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Relationship healing: is there a magic pill available

Healclinic Team
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Aug 26

Relationships are beautiful when things are good, but can become painful when your major triggers come to the surface.

The past often shapes how we see the present and future, but if we look at staying in the present and being at peace with the moment you will see that life really isn’t filled with triggers — but baggage. Let go of the baggage, you’ll feel lighter.”

Through this article, I want to share my experience of healing any relationship. I offer this advice as a relationship coach and an energy healer, someone who has personally healed her own relationships.

One of the most common yet least talked about triggers in a relationship is the proper allocation of time. When you ask someone if they took care of something and they say they didn’t have time, this can really trigger you.

Unmet expectations always trigger disappointments or anger in relationships, especially around anniversaries or birthdays.

Yes, relationships can be healed.

To heal any relationship, it is first important to understand the dynamics behind relationship issues. Relationship issues don’t occur because two people are different or they do not agree. People do not need to agree, or be similar, in order to get along great.

Issues occur because one or both people are practicing judgment. It is judgment that causes issues in the relationships. Without judgment, relationships thrive and when you release judgment, relationships heal.

Why is judgment so detrimental to relationships?  

When we feel judged, it invokes a feeling of rejection, so we either close down or we judge in return, in order to protect ourselves. Either of the reactions causes distance and discord. When we are the ones who judge, we push the other person away, regardless of our judgment. It does not matter if you feel you have a right to judge or that you really do know better, judgment is the best way to alienate a friend, lover, partner, parent, co-worker or child. Even if we call our judgment by the name of love and caring, it is still judgment and it will always do the opposite of what we intended.  You cannot love someone and judge them at the same time. Releasing your judgment for another will help to heal the relationship.

Any two people in the world can have a great relationship if they surrender judgment and they embrace each other from a space of pure appreciation.

Being judgemental could be one of the blocks, counselling offers a space to express the needs and fears in a relationship, may it be with oneself or with another.  It helps to effectively resolve communication blocks that arises from unresolved grief, childhood trauma, anger or conflict.

Since all relationships are based on energy, energy healing works hand in hand with counselling, it helps to restore the individual and/or relationship to wholeness by addressing the core underlying issues. It helps do away with the negative thoughts and emotions which the couples have for each other. This helps them foster better relationships,

Relationship Affirmation: I love you more than “who I think you should be,” so I am just going to let you be you, and I am going to love you without needing or wanting you to change in anyway.

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