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What is causing my Illness?

9:00 pm
10:00 pm
Healer Kavita Freedom
About What is causing my Illness? Event

Join us for an interesting conversation on diseases and what really is the cause behind them

Exclusive Offer just for you: Attend the session and book your FREE 30 min consultation with Kavita Freedom to discuss your personal issue and get an understanding to what started the issue.

Just visualise for a moment what would life be without diseases. How would you live, interact with people, what all freedom would you enjoy, how happy you would be and much more.

How does it feel to picture yourself like that!!!
Let me tell you that your this dream to be disease free without medicine can come true. You can be free of any disease whether a simple pimple or as severe as cancer and auto immune diseases

Wondering how is that possible?

Come join us for an open question and answer session and get answers to your various ailments

This session will not be recorded or put up on any social media platforms so do attend the live session and benefit from the offer too.


I have been having irregular  periods due to PCOD since past 12 years.  I  have gone through various medications including laproscopy of ovaries to set this right. When I  met kavita in 2011, I would not  get periods without  medicines. After I started meta therapy and healing with Kavita, I started seeing improvements in my menstrual cycles. The periods came after every 45 days, that too without medication. The therapy helped me heal  the trauma caused due to various infertility medications and procedures where i felt as a woman i had lost all my energy. Once this trauma was released my sonography reports showed considerable shrinkage in both my ovaries which were bulky,  for many years and the cysts had broken down. After few more sessions my periods were regularised. For past 3 years I am having periods regularly every month.Also my vaginal infection which was a frequent occurance during all these years was cured. Thank you Kavita for showing all the love, gentleness and understanding through this journey. In much gratitude 🙏.

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