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Dipti has been my goto person whenever I felt stuck. She listens first and helps find the most appropriate healing modality and a healer experienced in that modality.

My sessions with Swati have greatly helped me in terms of physical health as well as in moving forward in my life. She is also extremely honest in her communication with us when we need more time for things to settle down before doing a journey. She also guides us when a situation needs our willpower and conscious action instead of a journey. She doesn't do a journey just for the sake of it. Her journeys are inherently powerful.

All the very best for your healing journey!!

I have been having irregular periods due to PCOD since past 12 years. I have gone through various medications including laproscopy of ovaries to set this right. When I met kavita in 2011, I would not get periods without medicines. After I started meta therapy and healing with Kavita, I started seeing improvements in my menstrual cycles. The periods came after every 45 days, that too without medication. The therapy helped me heal the trauma caused due to various infertility medications and procedures where i felt as a woman i had lost all my energy. Once this trauma was released my sonography reports showed considerable shrinkage in both my ovaries which were bulky, for many years and the cysts had broken down. After few more sessions my periods were regularised. For past 3 years I am having periods regularly every month.Also my vaginal infection which was a frequent occurance during all these years was cured. Thank you Kavita for showing all the love, gentleness and understanding through this journey. In much gratitude 🙏.

I have been working with Kavita for the past two months, and the experience is something I cannot fully
articulate. I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and never really came to terms with it in the way I
needed to. I was having severe mood swings, lot of fear to move forward, procrastinating out of fear of failure. I came across Kavitas practice through my mother, who suggested I keep an open mind
towards her techniques. I was initially sceptical of the process, but I quickly settled in as I started to feel
a difference in how I felt. Slowly my mood swings became very mild which i could manage easily. I am now proactively looking for a job, and not feeling helpless and powerless to my issue. The process was very different and something that i had never imagined, but what I found was
how safe I felt with her that I was able to open up about my thoughts without the fear of judgement or prejudice.
My advice to anyone working with Kavita is to go in with an open mind and commit to the process. A
diagnosis or a mental health label is only a part of your life, yet it tends to dictate most of it. With
Kavitas help, I could shed the label and focus on my strengths that allowed me to live my life.

My journey with Kavitha began when I attended one of her sessions @ healclinic that dealt with cutting cords. And the free session I had with her after that .
That's when I realized I was carrying so much baggage in me. I had anger, feelings of helplessness, sometimes feeling overwhelmed because I couldn't say what I wanted to say, feeling bullied. I became a people pleaser to avoid controversies. I was afraid of being blamed If things went wrong. As a result, I ended up with BP and thyroid. To top it all I was petrified of water.

I decided to go with Kavitha completely trusting her as she took me back in time gently clearing energies, my negative beliefs, fears, apprehensions, and traumas. She made me understand why I went through certain things, helped clear issues at every stage of my growing life, and showed me a new path. She also took me back in time, my past life. It was here that I realized why I was petrified of a few things even now.
Today, I am more at peace with myself and everything around me. And most importantly, my Bp and thyroid medication which was high,has been reduced to the minimum.

All of us go through issues, and we learn to mask it or suppress it. Unfortunately it shows up as problems in the body, which is not worth it. I would highly recommend Kavita. There is peace in the end.

Very very satisfactory interaction with Smt Jayashree M over telephonic healing of chakras . Her level of intuition is pretty high with high empathy while in communication . Never felt to have conversed for the first occassion over phone .

Kavita was amazing. I had almost given up on myself and was dealing with multiple sclerosis symptoms that were impacting my daily life.
Kavita patiently took me through a series of self realizations. She helped me see the connection between each emotion and the physical symptoms in my body. I can now check myself and heal alot of problems I had physically.
From not being able to walk 5 mins without limping or tripping. I am now able to walk 5 to 6 km and spend the whole day on my feet.
My physiotherapist also noticed a marked change in my movements.
I still have alot of work to do. But seeing the results with Kavita I am confident I will be able to lead a better life!

Thank you Eshanye for holding such a safe and positive space for me. It was easy for me to share my concerns without the fear of being judged. Eshanye very easily identified and helped me go deeper to the root of my issues enabling and empowering me to know my next steps. Her approach is simplistic and comes from a space of calm and peace. It was the best 2 hours of healing I have had in a very long time. Thank you and I look forward to more healings and the necessary changes. Thank you deepti for making this happen and helping me find the best aprropriate help.

I had a very good experience with the medium named Meenakshi Srinath. I was able to get a glimpse of my past lives, and connect to many of my current life behavior with the events of those lives. Thanks for your help

This workshop was totally different from what I had envisioned.  It helped me understand the underlying values that are running my life, what values I would like to add and delete from my life and what is stopping me from tapping into my authentic self. Deepti and Eshanye were simply amazing in the way they explained the concepts, hand held each participant and made us understand so many hidden aspecrts of our life. Totally recommend to anyone who wants to tap into their core self.

I am an 18 year old student from Frankfurt, Germany and for the past year I personally have been dealing with severe stress issues that started to affect my physical and mental health as well as my relationship with my family.
My mental state development such badly that I couldn’t enjoy life and was in a state of constant worry and tiredness. I lost my period and developed multiple physical illnesses such has thyroid and diabetic issues all at the unripe age of 18.
I’ve been in therapy before, however it never dealt with my problems to the core like Kavita does. Through family therapy we could work countless ingrown issues, we never thought would face the surface. My thyroid reports are better than ever and my period is regular.
Kavita knows how to communicate with every type of person and I am so grateful to have sorted my problems with her.

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