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#WellnessStories: Reiki Healing for my daughter's exam stress

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Jul 20

As part of our #Wellnessstories, a client who had taken reiki healing for his daughters board exam stress, writes this of his experience,

" When my daughter was in 10th grade, by Dec my wife and me realised that her focus was not her studies,  she was extremely distracted by social media and her friends. She is an intelligent girl, but I think she became a little overconfident of her studies,  and decided that she did not work too much for her exams. With 3 months to go for her exams, we got worried and also realised that somewhere she was under exam stress. I read this article on how reiki helps students during exams, so I approached healclinic whom I found on facebook. Honestly I was not too sure, but after speaking to their counselor, felt quite confident that they can help. They created a 3 month reiki plan for my daughter which ws to get over on her last exam day.

The reiki was given distantly, and my daughter or any of us did not have to sit in one place when reiki was given. The healer would give her reiki daily and we were constantly in touch with the healer through whatsapp. Over the next few weeks we found my daughters focus and discipline coming back. She became a bit more relaxed about her exam stress. I am still not sure how reiki worked, but those 3 months she studied, and the best part of the healing was that any other issues that my daughter had whether not feeling well, or being disturbed by some emotion was taken care of.

Based on my experience, I went back to healclinic in her 11th and 12th grades too and was not disappointed. I am extremely happy with the results, and recently I myself got attuned to reiki level 1 and 2 through healclinic. The reason I like healclinic was that they have healers who do different healing and depending on what I needed they created the plan accordingly."

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