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Stress and Anxiety to Calm Balance in less than 3 mins via Breath Meditation

Healclinic Team
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Aug 25

Achieving a state of calm requires nothing special, complicated or expensive. Just breathe and feel all stress and anxiety melt away. From this natural state of calm and balance, the answers to your problems will become clear.

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A simple technique: Breath Meditation which you can practice anywhere anytime.

Rate how you feel now on a scale of 1-10 (‘1′: awful, ’10’: raring to go). Remember, the transformation of stress to relaxation starts with 2 simple words:

Stop resisting! Stop resisting what is, who you are, what others do, how life is right now. Stop putting all your energies into wishing and wanting things to be different — to be as you want them to be. Stop running images in your head of how others “should” behave, what your life “should” look like, how much happier you think you would be if everything were your brand of “perfect”.

Just stop… and breathe. Breathe deep and full. Breathe and fill your lungs. Breathe and fill your abdomen. Breathe from your toes. Breathe into the middle of your forehead. Breathe into every cell of your being. Allow your body to breathe… in and out… in and out… in and out.

Isn’t breathing such a wonderful activity? It’s automatic and yet lends itself to a certain measure of control. Its gentle rhythm soothes an agitated mind. Its depth connects the soul with the cosmic flow of energy. With its ebb and flow, it reminds us of the Universal cycles that play out in our lives — cycles of winter and spring, rest and action, giving and receiving.

Notice the several connections that breath communicates to you. Allow it to draw your attention to the knowledge and wisdom it wishes to impart to you. What does it want you to know in this moment? Draw this knowledge into your being and let it spread throughout your body.

As you go deeper, become aware of the stillness between breaths — between an in-breath and an out-breath, between an out-breath and an in-breath… Relax into this stillness. Allow it to gently embrace you. What does this stillness mean to you? What is this stillness communicating to you? Who are you in this stillness?

From this new awareness that flows from your breath and from the stillness, what do you now understand about your life? What more is possible for you in this moment that you now choose? From this moment forward, who do you now choose to be?

How do you feel now? Where are you now on the scale of 1-10?  Use this meditation on your breath anywhere, anytime — on a commute, in a queue, in the bathroom :).

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Share your experience with this breath meditation, we would love to hear from you.

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