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Healing and manifesting relationships

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Aug 26

Are you single?

This question can be hard hitting for a person who actually isn’t single by choice.

Basis the available statistics, more than 70 percent of people who are single today aren’t single because they have chosen bigger missions to be achieved and stayed away from marriage or a relationship as it could have been a limiting affair for them. If probed, the answer to the above of most of the singles would be that they couldn’t find the right person. There is another category of singles. These singles got into relationships initially however walked out and later concluded that relationships weren’t meant for them and hence eventually chose to be single for the rest of their life. Well, out of the population of over 7 billion people how is it possible that they couldn’t find one person who was good enough for them or vice versa.

WHAT is the truth behind such choices?

Every person has a free will and the right to choose for himself. Any choice that a person makes in his life is driven by the circumstances he has faced. We can leave out those people here who have made a conscious decision to remain single. Lets talk about people who have chosen to be single because they couldn’t find the right one or felt that relationships weren’t meant for them. Also, we would like to throw light here on those couples who remain married because of society pressure, financial decency or for their children despite the fact that their relationship is no less than a big compromise. On the surface, if we analyse, these stressed relationships or singledom can be personal choices but energetically when we unlayer them, there are deeper reasons to such choices like childhood trauma, beliefs about relationships, past life connections, energetic blocks around chakras, parental issues etc.

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What has been observed is that most of the beliefs a person carries around relationships are either pertaining to childhood or past lives. Beliefs from childhood get developed between the age of 3-5 specially when a child observes his parents closely and forms an opinion about the relationships. If a child has seen his parents fighting always, he would form an opinion that relationships are quarrelsome and hence would either end up in a similar relationship or would always avoid getting into one. He may find manifesting relationships difficult. He may get attracted to someone but would not be able to survive in the relationship for long as the reality that he holds about relationships would come to surface. Beliefs from past lives are more solidified & engrained and carried over many lifetimes. These beliefs & opinions form blocks around the heart, sacral, throat or the root chakra. We all are aware that our memory is like a storehouse of beliefs based on which our whole life operates. Whatever lives we have lived so far and whatever opinions or conclusions we have formed in those lives are carried over to the current life which impacts various aspects of our lives today like financial, health, relationships, spirituality etc. A lot of people have gone through traumatic relationships in past lives, with their parents or children or spouses. The essence of those relationships are stored in their energy body or mind or in cases of physical abuse in their physical body too. Such people find it difficult to be in close relationships, do not feel a connection with anyone and despite having people around, always complain of being lonely.

The opinions or beliefs that we carry from our current life or our previous lives is like a reality for us. This reality that gets created in our minds because of our experience and observation forms the basis of our lives.

How can one heal the relationship wounds from past lives or childhood and make choices basis here and now?

It is possible to identify these energetic blocks that a person beholds through channeling wherein the channeler extracts information about the blocks and past life traumas that are locking the potential in his current life. Once these blocks are identified, with the help of different healing modalities, the therapist works with the person to change this reality that is governing his life to the reality he consciously wants to create. So basically when a person is seeking a life partner however is not able to find the right one for himself, the first step is to identify the energetic blocks which could be in the form of memories, beliefs, past life contracts or curses. Then with the help of therapies remove these blocks and if required an alternate reality chosen by the person is planted in his conscious mind.

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Is it all too good to be true?

I really believe that if a person wishes to be in a relationship or be married, it’s absolutely possible. If despite all efforts this need is not fulfilled, then there is a deeper truth which lies in the subconscious beliefs of the person that determine his patterns. Once these subconscious beliefs are identified and changed, the person can gain a whole new perspective and with this new perspective his physical life starts to show changes gradually.

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