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Reiki for diabetes: Control sugar without medicines.

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Aug 25

Incidence of diabetes is increasing rapidly among urban women in India. Prevalence of the disease condition is over 18% among urban middle class women. How do we stop this epidemic, and save our brethren?

This is a classic case where Reiki for diabetes helped a middle-class woman in Shimoga.

Geetha is a 58-year-old woman, suffering from diabetes from the past 10 years. Her diabetes was under control and was maintained by regular medicine intake. Around four months back she went for a routine checkup and measured her sugar levels. The results were scary, as they had shot past 500 (normal levels are between 100- 120) for that age bracket.

Her family rushed her to the hospital where the doctor suggested for admission and insulin infusion by IV. Geetha’s daughter who has been a strong proponent of alternate therapy treatment, did not want her mother to get addicted to insulin. She decided to explore other therapies. She found Healclinic through google search and spoke to our counselor. 

Our counselor recommended Reiki healing  bringing in their reiki practitioner for diabetes. The reiki healing started and within a week results started coming; Geetha’s sugar levels came down to 240 from 500. She went for a checkup post a week and the doctor was surprised by the results. The reiki master diagnosed that Geetha was suffering from multiple emotional issues which needed balancing. She continued the reiki treatment for diabetes for 2 months, which also  helped in balancing the chakras.

She was also suffering from the symptoms of menopause, emotional unrest due to certain family members and loneliness which is common amongst women whose kids have left home. Looking for a solution for all the issues, after talking to a few senior healers  and as recommended by the reiki master,we  recommended a tarot reading session and a session of PLR (Past Life Regression). This was to help her identify the root cause of all the issues, and heal all the emotional stress and trauma that she was carrying within. These sessions also worked on her belief systems.

In Geetha’s words – “it’s been almost 4 months now I feel so relaxed and confident. My body is healthy and I feel healthy and more energetic. The good part of my healing was I did not have to spend hours searching for the right practitioners. One call and healclinic team recommended, created and implemented the integrated plan what was suitable to me”

There are many more Geetha’s out there who are suffering from Diabetes, thyroid or other women oriented disorders.Connect with our counselors and get a customised reiki healing plan

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