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The Miracle of Birth : Reiki makes it easier

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Aug 25

It is said motherhood is close to divinity, giving a feeling of great honor and privilege.  A woman, some say, is complete only when she becomes a mother. Globally many women struggle to gain this privilege, of being pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term. Reiki for fertility and pregnancy can help such women in conceiving and correcting hormonal imbalances.

Take the case of Rhea who had complications during pregnancy, her sister Shalini approached our Reiki healer. Rhea lived in Hyderabad and was expecting twins.

Lately she was feeling dejected and depressed, as during her last doctor’s visit, she was told that her womb was quite weak and that the heart beat of the babies was feeble. The doctor also cautioned that if the heartbeats were not stabilized in the next couple of days, medical termination would have to be considered. Rhea who already had a history of miscarriages was devastated.

Shalini requested the healer to heal Rhea through Reiki during pregnancy.

The healer spoke with Rhea and took upon the task of healing Rhea. She was given distance reiki for pregnancy and asked to chant prayers to the babies till the next visit to the doctor. Reiki started showing its effect as in the next checkup the heartbeats were stable, though still weak. An emotionally vulnerable Rhea was asked to chant positive affirmations whenever she was tense or nervous.

For the next seven months the healing process continued. When the time for delivery came, Rhea  delivered the twins and was doing fine. Though the twins were healthy and active, both were under weight and had to be monitored quite closely. Rhea asked  the healer to heal the babies so that they could be welcomed back home at the earliest.

Rhea was a happy mom when one of the babies was discharged and brought home and in a few days the other baby followed. Rhea is content now and owes all her happiness to the healer and for receiving Reiki while pregnant .

So, what is Reiki and how is it different? Unlike modern medicine which only treats the physical aspect of an individual, Reiki heals the entire human form which not only includes the physical being but also the emotional and spiritual well being of a person. In short, Reiki heals the body, mind, the emotions and feelings of a human. When a person as a whole is being treated, this leads to a well rounded entity that is relaxed, peaceful with a sense of security and well being.

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Reiki is based on the ancient Japanese technique that says that an unseen life force energy flows through us and when the life forces are low, it causes sickness and stress whereas when life force is high, we are content and happy. Our life force is directly related to our thoughts and emotions. When either consciously or subconsciously our thoughts turn disruptive or negative our life force gets depleted leading to disease and stress. When Reiki healing is conducted, the life force which moves into our bodies through chakras and nadis blows away all negative energies and our body gets nourished with positivity and contentment. Thus, Reiki and pregnancy also go hand-in-hand as it offers a holistic approach during pregnancy. Reiki during pregnancy helps would-be-mothers in dissolving emotional blocks, fears, and emotional blocks.

In conclusion, as we, an evolved society, search for alternate methods of healing, Reiki will play an important role as it is already being accepted as one of the most valued healing practices.

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We offer distance reiki healing for different issues. Be it healing depression with reiki or reiki for dogs, or if you are looking to learn reiki, give us a call.

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