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Royapettah, Chennai
7 Years of Experience
9+ Years Experience
English, Hindi, Tamil
My style of healing is Styling Inside Out. It's holistic. My mantra of life is "When you Feel good, you look good . When you Look good, you feel good. " I teach people Practical Living In Style
About Healer Veenu
The aim of her healing sessions is Self Empowerment where she helps you help yourself. Being a certified Fashion Stylist along with a healer she sees herself as a Physio Philosopher as she helps clients heal from the inside as well as the outside.
Therapies Offered
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu
Issues Focused
General Wellness, Physical Ailments, Physical Well-being, Pre And Post Surgery, Mental Well-being, Weight Management, Thyroid, PCOD And PCOS, Diabetes, Spiritual Well-being
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner by Mary Burmeister Jin Shin Jyutsu Institute
  • Theta Healer Advanced DNA by Think Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge
  • Certified in London school of Fashion
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