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What to do and not to do in Arthritis

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Aug 26

Arthritis is the joint disorder which shows up as inflammation in one or more joints. There are many types of arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, septic arthritis and many more.

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The most severe impact of arthritis is limited mobility and range of motions. Arthritis though not curable through conventional medicines, can be manged effectively by following certain do’s and don’t,


  • Weight Management – It is often seen that the pain eases with control or reduction in weight
  • Get moving – Mild form of physical exercise like walking in the pool, helps immensely in getting the joints to work effectively and slowly the progression of the disease
  • Don’t overdo it – Taking it slow is the key, let your body get adjusted to the activities at a pace that you can do easily. Don’t exercise when your joints are paining
  • Stretch when you can – Simple stretching exercises helps in relaxing the muscles that are used repeatedly throughout the day
  • Include Omega-3 fatty acids – It is anti-inflammatory and is very effective in pain relief when foods rich in Omega 3 are included in your diet
  • Vitamin D – Vitamin D keeps the bones healthy, so walk in the sun, consume dairy products rich in vitamin D. Supplements are also a good source
  • Don’t skip the medication – Missing a dose is never a good idea. Follow your doctor’s orders religiously.
  • Get enough rest – Who doesn’t know the benefits of a good night’s rest. But apart from all others, as it helps immensely in arthritis pain
  • Hot & Cold Compression – It does wonders to manage pain and relaxing the muscles

While you follow the above do’s there are certain don’t or things to avoid,


  • Running
  • Overdoing physical activities
  • Jumping
  • Tennis
  • Strenuous sports

At the same time some things which you can easily try,

Things you should try:

  • Try including turmeric in your food for its anti-inflammatory properties. You could include it in a glass of warm milk with honey.
  • Relaxation therapy for a healthy mind body and soul. Give meditation ago.
  • Massage: consult your doctor if massage is a possibility to stimulate the joints and muscles around it
  • Keep a positive frame of mind: positive outlook is key to keep one going on the road to wellness
  • Counselling or group sessions: join a group where people are through similar problems, it helps to work together. If you are not comfortable in public, you could always try counselling.

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Depending on the comfort of the client, alternative therapies can be very useful in managing pain and healing arthritis. Therapies like yoga, reiki, past life regression, inner child healing, etc can be helpful in managing and healing.

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