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Srinivasa Shreehari

Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 240 ratings)
Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore, India
14 Years of Experience
16+ Years Experience
English, Hindi, Kannada
I offer astrological guidance and counselling based on the knowledge garnered by me over the past more than 20 years. I also give remedies and work with people to help them move forward from a particular challenge.
About Healer Srinivasa Shreehari
He prefers to work with people for minimum 3 sessions, epscially when he is coaching or doing Ho'oponopono sessions. This helps in the client seeing a visible change in the issue and moving forward from when they approached him.
Therapies Offered
  • Advanced Ho’oponopono
  • Astrology (Horoscope)
  • Horary Astrology
  • Personal Empowerment Coach
Issues Focused
Belief Work, Horoscope Consultation, Horoscope Matchmaking, Relationship Healing, Emotional Well-being
  • Jyotish Praveena by Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (Regd) Bangalore -1 Chapter
  • Advanced Ho'oponopono Practitioner by Global Sciences Foundation
  • Advanced Belief Clearing Practitioner by Global Sciences Foundation
  • Attuned to Golden Diamond frequency by INNER LIGHT HEALS GROUP.
  • Completed the LIVING IN FREEDOM (Mindfulness) course of SynchroShakti Academy.
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Very knowledgeable, explains clearly, answers questions abt doubts about the chart, is educational in the process. Very clear , concise, and exceptionally polite.

Consulted for :Horoscope

I wanted to let you know that your predictions about me have been very accurate. We moved to the US as you had mentioned. Thank you so much!!

Consulted for :Astrology

very supportive and friendly. lot of patience and tells everything openly and remedies told are simple to do.

Chethana S
Consulted for :Astrology

Mr Srinivasa Sreehari is a dedicated astrologer. I had a wonderful expereince with him, my horoscope was deeply studied and he pointed out so many important and minute details and explained everything to me so patiently, along with the remedies. Best Wishes!!

Dr Shilpa S
Consulted for :Astrology

I highly recommend working with Srinivasa with your astrological reading. He made me feel very comfortable on video, providing me with an indepth astrological reading of my ascended moon and sun. It was a different reading than i have typically had with just my astrological sign. His more in depth reading if these 3 signs revealed very accurate information of my current position and I received helpful guidance for the coming months. He was also quite spot on with my personality and from those traits additional guidance for my personal life. he spent time helping me understand, allowing me to take notes and I felt his work is his devine gift! I will consult with him again and highly recommend his services and vouch for him as a great soul and person. Thank you Srinivasa with many divine smiles to share.

Tiffany Mcachran
Consulted for :Astrology

Sreenivsajis horoscope reading has been very helpful. The thing that I like the most about him was that he explained each and everything in detail and with a lot of patience. The readings  have almost been accurate till date. I highly recommend him for horoscope reading

Shreya Golchcha
Consulted for :Astrology

Very helpful, very detailed and even get clear answers through his astrology science. Hughly recommended

Kavita Kabra
Consulted for :Astrology (Horoscope reading and Kundali matching)

Sreenivas created my horoscope and read it in detail, every planet, every house, that affects me positively and negatively. Also when it has happened and when it is going to happen. His logical explanation helped me understand my past giving me peace. His predictiosn helped prepare myself for the future

Geetu Thakur
Consulted for :Astrology

I was quite aware of ho'oponopono and its potential to help one let go of the accumulated bad emotions. Hence my perception was to find a genuine healer who could help me let off the accumulated memories and emotions that i have been carrying since childhood. After the sessions I felt its ok its my past and i dont live there any more. It helped me to let go of my childhood traumas be it child sexual abuse, be it being bullied at school or being beaten up. Any memory that was disturbing me does not disturb me anymore.

Consulted for :Ho’oponopono Sessions

In My experience Srinivasjee is an amazing coach  and healer and I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with him. A very nice human being and good soul at heart. You can opne up and share your worried and this person will surely help you find ways to it in the best possible way.  Hooponopono sessions were amazing, must try. Thank you

Consulted for :Ho’oponopono Sessions
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