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Systemic Family Constellation Level 1

18000 INR
255 USD
Healer Dr Geetanjali Saxena
About Systemic Family Constellation Level 1 Event

Integrated Role Play /Family Constellation is a powerful healing technique which has many benefits, 

  • Helps uncover the situation and provide a solution
  • Helps overcome Fears and Phobias
  • Improves one’s inter-personal relationships
  • Releases crippling emotional, mental and physical blockages
  • Releases trauma from the mind, body, emotions and spirit  simultaneously

The Family Constellation process works on many levels simultaneously, going much deeper than counselling or hypnotherapy. According to Bert Hellinger the energy that we are dealing with here primarily is Soul energy.

  • Intellectually- your hypothesis of your issue may be different to what the constellation shows.
  • Physically- in seeing the situation in real terms through the representatives.
  • Emotionally- through the feelings of the representatives and yourself.
  • Soul- the natural inclinations and movements of the soul.
  • Visual in seeing the spatial arrangements and movements.
  • Unconscious patterns being seen and felt.
  • Bodily sensations and shifts.
  • Personal spirit and family or ancestral soul movements.

What you'll learn?

  • Take clients through the process of Integrated Role play.
  • Navigate through one or more relationships, past life's, ancestors, curses, blessing etc
  • Provide full therapeutic resolutions, based on a number of techniques.
  • Recognize and apply therapy to the most popular issues.
  • Experience shifts in lives of your clients to unimaginable levels.

Who this course is for?

  • Anyone with a general interest in solving Dysfunctional family system.
  • Therapists wanting to help clients manage their relationships, Issues, Patterns.
  • Therapists wanting to offer Family Constellation therapy sessions to their clients.
  • Therapists who already have, Counselling, NLP, Hypnotherapy training, and want a refresher or a fresh perspective.

This course is facilitated by Dr Geetanjali Saxena (trained directly under Mark Wolynn, director of The Family Constellation Institute in San Francisco)

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