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I had a very good experience with the medium named Meenakshi Srinath. I was able to get a glimpse of my past lives, and connect to many of my current life behavior with the events of those lives. Thanks for your help

This workshop was totally different from what I had envisioned.  It helped me understand the underlying values that are running my life, what values I would like to add and delete from my life and what is stopping me from tapping into my authentic self. Deepti and Eshanye were simply amazing in the way they explained the concepts, hand held each participant and made us understand so many hidden aspecrts of our life. Totally recommend to anyone who wants to tap into their core self.

I am an 18 year old student from Frankfurt, Germany and for the past year I personally have been dealing with severe stress issues that started to affect my physical and mental health as well as my relationship with my family.
My mental state development such badly that I couldn’t enjoy life and was in a state of constant worry and tiredness. I lost my period and developed multiple physical illnesses such has thyroid and diabetic issues all at the unripe age of 18.
I’ve been in therapy before, however it never dealt with my problems to the core like Kavita does. Through family therapy we could work countless ingrown issues, we never thought would face the surface. My thyroid reports are better than ever and my period is regular.
Kavita knows how to communicate with every type of person and I am so grateful to have sorted my problems with her.

Mental peace was disturbed due to people whom I possibly couldn't avoid ,that to on a daily basis. I felt trapped.....kind of a drowning feeling.

Knew about healclinic but never thought seriously about it. A chaat with Deepti convinced me do go ahead with a chord cutting session with Jayashree. Believe me it DOES work,it DID!! It was an online session. So must of stored negativity,anger, frustration got released. My body felt n released so many emotions in that one session. Things hav been much better since then.
Instead of dealing with mental trauma n fighting within,better take help timely......for your own good!!!

I approached Healclinic when I was going through a rough patch in my personal life. Healclinic helped me connect with a suitable healer who cleared my blocks in my relationships and guided me to help overcome my mental and emotional barriers. My healer provided me clarity on the changes I need to bring in to have healthier relationships.
Healclinic heard me with compassion and empathy which in turn helped me shed my inhibitions and share my feelings with them.

I had a chance to interact with healclinic from the early days.

Thanks to wonderful support from Deepti and healclinic I got an opportunity to learn and interact with different wonderful healers practising different modalities.

Each healer has helped me clear and strengthen my understanding of myself, the worlds around me. And really made healing a part of life for me.

Not only has this helped me feel better physically but emotionally also I am in a better happier place.

I have recommended heal clinic to friends also and noone has come back disappointed.

Thank you healclinic 🙏

Deepthiji, you have opened not just an online platform for healers,but you created a deeply safe space to find solutions to issues in life, that we may have no where else to go. Thank you for this most helpful work you have done.☀️🙏❤️

I thoroughly loved attending Vidya Aunty's workshop based on LHF (Light Healing Frequency). Her knowledge is in-depth and the downloads that she received during the session was so so empowering. It was an eye opening session with many new learning to understand and imbibe in my own life.

I had severe lower back pain from many months and was not able to do anything. I started getting healed from Radhika ma’am and I could see the results immediately! In 2 months my lumbar issues got cured And now I can sit for a long time and do my work! I recommend energy healing sessions 100% to each and every one! Try it once and you will see the changes! Thank you Radhika Ma’am for your wonderful healings!

I had been researching for good Aksshic record practitioner in india and was lucky to find Vidyaji.I took akashic reading session with her.It was an enlightening session for me.The way vidyaji gave clarity of my soul path was totally an eye opening experience for me.I had a clue before to why i had incarnated on earth in this lifetime,my purpose of being here but despite of my knowledge i was completely stuck and was not finding the way to reach my true self and it had also taken an emotional and mental toll on me.But the reading with Vidyaji just cleared all blocks and hinderances and she provided me with all the answers i had been looking for ages..She has a gift of connecting with higher beings.The awareness that she brings in of your soul journey is outstanding.I will highly recommended her to everyone .Thankyou Deepti for your amazing services in handling your clients so efficiently and from start to finish you have put me at ease.I will highly recommend heal clinic to anyone who is looking to heal.

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