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What is causing my Illness?

9:00 pm
10:00 pm
Healer Kavita Freedom
About What is causing my Illness? Event

Join us for an interesting conversation on diseases and what really is the cause behind them

Exclusive Offer just for you: Attend the session and book your FREE 30 min consultation with Kavita Freedom to discuss your personal issue and get an understanding to what started the issue.

These are the common things i hear when i tell someone to work on their diseases and be free of it.
🙈I have learnt to live with my problem
🙈This is age related
🙈Every one has stress. 🙈That's how it is
🙈How much to work on myself
🙈I don't have money to take sessions etc etc etc.

And yet we forget that there is a price to pay for every disease you have in your body which is not measurable in terms of money whether it's diabetes, thyroid, pcos, high bp etc.
What is the price?
- You don't have the same energy levels
- Deterioration of organs
- Side effects of medicine
- All the consequences that come with hormonal imbalance like brain fog.
- Bad skin, hair, nails
- And one thing that no one talks about....your sex life goes for a toss.

What if i told you that all the above can get rectified.?
There is a specific emotional trauma that started the disease whether physical or psychological . If that is resolved not only will the issue go but you will literally get your life back. .

Wondering how is that possible?
Come join us on Thursday 19th January 2023 at 9pm IST for an open question and answer session and get answers to your various ailments

This session will not be recorded or put up on any social media platforms so do attend the live session and benefit from the offer too.

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