple. Takes a few weeks or a few months, rarely ever more than that. Nature has designed children to biologically mimic parents.

We call them Reiki children, where parents practice Reiki from before conception or from the time the child is born or very young. It changes everything, the kids are very special. Even at this stage it isn't late for you. But the question is only - is it important enough yet?

Article by Ashwita Goel

Yes you read it right. Like human beings, space, relationships animals also can be healed. Our pets who fill our lives with so much love, affection and fun also pick up energy from their owners and their family members and the environment where they live. They pick up on their stress, negative energies, psychic attacks on their owners and even their diseases. Because of this they can fall sick or sometimes even misbehave.

Energy Healing helps in clearing all these unwanted energies that do not belong to the pet. This helps improve their health and longevity. It helps in improving their energy levels and behaviour.

This is done through distance healing where healing is given twice a day to the animal. Before healing begins an in-depth reading is done for the animal to understand the issue by talking to the animal or to the animals higher self. On the basis of this communication healing is done to get the desired results.

Read: How can Animal Reiki help my pet?

Wellness Story 1: This healing was done for a dog in Mumbai through intuitive distance healing. The dog had a fractured right hind leg, spurs in the spine, liver issues, kidney issues and partial paralyses due to a spine injury caused by an accident. When the dog's case came to the healer, he was 12 years old and absolutely bed ridden. Over the course of the healing, the muscles were strengthened and nerves were healed. She also worked on the fractured leg and it healed in 4 weeks. Thus the dog was able to sit upright and also walk with support and lived another 2.5 years before moving on due to old age.

Wellness Story 2: There was a case of a 3.5 year old cat, who fell off the balcony of a 7th floor flat in Pune. His fall was broken by a tree branch and he was injured severely on his spine and there was severe nerve damage and very slow pain response from both the hind legs. Since the spine was not broken and there was pain response, he was not put to sleep. The per owner came to us for healing. The vet had said it would be very difficult for the cat to ever walk again and if it ever happened, it would be a miracle and would take atleast 8-10 months of recovery. However, with healing, the cat was up and about in 4.5 months and was running around and jumping on table tops in 8 months time. Today he is a healthy cat and even the vet is surprised at the recovery he has shown. The cat is living a normal life and shows no signs of injury or trauma from the accident.

Everyone has heard stories from others or experienced themselves some funny, some horror or some unpleasant moments with their therapist or healer.

If you are new to therapy or looking for a new therapist it is natural to be concerned about choosing the right therapist. There is no easy answer to this question and at times you go through a couple of therapists before coming across the right one for you. And that does not make the previous ones bad, just that your energies resonate with this one.

But, yes it is important to keep certain points in mind, when looking for a therapist or during a session, especially as more and more people become therapists and healers. Why is it important? Because we at healclinic are experiencing an increase in the number of people who are being fooled or not being helped in the right way.

Based on our experiences, penning down some of the red flags (not exhaustive solely based on our experience) are as follows,

Hope this helps. You can make your own list of what works for you, when you go to a therapist. Because remember your wellness is in your hands and the right therapist or a healer can do wonders with their guidance and tools at their disposal when used right.

Please add in comment if you have experienced other red flags, which people need to be mindful of while choosing a therapist / healer.

Conventional vs holistic approach to patient diagnosis

Has it ever occurred to you, how does a medical practitioner analyse you at the time of a consultation. As a patient the basic aim of a visit to the doctor’s clinic, is to seek curative care and receive treatment. But how is the ailment really recognised and how is the treatment determined.

We will try to understand the concept of consultation analysis by two approaches, one is the conventional way with a visit to an allopathy doctor and other one to a holistic healer, who approaches the problem by alternate therapies like Ayurveda, yoga, homeopathy, reiki, acupuncture.

Conventional approach:

Allopathy defines health as the absence of disease. The allopathic approach focuses on the symptoms and signs presented, and treats the possibilities of what might be or turn into a chronic condition. The science believes that all health problems are caused by either bacteria or viruses or biochemical imbalances. The cure is usually prescribed drugs, radiation or corrective surgeries.

Let’s consider the example of a person experiencing headache. A typical visit to a clinic will mean, checking for vitals, some Questions and Answers, and ending up with prescribed pain killer medicines. Upon recurring headache, the person will then be ‘followed up’ with some tests ruling out major illnesses and sent back with stronger pain killers. If the problem seems to persists then the person is directed either to a neuro physician or a hospital for specialized approach.

Holistic approach:

The basic difference between the two is the approach towards the problem. Holistic science works towards prevention of disease, making sure that the body and mind work in harmony. The mental, physical, emotional, spiritual states are very important in the process. Any distress would create an imbalance in the body, resulting in ailments of the body. While the allopathic approach directs towards the problem in one dimension, holistic approach looks at the problem in multi dimensions. Psychological, physical or emotional aspects are all considered in restoring the body to wellness.

Let’s again consider the example of the same person with headache complaint visiting a healer to resolve the problem. A healer would first speak to the person in detail inquiring the various situations, causes, reasons under which the problem occurred. The aim of a healer in this case would be to ease the pain of the person and analysing the deeper reason for the pain which may be emotional instead of a brain related problem.


General medicine has become part of our daily lives, there seems to be the little pill to solve all our problems. Be it beating cold, or a flu, controlling sugar, or your thyroid or something else. The list is endless. It is a boon for its effectiveness when you are short of time, for instances like blood loss, or broken bone or grievous injuries. Holistic medicine considers that your body is your best guard against illnesses and diseases. It is time consuming when compared to the conventional method, but the results it yields is almost miraculous.

The only person who can take a call about a method to choose is you. Educate yourself well, analyse and then chose the therapy that will help you reach good health.

Looking for a alternative therapy practitioner, contact us here.

Five days a week (and in some cases, six), nine hours of sitting in a chair and staring at the computer is as discomforting as it sounds. And it can take a serious toll on your physical as well as mental well-being.

Since most of our waking hours are spent at work, a large majority of us end up leading a sedentary lifestyle that brings down your health to an all-time low. Stress, chronic neck and backaches, weight gain and most importantly, depression are few of the common reasons behind work-related ill-health. Do you feel fresh and energized for going to office the next day?

The worst part here though, is that your body over time doesn’t even seem to mind the occasional pains, sudden mood swings and tiredness. Until it burns out, gives up and leaves us wondering why!

Now we all know that getting up for a morning walk is impossible when we sleep past midnight, and equally impossible to fit in an hour of gym when you reach home at dinner time. So what if we could make just simple tweaks to your usual workday instead to stay fit and agile?

Yes, it is possible and here are a few great tips to maintain your health at work:

  1. Breathe deeply

People who are under stress take shorter breaths which sometime turns into desperate gasps. Over time, this becomes a habit and makes you feel stressed even when you’re not stressed. This is why one must make conscious efforts to take deep breaths not only while at work, but also while doing the daily chores.

Breathing deeply helps in getting higher quantity of oxygen reach the lungs and blood stream which in turn helps the brain function more efficiently. Meditation is an effective way to stay focused, incorporate deep breathing in your daily life and reduce stress at work.

Even though you may not have the time to get into meditation mode on a daily basis – sneaking in 10 deep breaths while you’re making your morning coffee or getting dressed will help.

Alternative medicine:

If you are extremely stressed, consider taking aromatherapy. It involves the application or inhalation of aromatic essential oils, extracted from plants to give your body a sense of relief.

Reiki and pranic healing are energy healing techniques which can help you deal with stress and its related symptoms very effectively. Alternatively, you can choose practicing emotional freedom technique that combines psychotherapy and acupressure to tap your stress away.

  1. Drink lots of water

Most of us tend to forget drinking water as often as we should in a day. The reason being, half the time we’re so engrossed in work that it skips our mind completely and when we do find the time, we reach out for a cup of tea or coffee to keep going. And that’s exactly where we go wrong!

Your body ‘needs’ water to function. In fact, you are putting your body at risk by not staying hydrated enough. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water regularly to control weight gain, prevent headaches, keep the kidneys in order and maintain a happy mood.

Alternative medicine:

If you are averse to water, then you can always replace it with some fruits and vegetables which hydrate the body twice as effectively as a glass of water.  They make a refreshing snack option during the hot summer months. Top of the list are Watermelon, Cucumber, Strawberries, Grapes, Orange, Cranberries, Blueberries, Plums, Apples, Pears, Lettuce, Celery, Zucchini, Radish, Tomato, Cabbage and many more. There are expert nutritionists who can help you prepare your diet chart along with recipes depending on your life style and day schedule

3. Take a walk post-lunch

Having your lunch and immediately getting back to work is still unhealthy. This will make you lethargic and decrease your mental activity in the latter half of the day. So the next time you have lunch in office, ensure you take a short stroll before getting back to your seat and going through the daily grind.

These short walks will regulate your blood sugar, burn fat, build muscle and keep your body weight under check.

Alternative medicine:

nutritional therapy can help you plan your diet depending on your daily schedule and ensuring that the food you intake in energizing and invigorating

Please remember that this is your body and you’re responsible for it much longer than your current job’s requirement. While performing at work is becoming increasing important with the rising competition, it is also a fact that an unhealthy body is not going to take you anywhere. Being healthy and happy leads to a productive and efficient employee.

Make convenient and conscious changes that will steer you in the direction of a healthy, balanced and a successful life. Watch out for some more tips in the part 2

Popular television actress Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide has once again aroused the question ‘why end life this way’? She is the latest to be added to the list of Bollywood Actress Jiah Khan, VJ Nafisa Joseph and the likes. Recently heard of a young medical student committing suicide and I’m sure there are many more who have succumbed, only it hasn’t become national news.

The article doesn’t aim to decipher or decode why Pratyusha committed suicide. But tries to provide a picture as to what causes a person to take such an extreme step. On the outset, the lives of all those mentioned above seemed to be going pretty smoothly, then why such a tragic death? No matter how glamorous or perfect a life seems, everyone has their share of problems. It could be financial issue, relationship, death and the list goes on. When things go wrong or against our expectations, most will hit a low and feel caught in a web of emotions.

However, most would seek the help and support of friends, family, mentors, therapists and the like. Life seems a burden in the midst of a crisis because we are not able to see the bigger picture and remember that ‘this too shall pass’. This is where ‘support system’ becomes so important. Our well-wishers show us what we’re worthy and capable of when we’re focusing on an unsuccessful relationship or project for example.

At this point, as a Psychologist, we help clients reassess life and bring their focus to anything that could uplift them- be it volunteering, a goal or travelling. We all need ‘something to look forward to’- it is essential to help an individual focus on these and help them overcome the short-sighted view of life that normally engulfs during such stressful times.

Sadly, the alarming rate of suicide among youngsters also highlights that their coping mechanism seems inadequate. It is normal to be a little low, moody and depressed when things are not going great but when it goes beyond 2-3 weeks, then the individual ought to seek support. Alcohol and drugs are only a temporary escape from reality. We have to accept the challenge and face it head–on at some point. It seems that especially with high profiles, the need to appear at their best and image management is a priority. I recall a high-profile celebrity stating that he didn’t know how to emotionally be present with his family during a crisis because they are so used to curbing emotions. Too much curtailing and faking of emotions will affect the individual, especially in what seems to be a crisis.

Normally, an individual attempting or committing suicide is usually depressed and/or tends to be impulsive. Studies have shown that adequate support and care many a times prevents suicide. The tendency to magnify an issue is very common in such circumstances. Therefore, the individual feels he/she doesn’t have adequate resources to cope with the issue at hand, and feels death resolves the suffering. I recall reading that it is not death they seek but it’s an avoidance of life.

The least we can do is to reach out to those who seem to be going through a tough phase. This does not mean over powering or taking over them but letting them know that ‘I’m here for you’. Everyone faces some stressor/s- we can choose to take it as a challenge and that’s when it can empower us and thus becomes Eustress or Positive Stress. Else, if we let it engulf us- it becomes Negative Stress or Distress. One thing that i found helpful with my clients is to focus their attention on some goal – no matter how small, so that energy is directed towards it and thus slowly begin the process of healing and self-empowerment. Life is too precious – let’s embrace it with all its ups and downs.

A recent study by WHO found that more than 75% of Indians under the age of 40 suffer from stress-related illnesses. They stem not only from poor lifestyle choices, but are also symptomatic of a stressful work environment. Increasing pressures of tight deadlines, team disharmony, project overload and work disengagement are just some of the daily challenges that characterize the modern workplace.

Employees suffering from high stress levels have lower engagement, are less productive and have higher absenteeism levels. It is imperative with such an epidemic to ensure the mental and emotional welfare of employees.

Truly enlightened businesses put holistic employee welfare first. They seek to address workplace tension head-on, creating a culture of harmony, engagement and creativity. This is the bedrock of all highly productive trailblazing companies. Companies such as Apple, Google, McKinsey etc., craft programs that embrace holistic well-being for their employees.

McKinsey partner and meditation aficionado Michael Rennie says, “What’s good for the spirit is good for the bottom line.”

Our practitioner Upasana takes you through some of the techniques that are being used by corporate to empower their employees

What are they including in their corporate wellness programs? Embracing these 9 phenomenally powerful ‘New Age’ methods and training:

1. Meditation: The simplest and most transformative tool is a 15-minute meditation. From the United States Marines to high-performing companies such as Google and General Mills, the benefits of workplace meditation are universally praised. It helps reduce hypertension, increase clarity and improve interpersonal communication. Passive meditation calms the nervous system and brain, overcoming anxiety and stress. Active and mindful meditation brings the goal into focus, increasing positivity and creativity. Group meditations are especially powerful. The ‘Maharishi Effect’ is proof of its transformative power. They generate waves of vibrational flow that rapidly improvebiology, collective culture and creativity.

2. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): NLP provides practical tools to gain clarity on goals as well asstrategies to achieve them easily and creatively. NLP uses 2 powerful forces that determine the very fabric of our lives — neural patterns in the brain, and language cues across all modes of communication. Through “trance” communication and imagination, the subconscious mind is focused on the desired results. NLP skills are especially highly valued in marketing, sales, client management and leadership development. The tools of NLP have helped countless people, from overcoming fears to improving strategic skills to devising market-disruptive technologies. In the words of Tony Robbins, “the only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.”

3. Silva Mind Control Method: The Silva Method goes beyond the subconscious mind to activate and harness the power of higher brain functions. This method leads the brain into alpha and theta states that open up access to higher wisdom.Further techniques dramatically increase one’s intuition, focus and extra sensory abilities. And then goes a step further giving you the power to heal your body and manifest your vision. At the core of manifesting is your intent. When that intent is focused, extraordinary things can happen. Successful authors such as Jack Canfield and Richard Bach have experienced phenomenal breakthroughs in their writing using the Silva Method.

4. Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping): How many times have you let fear stop you from doing something you love? Beliefs that you are incapable or people will criticise you can sabotage your efforts and happiness. EFT is a simple yet effective tool. Lightly tapping on specific acupressure points on the body immediately begin to helps release negative beliefs and past traumas from a cellular level. And when paired with affirmations, this process becomes extremely powerful. Recently, one of my clients who was visiting a prospective customer, tapped out her worries on the way to a meeting. When she sat for the meeting, she was so calm and confident with the customer that she was able to get the business.

5. Access Consciousness: With Access Consciousness, we foray into the world of ‘energy work’. Every thought, emotion and belief has a vibration. Even desired results such as revenue, customers, smooth operations have a vibration of their own. Access Consciousness primarily uses questions and statements that bring up these energies to have a profound cleansing. Through the ‘power of the question’, it further attracts the vibration of the desired results. One of my friends had a particularly difficult co-worker. Every time she had to interact with the colleague, she mentally used the simplest question-tool, “How does it get better than this?” Within two weeks, their team work had improved to such an extent that they were able to complete their project ahead of schedule.

6. Law of Attraction: Many books and articles have been written in recent years on the Law of Attraction. The most popular of course is ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. Through emotion-based visualisation, you raise your energy to vibrate at the frequency of what you want. But how this applies to an organisation is even more spectacular. Every corporation vibrates at a certain frequency. This attracts certain types of customers, employees and keeps it at a certain operational level. Many times, despite new strategies and action plans, the business does not grow. When employees come together and channel the law of attraction, the entire frequency of the business changes. With higher energies, come the right opportunities, cohesive operations and rapid business growth.

7. Energy HealingReikiPranic Healing, Theta Healing etc., may not be new concepts to you. Receiving energy healing is a relaxing and uplifting experience. When medication or therapy is supplemented with energy work, people have experienced faster and deeper healing. Recipients enjoy holistic well-being at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The basic foundation to all energy work is that everything is naturally biased towards growth, well-being and expansion. The healer and healee simply facilitate this process. The body returns to health. The mind returns to stability. The heart returns to joy. Is there anything better than happy employees?

Angel Healing: What would your life and business be like if you have a team of angels managing everything? We all have Guides, Angels and Mentors in the subtle dimension. They’re waiting to help us and seek ways to communicate their happy presence to us. All we need do is ask for their help. With their higher wisdom and ability to assist in manifestation, they are a formidable team working on our side. Recently, I asked my team of “business development” angels to help me connect with the best client for me. A few days later I suddenly got the impulse to attend an informal meet-up. With the utmost ease and grace I was able to meet and sign on a client who was also attending the same event.

9. Power of Stories: Stories spark emotion. They are great healing tools that help us make sense of the world we live in. They inspire hope and passion, igniting us into creative action. Stories speak directly to the subconscious or what in academic circles is called the ‘psyche’. Jungian psychology explores the various archetypes and symbols that pervade every individual’s psyche. The right story can help us articulate how we feel and find creative solutions to challenges. Various agencies, from corporations to the military to prisons use the power of stories and storytelling. They are a powerful tool to initiate change.

Read: How healclinic can help you with customised holistic wellness workshops

“It is a burning issue in corporate India that everyone has to address. Our entire society creates stress, right from childhood exam results to making a career. Organisations must understand that there is this serious factor called stress and proactively deal with it,” said Harsh Mariwala, chairman of Marico. 

A study found that 43% of corporate employees with skewed BMI (body mass index), of which 30% with diabetic risk, 30% with hypertension risk and 46% high on stress.  

Corporates who are investing in wellness for their employees have been able to reap rewards. 9 new age tools being adopted for employee wellness are – Meditation, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Silva Mind Control Method, Emotional Freedom Technique, Access Consciousness, Law of attraction, Energy healing, Angel healing, Power of stories.

Share your stories of how you deal with stress or what is your company doing for stress management in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

If you want to introduce stress management workshops in your company, or experience any of the above therapies, give us a call at +91 8050003237 or write in to us at consult@healclinic.in to start the partnership.

The Dreaded “D” Word

Imagine yourself being trapped in a room where the only voice you hear, constantly screams at you saying how hopeless, helpless and unworthy you are. The voice possesses such confidence that it is impossible for you to ignore it. Imagine your entire life without color, just shades of Black and Grey, while this voice is constantly trying to convince you that life isn’t worth living.

Imagine you trying very hard to fight it but it finds more and improved ways to attack you. This is DEPRESSION. Depression is that dark cloud that convinces you how bad things are and no matter how hard you fight it, it defeats you, it wears you down.

Depression – decoded

It is human nature to feel down sometimes. To feel as though nothing’s going your way, a sense of gloom like a dark rainy day surrounds you, the world seems dull, everything makes you sad, but we mostly snap out of it within a day or two and the world seems bright and colorful as it should be.

But imagine feeling this gloom all the time, every single day. Forcing yourself to do things that brought you so much enjoyment earlier. Mundane things like getting out of bed is a humungous effort.

Depression is caused by chemical imbalance in the brain hence difficult to predict the trigger element. One moment you are happy and having fun and the very next minute you feel your whole world crumbling. You desperately are crying for help.

Don’t worry: Depression can be treated

Your loved ones book an appointment with a psychiatrist, but why a psychiatrist??? Am I mad?? Will I be locked away in the mad house like the people we see in the movies??

The doctor is kind and say he just wants to talk, speaks to you about the changes in you. He wants you to relax and communicate with him. He asks you some questions which are easy to answer. It is before several of these sittings with a psychiatrist that you are diagnosed with having Clinical Depression.  A bunch of tests are ordered to test your physiological well being.  The kind doctor recommends antidepressants and counseling.

Amongst the many people you meet, you are most influenced by a woman called Kanta. She was a share broker before depression which ruined her career and her relationships. She always recommends her therapist named Sanjana, who helped her in recovering from depression. Kanta talks about how taking too many antidepressants are dangerous in the long run.


It’s a known fact that long term usage of antidepressants is associated with seizures and other heart rhythm abnormalities. Also, many patients suffer from a phenomenon called the “Prozac Pop Out” wherein initially the patients respond well to treatment but as time passes they see a return of symptoms even though they are on full term medication. Risk of Type 2 diabetes is increased with the use of antidepressant medication.

Natural Ways of beating depression

 Success Stories: 

Lets read about two women who though apparently had everything going for them, were still diagonised with depression  

The depression fighters emerge, who treat and who get treated

Sanjana: the corporate challenger

Sanjana is a practitioner of alternative therapies and has worked on integrative therapies to treat depression.

Sanjana was once diagnosed as being Clinically Depressed. A high-ranking officer in the corporate world, Sanjana’s life was picture perfect. She had it all, intelligence, beauty, doting and encouraging parents. Though she worked as a techie, her main passion in life was writing. She loved to weave magic through her writing. But lately, Sanjana’s pretty smile seem to be strained.

There was darkness beneath her eyes suggesting lack of sleep, the spark in her eyes were missing. Sanjana herself had no clue as to what was wrong with her, she felt lost.

The mood swings had started to take a toll on her work as well as family life. The final straw was when Sanjana felt burdened while indulging in her favorite hobby –writing.  Writing had always brought her so much joy and happiness was now nothing but a burden. This scared her and she decided to seek professional help. 

Sanjana was diagnosed with Depression. This was a jolt out of the blue but since Sanjana was a strong girl she decided to take control of her life. She started the long journey of self-help and healing. The first step was to let go the stress of the corporate world. She quit her job. She discovered the benefits of meditation and Reiki to heal herself.

Sanjana is cured of depression now. Not only has she started writing but has also found a new passion in painting. It helps her calm down and gives her inner peace. She has become an energy healer who now helps others who are in a similar situation as her.

Kanta: the Braveheart

Kanta’s story starts from her childhood. She came from a broken home. Her mother was abandoned by her father when Kanta was a little girl. Kanta was bullied throughout her school and college. This had a very big impact on her psyche. She hated her life and blamed her father for all the troubles that she went through.

Despite all of this happening to her, Kanta was an exceptionally good student; she passed with flying colors and was immediately offered a high-powered job in a reputed Trading Company. Kanta kept climbing the corporate ladder but with it came a great deal of stress and pressure. Slowly signs of depression began to show up in Kanta. Loss of appetite, weight loss, a sense of gloom, extreme fatigue – she started to be withdrawn and unsociable. The situation got so worse that she even attempted suicide but was thankfully saved at the last minute by her fiancé. She was diagnosed with major depression. 

Kanta started to take therapy from Sanjana. Within a couple of sessions, Sanjana could find out that the root cause of her depression was the pent-up anger and grief that she suffered due to her father’s abandonment.

Kanta was taught how to deal with her anger issues through Counselling, Reiki and Yoga. This helped her get the passion back in her life and helped forgive her father so that she can move on with her life.

Depression for Adam or Eve?

Depression strikes both men and women equally hard. Although studies have shown that women are more prone to depression than men.

Women while depressed tend to rehash negative feelings from long ago, this leads to negative self talk, crying for no reason and blaming one self. Whereas men tend to distract themselves when depressed. This helps ease the depression. Men tend to substance abuse such as drinking, gambling, and engaging in reckless behavior prior to the onset of depression whereas women tend to indulge in such behavior after the onset of depression especially when anxiety levels increase.

Women are more likely to get depressed in response to stressful situations; they also tend to respond in such a way that prolongs their feelings of stress more so than men.

Depression is more common than we think, but not untreatable as many of us perceive. Nor are antidepressants the only solution. 

Take our depression test to check the likelihood of you having any of the symptoms or encourage those around you to  take it. Prevention is always better than cure. 

Need help with getting your life back, call us at +91 8050003237 or write in to us at consult@healclinic.in

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