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New Albany, Indiana USA
20 Years of Experience
23+ Years Experience
I am a fully realized, self taught spiritual energy master and a world renowned teacher of healing and energy mastery known for my ability and willingness to publically demonstrate paranormal abilities.
About Healer Michael
As a fully realized spiritual master Michael is able to project his energy and consciousness anywhere in the world and through empathy combine his energy with yours, feeling your issues as though they are his very own. Then, through his arts of energy mastery and his relationship with God/the Divine, Michael heals the underlying cause of all illness within you which is the negative spiritual energy.
Therapies Offered
  • Distance Energy Healing
Issues Focused
Body And Soul, Business Related Issues, Career related issues, Emotional Well-being, General Wellness, Healing Relationship with God, Mental Well-being, Physical Well-being, Spiritual Well-being, Manifestation
  • Self Accredited and Peer Evaluated
  • World renowned teacher of healing and energy mastery
  • Former Owner and Head Instructor of the Avatar Energy Mastery Institute
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My session with Michael was a unique healing experience. He used healing concepts that I had not heard of before and was personalized. The session he did for me was to manifest a career in alignment with my life purpose. Almost immediately things started shifting and new opportunities emerged. In addition to new avenues I also got a lot more clarity on how to move ahead and when I'm off track I immediately get a sense to course correct and get back on the right path. It's barely been 3 weeks since the session. I'm excited to see what will unfold in the coming months.

Consulted for :Alignment with my Life Purpose

I'm a therapist and a healer. When I went for Michael 's session I wanted to discover something beyond what I've already understood and have been working in this area. So when Michael asked me what do I want to work on, all. I could thing about was to help people align with their life plan. So first I needed to understand how do I do this energetically. So when Michael worked on my energy, I could feel every bit of it and I could feel that oneness. I became the flower, the tree in front of my house, I could become my cat, I could even become some one else and everytime this happened I could feel what happening to them. After his session my life is undergoing a shift with series of different experiences coming along my path. While I'm writing this, I'm still undergoing the shift and I can see how different my therapies to my clients have become.

Consulted for :Experiencing Oneness
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