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PCOD Vs PCOS and their symptoms

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Nov 8

What is PCOD?

Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) is when a woman’s ovaries release either partially mature or immature eggs during menstruation. These eggs may eventually turn into cysts leading the ovaries to enlarge in size. With PCOD, your body may also secrete increased amounts of Androgens - male hormones; this is one of the main reasons many women with PCOD suffer from menstruation and fertility issues.


Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) produce higher androgen levels than usual; this would lead to interference with the ovaries releasing the eggs. Some of these eggs may become cysts instead of being released during ovulation.

We notice that people often confuse PCOD and PCOS since both are ovary-related issues and both have similar early symptoms. Our aim through this article is to shed some light on the issues so that you are well aware of what your body is going through.

  • Differences
    • PCOD is an endocrine disorder while PCOS is a developed due to hormonal imbalance.
    • While almost 1/3rd of women among the global population suffer from PCOD, PCOS is much bleaker in numbers.
    • In over 80% of women with PCOD, child conception isn’t an obstacle. Most women with PCOD are able to conceive and experience a smooth pregnancy with little medical aid. However, since PCOS is caused due to hormonal irregularities, it is difficult for many women to attain pregnancy.
  • Similarities
    • The chances of developing Diabetes(especially during pregnancy) are higher in women with either PCOD or PCOS due to the insulin resistance in their bodies.
    • Both PCOD and PCOS increase blood pressure which may lead to heart diseases.
    • Due to hormonal imbalances, depression is a common issue among women with PCOD or PCOS. 

PCOD/PCOS Symptoms

  • Obesity - You may notice that your weight increases though you lead a healthy lifestyle. It might be difficult to zero in or make sense of the reasons for your constant weight issues.
  • Irregular or No periods - You may recollect that you’ve been having irregular periods since puberty or may go a long time before you get your period. That time of the month for you will more be like that time in a couple of months’ time.
  • Excess Facial Hair - Since women with PCOD release higher levels of androgens, facial/body hair might be an issue that you deal with regularly. 
  • Male Pattern Baldness - Again, owing to the androgens, you may notice some bald patches or thinning in your hair
  • Body Odor - All the additional hair in the body would contribute tremendously to sweating and body odor. You may want to stock up on cotton dresses.
  • Depression / Anxiety / Mood swings - You may feel sad for no reason. A co-worker’s non-stop chatting making you irritated? The hormonal imbalance will also cause fluctuations in how you feel. 
  • Endometrial Cancer - Lack of menstruation means the lining of the uterus isn’t shed as frequently as other women. This is called Chronic anovulation and could lead to developing cancerous cells over a period of time.
  • Fatigue - Feeling overworked or tired at all times? It could be because your body is on overdrive.
  • Heavy bleeding during periods - Irregular periods lead to build-up in the uterine wall and this could cause heavy bleeding during the months you do get your periods.

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Causes of PCOS

We now know that excess production of androgen is one of the main issues with PCOS. Let’s learn more about why your body could be producing increased levels of male hormones.

  • Hereditary - Many studies indicate that PCOD/PCOS runs within the family. Likely, many genes contribute to the condition.
  • Insulin resistance - Insulin is a hormone your pancreas produces to assist your body in using sugar from foods for energy. When your body cells aren’t able to use insulin efficiently, the body demands more insulin. This leads to the pancreas creating more insulin to compensate. Extra insulin, in turn, triggers your ovaries to produce more male hormones.
  • Inflammation - Women with higher androgen levels often have increased levels of inflammation in their bodies. Weight issues could also contribute to inflammation. 

Healclinic is proud to be armed with healers that are pioneers in their field of healing and are able to help women fight their PCOD/PCOS and lead a healthy and fulfilled life. Connect with our healers to learn more about how we can help you.

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