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Rewrite my story with the help of Theta healing

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Aug 26

When I look back at my life, I have always felt that it has been good, in retrospective nothing felt like a struggle. But recently courtesy my outbursts, I realized that there are certain incidents and behaviours of people which are bothering me.

When I did a session with the theta healer, it came out that during my difficult times in the last 10 years my family had not stepped up in terms of physical and emotional support that I had needed, and at a subconscious level I carried that hurt. That hurt had resulted in a fear of abandonment which was influencing my life and the decisions that I was taking today. Before taking any decision, I ensured that the consequences were something that could be managed by me alone and soon the responsibility of doing everything on my own, started stressing me leading to anxiety and frustration. I felt as if I was carrying the load of the entire world on my shoulders. I forgot how to laugh, how to have fun and most importantly how to be spontaneous in my actions.

She made me go through those years to understand what had really happened and how I could change my story so that I could write my future story from a place of strength instead of hurt and need. This process helped me put certain things in perspective, like

  • People were always around me, I never asked for help. I expected them to understand what I was going through and step up. The few times in dire needs when I did, they came to my help
  • I decided that I was alone and had to fight the world on my own, since nobody would understand what I was going through: it was my belief
  • I am an extremely strong and confident person today because of what I went through. Sometimes we have to go through a certain journey which prepares us for what is coming next.

This helped me understand myself better and rewrite my story in a way I want to and not from a place of victimhood. Today I feel lighter as I am not carrying round that hurt or its burden and believe me I am calmer and happier. My personal and professional decisions have better outcomes as they are more matured since they are not taken from a place of fear.

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This is just one part of my life in which Anushree has helped me, over the last few months through sessions of theta healing she has helped me uncover many disempowering beliefs which were running my life and empowered me with moving forward abundantly.

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She empowered herself through theta healing, and bettered all aspects of her life, what are you struggling with? Call us at 8050003237 We offer online plans, so you save time on travel.

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