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Vidya Kaval

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Santacruz East, Mumbai, India
15 Years of Experience
16+ Years Experience
English, Hindi
My motto is SELF EMPOWERMENT!!!! Intuitive since childhood I started my spiritual journey more than a decade ago. My journey was for self healing but the entire concept was so intriguing that I continued learning and soon had the Mastership of all modalities that appealed to me. I believe that each human being is gifted with self-healing abilities and intuition. My way of working is more personalized since each person is unique.
About Healer Vidya Kaval
Vidya Kaval has a Mastery in Ascension Modalities. Her forte is Akashic Reading, Rewriting of Soul Records & Ascension Gateway Light Healing Frequencies. Her visit to the Great Pyramids in Egypt in 2017 and two hours of meditation in the Kings Chamber opened up her connection with the Higher Beings. Her spiritual Retreats to Mt. Shasta and Sedona helped her grow exponentially on her spiritual path.Her sessions include spiritual growth, intellectual expansion, physical cures and other interventions.
Therapies Offered
  • Akashic Records
  • Angelic Healing
  • Ascended Master Healing
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Karuna Reiki
  • Light Healing Frequencies
  • Magnified Healing
  • Merlin Trinity Healing
  • Mokshpat
  • Spiritual Counseling
Issues Focused
Allergies, Anger Management, Body And Soul, Business Related Issues, Career related issues, Emotional Well-being, Family Conflicts, Financial Healing, General Wellness, Meditation, Mental Well-being, Physical Well-being, Relationship Healing, Spiritual Well-being
  • Akashik Records Reading (Master level)
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Merlin Trinity Healing System (Master level)
  • Karuna Reiki (Master level)
  • Magnified Healing (Master level)
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Hi this is charu, I have taken akashic reading from Mrs Vidya, she was outstanding in reading the past records, pure medium . Her meditation was very powerful, lots of release happened in just a short span of time. Which was astounding, she has a great aura. Her session was highly advanced, beyond normal understanding. I thank her and also Mrs deepti for recommending akashic reading! Heal clinic is great platform to meet amazing healers!

Consulted for :Akashik Reading

Before I share my experience I wish to thank God, Sai Baba and Vidyaji for putting me on my journey to light. I have done my Akashic Records course and the Light Healing Frequencies course with Vidyaji.This experience is about the Light Healing Frequencies. A little background : I was working as a Marketing Head with a company from January 2021. I was asked to leave the job and my last working day was July 5th 2021. I was relieved instead of being sad and even blessed everyone in that office. But I was a little concerned about where the money would come from.The first Light Healing Frequency workshop Vidyaji announced was of Shifting Reality. I started doing the meditation to relieve my physical pain in my knees and to magnetize and manifest abundance. After doing the meditation for some days I suddenly thought of getting in touch with Parag who had worked with me years ago. I did not have his number. Then whenever I logged into LinkedIn a common friend's name kept popping up. I decided to ask him for Parag's number. He sent it to me. The next day I called Parag who asked me to meet him in half an hour. I met him and he briefed me and now I am working on a variety of projects and having fun doing it. He is also saying he wants to make me a partner in his firm. Light Healing Frequencies helped me magnetize and manifest these jobs and how! My knee pain has also reduced to a large extent. Thank you Vidyaji. Immense gratitude! I am blessed to have met you in my life.

Shalini Rao
Consulted for :Light Healing Frequencies

I thank Vidya ma'am for introducing Light Healing Frequencies to us. These frequencies which have been channeled by her from higher planes have great power to transform and manifest our goals provided our hearts are pure and focused for self transformation and betterment.
I have personally felt instant upliftment at all levels by using them. They have the power to guide us instantly. Gratitude once again. Love always

Shradha Singh
Consulted for :Light Healing Frequencies

Light Healing Frequencies are channeled n taught by my Guru Vidya maam. These Frequencies are downloaded to her and are blessings sent by beings from other dimensions n star seeds. These energies contribute in cleanzing, changing old patterns, uplifting , rewiring n transforming oneself for their betterment.
I learnt these LHF and since then they have become an integral part of me and my spiritual journey.Using them is uncomplicated and effortless once you get attuned to them. They have brought ease, joy n healthy transformation in all directions in my life. Much gratitude maam n learning from you is a blessing.

Kamini Kala
Consulted for :Attuning to Light Healing Frequencies

LHF is a unique healing modality which is channeled and downloaded by my teacher - Mrs Vidya Kaval. We are attuned with 14 powerful frequencies which are divided into 4 groups. These frequencies assist us in raising our vibrations, which help us move from the 3D plane into 5D consciousness. It is one of the most simplest and effortless healing modalities which requires just 10-15 mins of daily practice. Recommended for all those who are looking to move forward in their spiritual journey, and wish to live their life with love, joy and abundance

Karan Gandhi
Consulted for :Attuning to Light Healing Frequencies

I would like to take this opportunity express my deep gratitude to Vidya ma’am for introducing me to LHFs and bringing them in my space.
For the past few weeks i was feeling very lost, alone and disturbed for no particular reason.
One fine day i took the LHF of cleansing from my mother. After a few minutes of healing- i felt a sudden feeling of nausea and couldn’t stop crying. It felt like something was released and i was at peace with myself.
This was a truly magical experience. From that day onwards- i start my day by invoking LHFs and have never felt more content in my life before.
I also got an unexpected promotion at work.

Vidya ma’ams guidance and blessings have changed my perspective of life and day to day problems.

Consulted for :Light HEaling Frequencies

Light Healing Frequencies work at the speed of Light, like magic! Channeled by Vidya Kaval, the Light Healing Frequencies are a set of tools that you can use to work with your life in 3D, and then use to raise your vibration towards 5D. My teacher Vidya explained each of the frequencies, how to use them, and then attuned us with these magical energies.

I believe that the Star Council are excited to raise our vibe. This excitement shows when Vidya teaches and patiently answers all our questions. Thank you immensely Vidya and the Star Council for lighting up our lives. Thank you,

Bindiya Hassaram

Light Healing Frequencies are blessings of my Master's to me, it's Awesome ( By my teacher, friend, Guru and my Mentor Vidhya ji ) . Miracle happened in my life and in few months every thing change. These frequencies gives me new birth. Introduce myself to me. My life totally changed and love, peace and happiness comes in my family life. My relationship become lovable with everyone. It's raises my vibration.  Vidya ji, you are Divine blessing in my life.
Thanks for this Divine Frequencies and connecting me to Star council of light. Lots of love and blessings to you and to my whole group. Because we all are connected with each other with these frequencies
Love you all

Suman Setia

I had a great experience of learning Akashik Records from Vidya ji. She is an excellent teacher who teaches with a lot of warmth and love.

Consulted for :Akashik Records

It was a wonderful session giving me the best healing to come out of issues I have been facing for long. Thanks to the patience of Ms. Vidya for answering my question and being there even beyond the allotted time and helping me out.

Dr Nagarajan Srinivasan
Consulted for :Akashic Records reading and Healing

I got in touch with heal clinic for an akashic reading and was thoroughly happy with their services. Certain parts of my life seemed to be stuck and I was just going in circles, and I got really tired of not being able to move forward. I decided I wanted an akashic reading to find out why this was happening and what I could do about it. The experience itself was so much more than what I expected, Vidya answered my questions and more! She cleared some of the blocks that had accumulated over the years and more significant blocks that were there from past lives. All of this also gave clarity on why things were a certain way in my life. The answers she gave me also helped me decide what I needed to do next.. it's been a couple of weeks since and I have had more clarity and purpose overall. I would highly recommend heal clinic for their services, my reading was set up seamlessly and I had zero issues overall.

Consulted for : Professional

The reading was very powerful for me. She told me clearly what from my past lives was blocking me to move ahead, and if I removed those blockages the potential i had. Then she gave me a few processes to remove those blockages. I also spoke to her about some relationships which are not doing well, and she helped me gain a perspective in that too. Thanks Vidya for the session and to healclinic for arranging it without any hassles.

Consulted for :Professional blockage

Vidya is an amazing teacher! She is insightful, very patient guiding everyone to learn. Always ready to share her knowledge, she is very approachable. Makes it easy for people to understand the concepts

Consulted for :Learning to access Akashik Records
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