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What do you do when your relationship is not working out?

Healclinic Team
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Aug 25

We at healclinic get many calls asking for help with relationship issues. Sometimes, the person knows that they are facing issues in their relationships, at times they come to us with certain physical symptoms like constant fatigue, low energy, weight gain, no interest in life, feeling unsupported and similar symptoms and when our counselor starts taking to them we realise that the crux of the problem is relationships.

All these issues can be solved by any of the energy healing modalities like Reiki, Past Life, Theta healing, Redikal healing or even integrated healing. Our counselors try and understand the person, and recommend a particular healing modality and healer based on what we think will work best for them.

Below are few cases which we have worked with in the last 6 months.

#1 Redikal healing for Guilt and Fear 

Radhika had approached us for counselling for her marital issues. She and her husband were married for 5 years, have two kids but were not on the best of the terms. Constant fights, arguments, and no understanding between the two. We recommended our expert who did one session with her which was a combination of counselling and radikal healing. The session lasted for 2 ½ hours in which many things were discussed and healed. The main point of contention that came up was that she was in a relationship before marriage and because she had not told her husband about it, she was living in guilt of cheating her husband and a constant fear nagged her that what if her husband found out.

These emotions were identified and healed through radikal healing and she was given related affirmations to state daily.

Result: In a few days she was confident enough to have the discussion with her husband telling him about her past relationship. And how did her husband respond, “we have been married for 5 years, what difference does it make. That was your past.” And just like that things sorted out. They are now communicating better as she does not come from a space of fear and guilt anymore.

#2 Theta healing for Emotional abuse and Childhood patterns 

Sunita came to us, seeking help for this constant feeling of restlessness and fatigue that had seeped into her for the last two years. When our counsellor was talking to her, many other issues cropped up, like her relationship with her husband which was bordering on emotional abuse, her childhood beliefs about how relationships should be and her fear for her childrens future. A combination of all these was sapping her down energetically and she was not functioning to her fullest. We recommended theta healing which worked on her belief systems formed from her past and helped her identify the possibilities in her relationships.  Lot of fears cropped up, which our theta healer helped heal or gave her tools to work on.

Sunita put in a lot of effort in working on what was identified during the sessions.

Result: Its been 6 months since the sessions, and in these 6 months she has been able to communicate very clearly to her husband that what is acceptable to her and what is not, if he does not change his behaviour then she is willing to walk out of the relationship. As a result her husband is working on changing his behaviour and together they are seeing a marriage counsellor.

#3 PLR healing for Negativity and Karmic relations 

Kirti came to us at a time, when she was having issues with her husband of 2 years and her parents were forcing her to divorce him and remarry. She was very adamant that she loves this guy and no matter what would not leave him. She came to us for a tarot session, during which our tarot reader told her that there was too much negativity around her from all around and also that a PLR session would work well for her to release certain karmic relations.

She was open to it, so we recommended our PLR expert, who did two sessions with her.

Result: Post these sessions she realised that the marriage was not working out, and it was time to let go of the relationship. She was only 23 years and had her own life ahead. She also decided to pursue further education and make something of her life professionally before committing to another relationship.

If you are going through any relationship issues or want to have a healthier relation, contact us here or give us a call at +91 80500023237

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