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Self Love: A Teenager’s perspective

Healclinic Team
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Aug 25

Self love is one of the best gifts that we can give to ourselves. At healclinic we get many inquiries from people suffering from health issues, emotional problems or relationship messiness. You will be surprised to know that when we deconstruct the issue, most of the times it comes down to the person not loving self, not putting themselves on priority and hence suffering from low self esteem.

We asked readers to tell us what they think about self love, and this is what a 15 year old Sakshi had to say,


‘Loving Yourself’ has been used commonly enough that I feel like it has lost its original meaning. To recount what it means, it is simply the regard that one has for their own well-being and happiness.

It is a phrase that really supports and lifts me up. It helps bring passion and motivation into my daily mundane actions. When you start loving yourself, you start taking life into your stride. You can look past the petty details that used to bring you down and move on faster.

What does it mean to love oneself?

The expression of self-love differs from person to person. Everyone can find their own way of taking care of themselves. Someone may count setting aside some “me-time”, like relaxing with a delightful book, or maybe just watching a movie that’s been pending for too long as a way of showing love to themselves. I know others who spend time with their close ones, be it family or friends. Personally, heading outdoors for a cool evening walk makes me feel plenty loved by myself. So, love yourself no matter what form it takes.

How does loving yourself help?

Loving yourself is a way of giving back to the universe, of being grateful and showing your gratitude. The gratitude is shown because we should all be thankful that we are who we are and not anybody else. It gives you a sense of grounding that no one else can give you. It is a feeling that helps you rely on yourself. So that you can balance your life and everything on your plate exactly the way you wanted. It’s a starting point to believe in yourself and eventually to walk along with the people who love you too.

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How do you love yourself?

I really want to tell myself, as well as others around me, that self-love is a necessity. The importance of this factor plays a role in every other dimension of your life. With today’s hectic schedules and never-ending tasks, time must be kept aside specifically for yourself.

Fun can be the answer to loving yourself just as much as any other activity. Enjoyment is like a gateway to self-love. Loosening up to what your heart wants without too much reasoning seems irrational, but every once in a while, it helps you open up to new opportunities and possibilities.

If you find it difficult to be comfortable within yourself, not able to accept who you are, or not being able to balance your needs and priorities, then all you need is a little self-love.

If this resonates with you, and you feel you need support in self love or increasing your self esteem, connect with us at +918050003237

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